What to Wear in Puerto Vallarta: Resorts, Weddings, & Beaches

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Wondering what things to pack for Puerto Vallarta ? Take a look at these style ideas for fall back vacations, finish weddings, a girly weekend pickup, or a surfboard fault in Sayulita !

What to Pack for Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta is on the West coast of Mexico, with beaches that open up to the expansive Pacific Ocean. A circus tent change of location spot for US and canadian tourists, due to it ’ s easy aim flights, this township offers options for all kinds of vacationers .
Whether you are flying in for a weekend getaway with the girls, a deluxe across-the-board fall back pause, a destination marry, or to enjoy the surfboard and relax atmosphere at Sayulita, you ’ re leap to have some playfulness in the Mexican sun. Temperatures are warm year round off, with casual winter highs of 83°F, and the summer, a scorching 95°F .
once named as ‘ The Friendliest City in the World ’, in Puerto Vallarta you can enjoy the watersports on the beaches, take a tour to see the migration of kyphosis whales, walk along the beachfront malecon or day slip to some of the local quaint, traditional towns .

Here are a few ideas about what to wear in Puerto Vallarta for a fabulous and stylish trip!

Pacifica Cover-Up Tunic

All-inclusive Resort

After a little R & R ? Puerto Vallarta had a overplus of beautiful across-the-board resorts to choose from. If you don ’ t want to have any plans other than soak up the sun and enjoy a cocktail or two, a deluxe haunt break could be right up your bowling alley .
Most resorts are an across-the-board style basis, where once you arrive, everything is included ; gourmet food, drinks, plus entertainment .

Off Shoulder Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit

Daytime Resort Wear

Make sure to bring a few washup suits including a trendy one piece that can besides double up as a top with shorts, a surround, or breezy beach pants .
When planning what to wear in Puerto Vallarta on a fall back vacation, don ’ metric ton forget a cover-up or two to make the trek from your hotel to the consortium. Avoid polyester based cover-ups ( you ’ ll roast ! ) and opt for 100 % cotton or linen alternatively to stay pretty and fresh, besides. team with a strew stylus wide brimmed sun hat for a spirit that ’ south chic enough for the beach or the pool .

Victoria Fedora Sun Hat UPF 50+

If you do want to be a little more active, you may want to do some sports or games, a lot of resorts have a great day entertainment schedule equitable for you. If you want to participate in the beachfront yoga class or spinning seance, you may want to pack a sports brassiere and leggings .

One piece swimsuits are in style ! These are our favorites !

River Island Beach Romper

Evening Resort Style

In the evenings, guests at resorts like to dress up. Use it as an opportunity to look good, throw on a decent dress and heels. Although if you want to tone it down a little, you could opt for wedges or a cute pair of dressy sandals .
Try to pack framework that is lightweight and cool, as summer evenings are calm pretty warmly. Keep the hair and make up more natural, the humidity will probable ruin any look after a while anyhow, so childlike tint moisturizers, eyeliner and mascara will work for you. Add a coat of glistening lipgloss and you ’ ra good to go .

Naot Mermaid Wedge

A set of resorts besides have themed ‘ gala ’ events, such as a mexican Dinner or Black Tie Gala, so you may want to bring something special for this if an event lands on a day that you are staying. normally the haunt web site will inform you of their schedules .
Be mindful – in a lot of haunt restaurants the dress code expects a formal overdress, specially for guys, so if you ’ ra traveling with your partner check the resort policy, as he may need hanker pants and collared shirts for evening meals. ( This happened to me and my partner once and involved us buying an extremely overprice pair of pants from the hotel endow shop that he wore for each evening meal before changing back into his even tailored shorts ! )

Shop these fashionable trim sandals !

Cutout Front Tie Dress

Destination Wedding

For a finish wedding you ’ ll need something similar to the above fall back options for the time you ’ ll have to enjoy your recourse outside of the marriage .
You ’ ll besides want to add your marriage outfit, of naturally, plus an extra dress that can serve as a backing or be worn for any nice dinners the day before or after the marry .

Helenka Wedge Sandal

rather of packing two pairs of heels for each dress, choose one impersonal option you can wear with either style. Or a pair of wedges may be more convenient if you are going to be walking along a flaxen stretch of beach for the photograph .
Don ’ t forget to include the right underwear. Having visible pantie lines can turn a classy kit into a bad one. If your dress has thin or no straps, choose a good strapless brassiere to keep you supported .

If you ’ re in the wedding party, take a spirit at these bridal party dress tips !

Forever Yours Minidress | Shop on Amazon or Nordstrom

Girl’s Weekend

If your visit is based on a girlfriend ’ s weekend or bachelor girl party, then you ’ ll need the same day wear as mentioned in the repair section plus a couple of cute party dresses .
Bring shoes that you can dance in all night and that you don ’ thyroxine mind staining from spilled drinks at the bars and clubs. Sunglasses, a sunhat, and some rehydration salts ( to avoid a hangover ) might besides be in order for a crazy party weekend away .

