*2022* 10 outfit tips: What to REALLY wear to a haunted house?

* 2022 * 10 outfit tips : What to REALLY wear to a haunted house ? * 2022 * 10 outfit tips : What to REALLY wear to a haunted house ? I recommend helpful products in my article. Access granted to my disclosure .

Wondering what to wear to a haunted house? This article is here for you. The fact is, dressing for this fun trip is not angstrom easy as you thought. And believe it or not, there are some big No-nos you never think of. From the framework, color, the type of your clothes, and footwear, these all make or break your happy haunted house go steady. With that said, no worries as I ’ ve gathered 10 equip idea tips if you wonder what to wear to a haunted house or haunted corn maze. Keep on read !

1. Avoid some types of clothes to save the dry clean fee

I know, you are getting all thrilled and want to dress super beloved to the haunted house date. But hold on sister, are you surely you want to wear your silk cami top and velvet skirt ? then here ’ sulfur come the rule numeral 1, wear something washable. As we all know, everything CAN HAPPEN in the haunted house when you are scared as sin. It ’ mho not rare that you will unintentionally touch the “ ghosts ” who are covered with fake blood and paint. then yes, avoid the fabrics like silk, velvet, kashmir, leather that need professional cleaning. Don ’ thyroxine wear any clothes that are excessively expensive and keep them elementary with a comfortable cotton top !

2. Dark clothing for the haunted house date outfit

Followed by the principle above, you don ’ t want to dress in a light hue and pastel clothes as that can show your juke lineage stain obviously. If you have plans after leaving the haunted firm, constantly bring a set of clothes to change over. Trust me, people will FREAK OUT when they see these two human beings covered with blood in the daylight. As a lazy girlfriend like me, I will just wear a united states navy blue set rather. easy piecey .

3. How to survive a haunted house? LONG PANTS

Alright, let ’ s talk about some kit ideas immediately. If you good truly don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry about the bloodstain, you can keep your crisp white tee. But for trousers, wearing retentive pants like jeans and cunning paper bag pants will be failproof. After all, let ’ s not forget the actors trying to scare the hell out of you and that ’ s a gamey find you will stumble over when you ’ re running – that will be extremely painful if you are wearing hot pants .

4. When in doubt, dress in layers

During bill time, you may have to wait in line for a good half an hour and that can be cold. But when you get into the haunted house, the temperature is normally strong. That ’ south why you better full-dress in layers or something with a zip up so you can take on and off the clothes easily. A tee and a flannel shirt are always the perfect jazz band.

5. Cute outfits to wear to a haunted house

address of the cute outfits to wear to a haunted house first date, that can be actually catchy as there are a distribute of limitations. If you think skinny jeans are excessively ordinary to wear, swap this with fake leather total darkness leggings to spice things up. in concert with a slouchy white shirt and a cropped sweater lead, this front is american samoa comfortable as it looks effortlessly chic .

6. Wear Halloween costumes to haunted hosue

thus here ’ s the question of all meter : toilet I wear a Halloween costume to a haunted house ? In most cases, YES but I hush suggest you check with the haunted theater fair to make sure. But here ’ s the thing, don ’ t dress besides professionally and besides chilling. Why ? Because the zombies in the haunted house may think you are one of them and stop scar you. so yes ladies, if you don ’ metric ton want to waste your ticket money, think doubly about the Halloween costume. decidedly wear it in a slenderly cunning room .

7. Props or mask is not allowed in haunted house

Another quick tiptoe, it ’ s not allowed to bring props and masks to the haunted house even it ’ second share of your Halloween costumes. And side note, please try to control yourself and remember don ’ thyroxine hit and attack the ghosts in the haunted house. You know, we can do ANY KIND OF CRAZY STUFF when we are scared .

8. What not to wear to the haunted house

That ’ s a no-brainer that anything will fall off well is not a good choice, so leave your baseball cap in the bag. Another common mistake is wearing a high bun, trust me, 9 out of 10 times it will loosen up when you are walking through the haunted house and that ’ s superintendent annoying. And if you are super fearful, I don ’ t suggest you wear a crop top as showing your waist out will make you ten times more insecure. That ’ s a no-go .

9. What shoes to wear to a haunted house?

even you are dressing up for the go steady, ladies, let ’ s not torture yourself with the high heels. If you want to survive in the haunted firm, you will need allow shoes to walk you through that punic terrain. On another note, no open-toe shoes as people will step on your feet in the dark. sol yes, keeping it simple with sneakers makes a long direction .

10. Don’t wear too scary makeup

last but not least, it ’ second approve to do the constitution here and there but again, don ’ triiodothyronine do it excessively professionally if you want person to scare you. so possibly immediately it ’ second fourth dimension to switch your super real nefarious to a cute version .


so there you go ladies, the 10 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a haunted house or haunted corn maze to SURVIVE. I hope that helps and enjoy your epinephrine rush ! Another fun so far utilitarian read, check this out !

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