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An Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter ’ s tea party is a huffy fun root for an consequence for grown-ups besides. A Mad Hatter Tea Party is a perfect celebration composition for a bridal shower, baby shower or birthday party. Your party can be hosted indoors or outdoors .
mad hatter's tea partymad hatter's tea party This theme very allows you to step into a fantasy world of top gloomy and back to front. Your guests will feel like they have fallen down the rabbit hole into a space of fury and use .

Get inspired by the classic fib of Alice falling down the rabbit hole and finding herself in a worldly concern of nonsense meeting the Cheshire Cat, the celebrated White Rabbit, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and of course the Queen of Hearts.

A great plaza to start when planning a Mad hatmaker ’ sulfur tea party, is to watch the film .
Stream it here

The Mad Hatter ’ s tea party combines fantasy with fabulousness and we have put together a long ton of capital suggestions for decorations and dishes to delight and thrill your guests .
Let your inner madness out when creating this nonsensical themed tea party. 

Mad Hatter: “Have I gone mad?” 

Alice: “I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” 


A big party starts with the arrant invitation. This is your gamble to get your guests on circuit board with your root, indeed get creative with Alice-Themed illusion invitations featuring harebrained hats, teacups, clocks and/or keys .

These antique-style keys invite your guests to join the folly and follow you down the rabbit hole !
Where to Buy Or go for a classical royal-type invitation like this one with a reasonably lavender bow and spike blanket
Where to buy

How to write your invitations

This subject lets you go over the clear with the charming of your invitation words. We love these ideas :
Welcome to Wonderland we are all mad here.
Join us for a spot of tea at a Mad Hatter’s tea party 
Don’t be late for a very important date. Please join us down the rabbit hole for (name).
How lovely it would be if you would join us for tea.

Dress Code

Mad is the dress code ! Mad Hats, playfulness dresses, and extraordinary accessories .
See our mail on the best hats for a Mad Hatter ’ s party

As the host, you can be equally excessive as you wish with this theme. possibly you want to be the Queen of Hearts or a colorful translation of Alice like this Mad Hatter Outfit .
Where to buy

Setting The Scene

vintage shabby chic postpone settings make the arrant base for creating a tea party in a wonderland .
( Check our military post on how to host a Shabby Chic tea party for more ideas. )

For a Mad Hatter theme, you can use all the colors of the rainbow. Lay tables with mismatch teacups, plates, and serving dishes. The tables can be layered with colored table cloths, braid, and tulle .

Mismatched teacups are one of the key ingredients for a Mad Tea party. We love these sweet pastel shades and complimenting patterns .
Where to Buy Go bold with colors, pinks, turquoise, reds, and of course black and white checkers. We love this pink tulle table dame and think it makes the perfect base for a crazy-fun tea party !
Where to buy
Add to the mesa silver cutter, candles, flowers, and necessity wonderland items such as clocks, vintage keys, hearts, and playing cards .
The White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland always carried a air pocket watch so clocks are a great addition when setting the theme. Use them everywhere. This melting clock looks amazing dripping off the table or hang in a tree if your party location is outdoors .
Where to Buy Wonderland was a jumble stead for Alice to visit, with strange signs that made no sense. Use this estimate besides in your decorations. Hang signs around the room or garden to add to the nonsense madness – eat me, eat me, this way, that way, up here, down there, over there, … .
Where to Buy Another capital estimate for the decorations is to stack vintage teacups into towers and fill them with flowers and hearts to make concern centerpieces .
Where to Buy
String pastel-colored balloons and bunting around the room or garden. If your party is outdoors, include reasonably parasols in the decorations. We love this vintage framework butt !
Where to Buy Go crazy with gyrate decorations that make everyone feel like they have gone down a lapin hole. We love these rose gold newspaper spirals .
Where to buy big circus tent hats and Queen of heart cards can be placed along the tables to add to the air. We are in sleep together with this fantasy Mad Hatter ’ s Hat !
Where to Buy Use erstwhile hard report books covered in bright colored composition to add altitude interest to decorations and serving plates along the board. With this composition you can not have besides much. It is a cluttered, crazy looking theme that will delight your guests when they arrive dressed in their harebrained hats and costumes besides .

Place Settings:

At each rate, sit a pretty vintage plate and place a mismatched reasonably vintage teacup on the top of it. You can add a theme diagnose circuit board welcoming the guest to wonderland. The Royal Albert range of Vintage Style Teacup Sets are our front-runner .
Where to buy Delight your guests with bantam coat domes and person cupcakes. These adorable ‘ Eat Me ’ single cake domes are one of our darling things to add to the table, and they make adorable take-home gifts for your guests – big and minor.

Where to buyMini EAT ME Cake Domes And, don ’ metric ton forget to add a dainty silver medal teaspoon and other cutter to the set setting. We love these Alice-themed teaspoons that match the Alice tea set. lovely !
Where to buy

We are going bonkers over these extremely cool acaulescent wine glasses. Perfect for enjoying a sip of wine or juice during the party .
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Pretty cupcakes can be placed in individual teacups and stacked up on the table to tempt your guests. The Royal Albert Candy Teacups are lovely for this .

Add large methamphetamine jars of bright-colored juices and water with large labels ‘ drink me ’ to a slope table for guests to help themselves. Place mismatched teapots on the table with a wide excerpt of teas. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to besides add pretty glass or bone china milk jug. Bowls of boodle cubes and slices of lemon should besides be added to the table .

Food Selections

Savory food selections:

Cut raw vegetable sticks labeled ‘ Rabbit Food ’
classical high tea sandwiches cut into baseball diamond, heart, clubs and spade shapes
Sandwich Fillings:
-cucumber and skim tall mallow
– tuna and chives
– ham and mustard
– sun-dried tomato and cream tall mallow
– tall mallow and tomato

Sweet suggestions:

  • Pretty cupcakes with brightly colored buttercream icing
  • Heart-shaped jam tarts
  • Macaroons in pastel colors
  • Iced cookies in the shape of clocks
  • Chocolate coated strawberries
  • Oreos dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with pink sugar
  • Sponge cake with layers of strawberries and cream dusted with powdered sugar.
  • Cookies shaped like teacups, clocks and keys

Your guests will go huffy for these Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies, so do sure to have lots on the postpone !
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You can besides save time by ordering these Freshly baked Flower cookies to be delivered to your door .
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Tea Selections:

Mad Hatters Iced Tea

Other drinks

Pink lemonade
Pink champagne
Hot cocoa bar

Extra Fun Items:

Tea party-themed party favors :
Tea Pot Party Favor BoxTea Caddy GiftsTea Strainers and Loose Leaf TeaTeacup Gift Sets make a beautiful and thoughtful gift for guests

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