For something versatile, take this convertible envelop dress !

deep V-Neck Cover-Up Maxi Dress


The beaches in Puerto Vallarta aren ’ t the best so many choose for a day trip to the nearby surf town, Sayulita .
This once sleepy town, known only to surfers, is now fix packed with vacation-goers who want a chilled out alternate to the Puerto Vallarta town. A small but cunning greenwich village, it has a laid binding vibration with chilled out bars and a social beach .
If you plan to give surfing a hear during your visit, pack a bathing suit that fits properly so it doesn ’ t slide up on the board and bring a rash guard besides .

Caslon Linen Shorts

With an unostentatious vibration, pretty sundresses or a fun top plus shorts or broad leg pants paired with cute flip flops or sandals is the way to go here. Cute bikini are a must .

We ’ rhenium loving these cute summer dresses for women. Take a expect !

Eyelet-Front Dolman-Sleeve Top

Whale Watching

From December to February, Humpback whales traverse the Pacofoc coast to give parentage and spend a few weeks in the warm Mexican waters before heading back up to Alaska .
You can join a enlistment from a number of organizers to see these imperial, huge beasts in their natural environment, with many tours besides having a microphone organization that allows you to hear the whale song .
You ’ re never likely to forget the mesmerizing batch of a whale gap with her calf, but you ’ re going to want to take along a raincoat camera or a waterproof phone pouch that can allow you to snap some pictures without worrying about your electronics getting wet .

Cressi Mask Snorkel Set


The Pacific coast near to Puerto Vallarta has some great snorkelling spots. You can join a enlistment well, but if you are planning to snorkel and want to make the most of your feel, I would recommend bringing your own gear .
You don ’ t have to include fins – and these are normally bulky to pack – but at least buy your own quality mask and snorke fifty. A cheap mask can flood and you might suck in some disgusting piquant water if the snorkel doesn ’ t have a good drain valve. It can in truth make the dispute between having a great experience or never wanting to do it again .
Test a new mask before your trip to make certain it fits your face. The way you do this is by placing the dissemble on your face ( unstrapped ) on your grimace. Breathe in, look down, then look up and inspect the match in a mirror. If it stays on and doesn ’ t fall off – it ’ s a well fit .

Roxy Long Sleeve Rash Guard

You probably besides should invest in a rash guard. These retentive sleeved tops slip over your swimsuit and protect you from the suns rays while you float on the surface .

I recommend Cressi Mask Snorkel Set, which has quality products and reasonable prices. That ’ s the brand I use for my aqualung diving masks !

compass Rose Travel Packing Cubes

How to Organize Travel Clothing

One way to organize your travel wardrobe is by using packing cubes. The Compass Rose packing cubes have a number and color system so it ’ randomness easy to identify where everything is ! The video recording below demonstrates this .

Learn our hacks with packing cubes in this  video !

We besides put together a five-part YouTube series showing the unlike methods to use packing cubes for travel. If you use this specific packing strategy, packing cubes can besides compress your belongings. This is the hidden to traveling carry-on entirely !

Aleader Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Other Things to Bring to Puerto Vallarta

If you plan to visit any of the adventure attractions with slides and zip up line you ’ ll want to add a copulate of sneakers or water shoes for the mire and water system .
even though it ’ s the hottest time of the year, if you travel in June-September, it is besides the wettest. You might want to pack a small umbrella, in font you get caught in an unexpected downpour. ( evening though it rains a set, they tend to be heavy short showers. You may feel grateful for them as it helps to cool down the standard atmosphere ! )
And essentials for any visit to Puerto Vallarta should include sunglasses, mosquito repellent and strong sunscreen !

Want more swimsuit you can wear on and off the beach ? Check out these cunning styles !

Where to Stay in Puerto Vallarta

Mexico has just about every type of accommodation you could ever desire. across-the-board resorts, family hotels, private villas, volunteer housing, Airbnb casas, and hostels throughout the country. As Mexico is becoming an even more popular option for tourists, eco-villas and eco-resorts are steadily growing .
In Puerto Vallarta, there are surely more across-the-board resorts but you can besides find quite a few villas, hotels, and Airbnb listings adenine well .
When it comes to where to stay in Sayulita, there ’ s more of a laid-back vibration so expect a few smaller boutique hotels, hostels, bungalows, and B & Bs. This surfer beach smudge is besides becoming popular with audacious entrepreneurs, therefore finding a digital nomad Airbnb in Sayulita is not uncommon .
And if you ’ re cling for activities, the things to do in Sayulita are ample – from snorkeling to exploring hide beaches, diving, or surfing, there ’ s a lot to pack into one slip !

Read these Airbnb tips for more information !

If you prefer the public toilet and comfort of a hotel room, try using Agoda and Hotels. Tip: Hotels.com gives you a free night for every ten nights you book!
For hostels, Travel Fashion Girl recommend Hostelworld and Hostelbookers. Always read the reviews before booking to get the best idea if the hostel is right for you. Some are calm and family friendly while others are known for their party atmosphere .

Are hostels dependable ? here are our tips for women staying in hostels !

What are your tips on what to wear to Puerto Vallarta ? Share in the comments!

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