How to dress great gatsby style guide


How to dress Great Gatsby Style Guide for Ladies and Gentlemen

The Great Gatsby New Year ’ s Eve Party at The Square Club promises to be a disruptive shindig. possibly its time to start preparing your equip ? To get you started, we ’ ve gathered a few ideas of what to wear and where to find it .
F. Scott Fitzgerald ’ s fictional character Jay Gatsby is an picture of his old age, and his parties are fabled. The 1920s were a meter of bang-up social initiation. Flying in the face of the Prohibition Era ban on alcohol in the USA, in the decade between the two World Wars people were partying more than ever before ! Women in particular were feeling complimentary to explore .
For the first time, many girls were cutting their haircloth short, going to parties unaccompanied, wearing more practical invest – like trousers – smoke and drink, listening to jazz… things previously only seen as acceptable for men. And manner followed these trends .
The 20s was the decade that Hollywood in truth started to bring movies to the masses. For the foremost time, being an entertainer became a desirable position in society – performers were making a distribute of money, and girls were the stars of the indicate. The glamorous costumes of showgirls and Broadway stars got an airing on the silver screen. Girls dressing to impress would want to imitate them .


Womenswear: Flappers

The go-to dress vogue of the 1920s is the ‘ Flapper. ’
originally an diss, ‘ flapper ’ became a badge of respect for young girls who just wanted to have fun. The Flapper dress is curtly and free, short-sleeved or sleeveless, and never much longer than knee length – which was super shortstop in those days. They can be adorned with lace, sequins, cutaways, patterns or tassels .

LittleBlackDress have a bang-up excerpt of ‘ Gatsby Flappers ’ that are perfect for a classy 20s party, but besides wouldn ’ t front out-of-place in a modern place. style inspiration : Daisy Buchanan ( The Great Gatsby, Warner bros 2013 )

Menswear: The Lounge Suit

man in the 1920s wear suits for everything .
But the 20s saw the birth of menswear as we know it today, so the suits are familiar styles – particularly the slender fitting suits that were popular in the post-war menstruation and the foremost half of the 1920s. For a Black Tie event like the Great Gatsby New Year Party at the Square, there are two main options for men .

The Evening Dress

not everyone was dressing like a Flapper. surely not the more distinguished ladies
classic even wear never goes out of stylus. For 20 ’ s fashions think loose, long sleeved hanker dresses and ball gowns, velvets and silks with flatten waistlines, sequins, appliqué and pleats. Colours were on the toned-down side of things, by modern standards .
Have a search at VintageDancer for a rate of ideas on how not to be a Flapper .
Geezers:  Gangsters & Gatsby
first, there ’ s the gangster, or sofa suit. Whether you want to go american – like Al Capone, Bugsy Malone or Boardwalk Empire or British, like the Peaky Blinders – is up to you. Gatsby would have had all kinds of riff-raff at his Shindigs .
second, the authoritative dinner jacket. It ’ s a dateless look. Think James Bond – or Leonardo DiCaprio as the Great Gatsby. Nailing that 1920s look and feel is all about how you accessorise .
Women in Men’s Clothing
many of the women ’ randomness clothing styles of the 1920s are very casual, particularly by historical standards. If you don ’ metric ton feel dressy adequate in a flapper, why not turn your eye to the guys ’ styles ?
Who said Black Tie was just for boys ? fashionable gals would be seen in shirt and tie, sportswear, trouser suits, and gents ’ formal wear – like dinner jacket. These were playful acts of rebellion, and would have caused a snatch of a bustle at a public event .
Style inspiration: Marlene Dietrich



The 20s saw a footwear rotation for the ladies. The new tendency for shorter dresses meant that the whole world could see a gal ’ s feet. indeed all kinds of style-over-comfort designs started appearing .

Like we said : men in the 1920s wear suits for everything. This style of brogan were actually considered ‘ sports shoes, ’ but they go great with a gangster courtship. Though of course, if you were wearing a dinner jacket you ’ five hundred wear total darkness .


To look the part at any civilize shindig, one simply must have a hat, erstwhile fun .
Ladies: Turbans & Headwraps
Gentlemen: The Flatcap/ Longshoreman Hat
Ladies: The Cloche Hat
Gentlemen: The Panama or Fedora


Accessories can in truth make an equip. Some of these will solidify a 1920s vibration. More or less, everyone in the 20s wore some kind of hat, all of the prison term. Though not indoors, please .
A dinner jacket could be from any era – but a dinner jacket with a pocket-watch chain and a bowler hat hat, with a amusing little moustache… you ’ re starting to look 20s already ! For parties, girls would balance out their their shortstop haircloth and casually cut dresses with adornments – like headbands or hair nets with feathers and jewels .

Vintage in Bristol

Try Uncle Sam ’ mho Vintage, on Park Street, for C20th american english shoes and clothe .

Hair for Men

british Barber Company – traditional barbers ’ in Clifton .

Hair for Women

Vintage Stylist Esme Walton at Betties & Baldwins

Our Great Gatbsy NYE party at The Square was one to remember, and our party this year is set to be EVEN better. Check it out here.


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