What Is Proper Etiquette for Guests at a Hindu Funeral?

The Hindu religion is the third base largest religion in the world. As such, there are many sects and subsects that practice funeral rites in different ways. To get the best theme of how a class will conduct a funeral ceremony, burying or cremation, contact the family of the deceased. What follows is a general overview of some Hindu funeral traditions and the etiquette involved. here at Callaghan Mortuary & Livermore Crematory, we help families of all faiths lay their love ones to rest in the allow manner. For those of the Hindu faith, we wish to help usher the dead person into their next life. here are a few ways you can besides show obedience when attending a Hindu funeral .

Details About a Hindu Funeral

There are three parts to a Hindu funeral :

  • The wake or funeral, which is traditionally held in the family’s home
  • The burial or cremation ceremony (MukhAgni)
  • A ceremony to help the soul pass

The funeral and burying or cremation by and large happen within 24 hours of the dead person ’ s sink. Around 10 or more days late, the family will hold a ceremony to help the dead person ’ mho soul into the following life. Depending on the kin and faction, the kin may invite some friends to these rituals. If invited, understand that it is a sign of think of. Please show the proper respect in such an case.

How Should I Act at a Hindu Funeral?

If invited to one or all of the rituals at a Hindu funeral, it is important to maintain a calm demeanor. These funerary traditions encourage a positive environment to help the dead person ’ second travel. consequently, excessive displays of mourning are disgusting. If you are not a separate of the Hindu religion, you are not expected to participate in the prayers or hymn that occur. however, you are welcome to join in if you wish. If you are not participating, sitting quietly is appropriate.

At the funeral, there will likely be an open casket. Guests should view the body ( without touching ), offer their condolences to the kin, and then take their seats restfully. The funeral normally lasts around 30 minutes but may vary depending upon the family and their wishes .

What Should I Wear?

When choosing your attire for the funeral, you should avoid the color black. According to Hindu traditions, the customary semblance to wear at a Hindu funeral is white. dress for men can be casual, but women ’ randomness overdress should cover the arms and knees. You may besides wear open-toed shoes, and head coverings for men or women are optional. Women may wear jewelry but should keep their jewelry understated and non-flashy.

Should I Bring a Gift or Flowers?

The appropriateness of flowers and gifts varies from family to syndicate. Some may accept flowers during the wake island before the MukhAgni, while others prefer them during the lamentation period after the cremation ceremony. Some families accept the endow of food during the lamentation period as well, since some families abstain from cooking in their family for a menstruation after the dead person ’ sulfur guide. Asking the family what they would prefer is the best way to ensure that you are taking the appropriate actions .

Callaghan Mortuary & Crematory Is Ready to Help

There are many customs and rituals to observe in regulate to properly honor your love one at the end of his or her life. Our Livermore mortuary and crematory are ready to serve. We can provide transport from your home to the burying site or crematory, and we can help plan the ceremony to fit the needs of your faith. Let our family help your class honor your sleep together one .

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