The Best Great Gatsby Wedding Theme Ideas

Say hello to the raw roarin ‘ ’20s. The modern roar ’20s are here—so if you have a preference for all things vintage and Art Deco, there ‘s never been a better time for a Great Gatsby wedding theme. classic literature buffs and Leonardo DiCaprio fans alike might envision a extravagantly glam wedding that would rival one of Jay Gatsby ‘s extravagant soirées. If this sounds like you, we ‘re here to help you channel the flashiness and elegance of the flapper earned run average. From beady headpieces to champagne towers and gold accents, there are thus many neat ways to throw a modern Great Gatsby marry. But before you can work with your team of pros to host a vintage party that ‘s East Egg-apropos, you ‘ll need to decide on a vision inaugural. Below, we ‘ve rounded up the very best Great Gatsby wedding ideas from real couples, a well as expert-approved plan advice. Take note of your favorite ideas, and parcel them with your vendors to bring your Great Gatsby wedding vision to life .

Opulent Wedding Venue

The place setting of your Great Gatsby marry will have the biggest charm over the perception of your root. While you can emulate any wedding theme through designed decoration and event design, some settings will better lend themselves to certain themes—and this is specially true of a Great Gatsby marry. “ The Great Gatsby root is fabulously glamorous and speaks to an era that loved to celebrate, and it ‘s perfect for any clock time of class, not merely New Year ‘s Eve, ” explains fame event planner David Tutera. “ A glamorous ballroom or outdoor camp would work well for a Great Gatsby wedding theme, though keep in mind there ‘s no hard and fast rule here. You can achieve a glamorous Great Gatsby-themed marriage in most venues ; it ‘s all about how you design a quad, showcase the elegance of the earned run average, and make it your own. ” We recommend using The Knot Marketplace to discover local anesthetic venues that are broad of historical charm and vintage accents that ‘ll take guests back in clock time for your Gatsby nuptials.

Champagne Tower

Consider this the most crucial cosmetic element of any Great Gatsby wedding subject. “ A champagne tugboat is spot on for this manner of wedding, ” Tutera explains. nothing embodies the maximal vibration of a Gatsby party quite like a loom of champagne flutes filled the brim with bubbly. sour with your venue staff or legal profession service team to create an ocular display that ‘ll leave guests speechless .

Beaded Cape and Birdcage Veil

Channel Daisy Buchanan ‘s fashion sense by opting for a vintage marry preen. This outfit absolutely fits the bill thanks to the bride ‘s glitter embellished cape and antique birdcage veil. Your wedding overdress sets the tone for your big day from the here and now you make your appearance, sol choosing a thematic equip will help you seamlessly fit the theme. For something that screams “ Great Gatsby wedding dress, ” consider a bead sheath, a V-neck fit-and-flare snip with lots of pearls and embellishments, or a midi trim with outskirt or a glitter cape. ( Psst : Find more 1920s wedding dress inspiration right here. )

Glam Art Deco Invitations

formal invitations serve as the introduction to your wedding day. And, if you ‘re planning to go all out with your Great Gatsby-inspired marry, give a glimpse of what ‘s to come with thematic invitations. Look for designs that have Art Deco-inspired angular lines, gold metallic accents, and elegant script baptismal font. This is besides the position to introduce your color outline, which should feel satiny and elevated. “ Consider using shades of white and cream, soft bloom tones and gold and pearl accents, ” Tutera suggests. Begin your research for Great Gatsby-themed marriage invitations by using The Knot Invitations —we recommend using filters like “ Art Deco, ” “ elegant ” and “ fake thwart ” to find allow stationery .

Champagne Bathtub

nothing says “ prohibition era ” quite like drink in a bathtub. If you ‘re looking for memorable Great Gatsby wedding theme ideas, this one fits the bill. Trade a traditional drink cooler for a vintage bathtub filled with beverages like champagne, beer and early can drinks. not entirely is this a super Instagram-worthy facility, it ‘ll be a hot spot finish for guests all night .

Lavish Centerpieces

One area not to skimp on when it comes to a Great Gatsby wedding composition is floral interior decoration. “ The Great Gatsby is all about excess, ” Tutera explains. “ To bring this theme to life, it ‘s crucial to thread this through multiple purpose elements, including extraordinary florals like gardenia, calla lilies, roses and Casablanca lilies. ” Lush, towering centerpieces will pop on your tablescapes and transform your venue to look like it was pulled from F. Scott Fitzgerald ‘s wildest imaginations .

Velvet Tuxedo

In keeping with the maximal style, consider swapping a traditional black dinner jacket for a colorful suit in a deluxe framework, like velvet. This green velvet dinner jacket looks like it would decidedly have a touch in Jay Gatsby ‘s cupboard. Complete your look with a sleek bow tie and classy loafers and you ‘ll be perfectly dressed to the nines for your nuptials .

