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felicitous Wednesday friends ! One of the best parts of summer are outdoor state concerts. so much fun. We even hit up some smaller local shows, like the ones at Deer Valley, for something fun to do on a summer weekend. We were supposed to see Chris Stapleton tomorrow, so I ’ ve been planning out some outfit ideas so I don ’ t end up scrambling last hour deciding what to wear ! I feel like we all have those moments 😆
We actually just found out his show got postponed though. so mooch. Luckily it got rescheduled for following Friday though and we ’ re still able to go ! so yttrium ’ all want to help me decide what to wear. I in truth wanted to wear cowboy boots ( I decidedly don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get the chance to wear them enough ) sol I planned everything around the boots. Which kit is your front-runner ? !
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Dress ( 4 ) // Boots

I LOVE this dress. even if I don ’ metric ton wear it to the concert, I ’ thousand decidedly going to wear it all the time this summer with sandals. truly any cute summery snip will work for an outdoor concert. I don ’ metric ton like a tight-fitting or long dress with cowboy boots, so I like how the surround on this is shorter and more flowy. I think the floral radiation pattern is gay for a area music show besides ! The tie is obliterable so you can play around with how you like it belted .
jaime shrayber, concert outfit, fashion blogger
country concert, summer fashion, blogger
Dress ( small/medium ) // Boots
This kit MIGHT be the achiever. What do you think ? Denim is perfect for a country concert and it looks sooo cute with the colored boots and hat. I ’ m not sure if I ’ ll wear a hat, and some of the outfits look good without, but it decidedly goes with this jean dress ! Check out the back below 😍 OBSESSED .
country outfit, summer fashion, jaime shrayber
If I go with this one, I think I ’ ll wear my hair up to truly show off the back of it. Love it thus much .
jaime shrayber, concert outfit, fashion blogger
country concert, summer fashion, blogger

Sweater ( small ) // Shorts ( 36 ) // Boots
This equip is sol fun for a concert. I wanted to try a couple unlike options with shorts. I love this pair… they ’ re actually flattering and I love how they come off from the leg besides. Plus they ’ re a little longer in the back so you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate showing excessively much. This perspirer is on sale right now and would be super cunning with jeans excessively .
jaime shrayber, concert outfit, fashion blogger
Dress ( 1 ) // Boots
This shade of aristocratic and the convention is decidedly perfective for a area concert. so cunning. You could wear it with sandals excessively. I love how billowy the back is, it gives it a different expression, and it ’ s in truth comfortable to wear ! I like this one with a cowboy hat besides .
country outfit, summer fashion, jaime shrayber
Dee shorts ( 26 ) // Parker Short ( 26 ) // Parker Loose ( 26 ) // Top ( small ) // Boots
I got 3 pairs of Agolde black jean shorts in different styles to try. I don ’ t wear black shorts that much, so I ’ ll probably only keep one. The Parker Short is the short of the 3, so I would probably wear a more flowy top with them. But I thought this blank top with the braid sleeves was extremely cunning for the concert. I have the Parker Short in blue jean and I wear them all the clock time .
The Parker Loose are longer, but still have the disquieted hem. It ’ s very personal preference for which you like better. I have both styles in even blue denim and love them both ! The Dee shorts are actually alike to the Parker Loose pair, possibly a little more form-fitting.

so I need your assistant ! ! Which equip should I go with ? ! I besides did a little try on of each kit on Instagram if you wan sodium watch my stories and see more details of each look. Let me know what you think 🤍
xo, Jaime

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