Live Jazz Band

The howl twenties were known as the Jazz Age, so it ‘s lone adjustment to hire a alive jazz band to bring the entertainment to your wedding reception. “ You can recreate the vibration of this era with a large band dressed in white dinner jackets, along with a fabulous singer that commands the stage, ” Tutera explains. not only will this encourage guests to dance the night away, it ‘ll make them feel like they ‘ve been transported right back to the ’20s .

Black-Tie Dress Code

character of the playfulness that goes with planning a theme wedding is asking guests to participate besides. To in truth make your Great Gatsby wedding theme fall to life, set an allow dress code to help guests look the part. “ I recommend making the dress code strictly semiformal since this will have a big shock in the marry photograph, ” Tutera explains .

Art Deco Wedding Cake Topper

Of all our front-runner Great Gatsby wedding theme ideas, this one takes the coat. Complete your sweet treat with a cake topper that features big Art Deco elements, like boldface geometric shapes, glittering metallic gold accents and strong colors. We love this custom creation that features mini models of the bride and groom in classical 1920s overdress in front man of a bubbling gold backdrop with a drop detail .

Jeweled Headpiece

It ‘s completely possible to wear a flapper-inspired marry outfit without it looking like a costume. We love how this bride wore a glam headband around her brow, creating a tastefully advanced 1920 ‘s vibration.

Gold Art Deco Chairs

Believe it or not, chairs are actually one of the most important invention elements that can enhance your wedding composition. Because chairs take up a draw of ocular space in your venue, look for rentals that have geometric back shapes and a classic amber hue, like this deluxe seat arrangement .

Long Sleeve Beaded Wedding Dress

If a slinky sheath is n’t your style, consider a long sleeve beaded issue like this one. Intricate embellishment sequin patterns covering the sleeves and bodice make this modest trim a total smasher .

Glitzy Hair Pin

Bride getting ready wearing glam sparkly hair pin with old Hollywood waves If you ‘re looking for vintage wedding inspiration to accompany your Gatsby nuptials, you ca n’t go incorrectly with a rhinestone headpiece. A glam hair accessory will give your wedding day look that je ne sais quoi—with a hint of vintage old Hollywood glam, a clip will effortlessly elevate your hairdo .

Peacock Plumes

Tutera notes that ostrich feathers are a traditional element of the Great Gatsby wedding theme—so for something a little less predictable, consider adding texture to your bouquets or venue decorations with colorful peacock plumes rather .

Vintage Glassware

even your tableware can serve as decoration. To make your wedding day look like you thought of absolutely everything, decorate correct down to the glassware. We love these antique champagne glasses that boast a rich emerald green ombré color radiation pattern .

Tweed Suit

While a velvet suit might be fit for a winter wedding, a big framework likely is n’t your peak choice if you ‘re exchanging vows in jump or summer. alternatively, you might be more draw to a lightweight flannel suit—this vintage blueprint is a seasonally appropriate interpretation of Great Gatsby wedding attire .

Vintage Decor Vignettes

Wedding interior decoration does n’t have to be brassy to make an impact. alternatively, focus on creating a few intentional interior decoration vignettes to bring your Great Gatsby wedding composition to life. We love how this couple created an attention-getting vignette with vintage cameras, a brass section peacock knick-knack and signage in a gold frame accomplished with antique baptismal font .

Mirrored Accents

brooding surfaces make any outer space feel effortlessly larger—so if you ‘re decorating a smaller venue, try creating a veranda wall of mirrors to open up your space with Art Deco flair .

Sparkler Display

As Tutera previously noted, The Great Gatsby is all about maximalism and extravagance—and nothing embodies that quite like an extraordinary fireworks expose. Treat your guests to fireworks or sparklers during your first dance or as you exit the reception .

Velvet and Gold Sweetheart Table

This glam sweetheart table apparatus is about a Gatsby as it gets. With a vintage velvet greens sofa, angular gold arches and a streamlined gold table, you ‘ll have all eyes on you in a descry like this—and rightfully thus .

Metallic Bridesmaids Dresses

Make sure your wedding party fits the part by styling them in glam outfits excessively. Silver metallic bridesmaid dresses, like the ones pictured here, will add good the correct measure of reflect to the altar as they stand next to you while you say your vows .

Flapper Performers

The Great Gatsby wedding subject decidedly lends itself to live entertainment. For something wholly singular, consider hiring flapper performers to make guests feel like they ‘re celebrating in a top-secret speakeasy .

Confetti Shower

How about a surprise confetti exhibitor to surprise and delight your guests ? Finish off your evening with an extravagant confetti moment—it ‘s what Jay Gatsby would do .

Chandelier and String Lights

Lighting plays a huge function in the atmosphere for your marry day, so look for venues that have antique chandeliers to give your nuptials a true Great Gatsby feel. For add effect, weave elementary string lights across the ceiling to cast a cozy freshness over your consequence distance .

Antique Getaway Car

What ‘s a great Gatsby marriage composition without an antique getaway car ? Coordinate a vintage ride to whisk you away from the wedding in stylus, just like these grooms did. A atavistic ride will serve as the perfect eat up touch to your vintage wedding .

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