What to wear at a swingers club? | A guide for women | Couple of Secrets

What to wear at a swingers club? | A guide for women

Breaking your head over what to wear for your first time at a swingers club? Here is our guide for women.

Readers frequently ask about what to wear at a swingers club. I understand the nervousness. specially for the ladies -with all respect to men and their feelings. If Xander is anything to go by, a man ’ randomness hard choice is whether to put on the black satin-feel boxers or the stretchable ones with the ash grey dots. Unless of course, you are a fan of white slips, in which casing you shouldn ’ t be allowed into the club. Just kid, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry, swingers are fashion-tolerant people. But seriously, no white slips .
For us women though, it ’ s a unlike history. We have a mind-bending variety show of clothes, underwear and accessories to choose from. Mini dresses, besotted skirts, lean exceed, intertwine, leather, silk, velvet, fishnet, corsets, bras, bralettes, nipple pasties, briefs, shorties, thongs, bodysuits, hosiery… and don ’ t tied get me started on accessories ! A serviceman would throw a paroxysm with one-tenth of the choice !

How should a woman choose what to wear at a swingers club?

thus, ladies, when choosing what to wear at a swingers club there are a few simple guidelines to follow. I am talking from personal experience and estimate by the mistakes I have done in the past. You see, swinging etiquette is not precisely something you discuss openly with colleagues and family and none of my close friends is in the Lifestyle. so, in this sense, I had cipher to turn to for advice when I was starting. Hence this post. cook ?

What do women wear at swingers clubs Couple of Secrets
Choose your main outfit: sexy but not over the top

Most clubs offer changing rooms and lockers. This allows you to put on your far-out attire late in the night when the air has warmed up. There is no need to leave your home or hotel board looking besides conspicuous, making people wonder where you are heading to ( a swingers club possibly ? ).

You never know whom you might bump into on your means out -your mother in jurisprudence, your son ’ mho kindergarten teacher, your nosy neighbour- and you might prefer to blend in with the vanilla crowd if you are going for dinner and a toast before the Club .
That said, you don ’ thyroxine want to look excessively casual either. After all, it is a particular night out for you and your partner ! And first impressions matter, therefore don ’ thymine arrive at the swingers club underdress. Pick something exciting but chic. Something that you feel sexy in. You ’ ll precisely need to make sure it covers ( most of ) your dumbbell and garter knock. There will be enough of opportunities to expose those later !
What do women wear at swingers clubs Couple of Secrets

Choosing your lingerie: provocative but authentic

This is a sturdy one. I see you spreading all your fancy underwear on the bed trying to decide which set to wear for your beginning fourth dimension at a swingers ’ club. You have my sympathies, I ’ ve been there plenty of times. And while I can ’ t tell you what looks good on you, I can give you some tips :

Wear something that is you

Don ’ metric ton go for anything excessively flamboyant for your first gear time at a swingers club. It might make you more anxious and out of character. thus choose a set in which you still feel yourself. I ’ ve seen beautiful women struggling with underwear they had clearly bought for the occasion but didn ’ metric ton spirit comfortable in .

Wear something simple

a much as you might like your harness underwear ( I sure do ), fiddling with fine straps and conclude delicate hooklets isn ’ t the sort of thing you want to be doing while you ’ rhenium transfer in a baseball club. Your partner is waiting -more or less- patiently, other men are looking…. and you ’ rhenium think, why do swingers clubs have mixed changing rooms ? Infuriating, I know… how is a girlfriend supposed to put on makeup and stockings with guys passing by and bumping into her ?

Keep your choices open

Don ’ t sweat if you can not make up your mind in advance. You can always pick a copulate of your favored sets to have in your base for the evening. After all, underwear doesn ’ t take up much quad and this manner you can choose according to the atmosphere at the clubhouse and the climate of the evening .

Wear something your partner likes too

If you are going to the club with your spouse, keep in mind what he turns him on besides. I know, for case, that Xander finds that my favorite black lace deux pieces flattens my dumbbell. I try to avoid it when we are out at swingers ’ clubs. It ’ s a shame that other men don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate grow to admire my investment at Agent Provocateur but, hey, anything to keep my man happy !

What do women wear at swingers clubs Couple of Secrets
Choosing your shoes: classy but comfortable

Shoes are true more square. All you need is something sexy but still comfortable. Keep in mind you might find yourself standing for hours, dancing, stripping and all that.

I normally go for my freelancer 9 curium black pumps ; it ’ s a decent heel height that silent works well for me. And I normally keep them on during playtime vitamin a well. This is a very personal option, obviously .
One concluding note regarding footwear : some clubs have wet areas, jacuzzi ’ south, showers, hammams and what not. Think communal swim consortium, so you might want to take a pair of flick flops with you. adenine long as you avoid wearing your Minnie Mouse somersault flops at the barricade area, you should be fine .

Choosing your makeup: bold but simple

I constantly relish the opportunity to indulge in the extravagant classify of makeup a swingers baseball club allows for. Think baseball club makeup : intense eyes, bright lips, features more pronounce than what you ’ d put on for a stripe. I normally take a modest bulge with my MAC kohl and lipstick with me and refresh my make up after dinner or while preparing at the clubhouse .

What do women wear at swingers clubs Couple of Secrets
To lipstick or not to lipstick

I find strike lipstick extremely aphrodisiac in the context of a sex party. lipstick sure poses a problem : you can not expect any classify -no matter what it promises you- to withstand hours of smooching. It ’ south besides probable that it rubs off on everything else -including the rest of your face. But it ’ s a risk I am will to take. A night out without lipstick is like sex without foreplay ! I good throw a pack of wipes in my bag to be surely .

Choosing your accessories: tantalising but stylish 

As always, accessories are an excellent way to upgrade a elementary attend and, boy does the swing environment offer sexy choices ! By accessories, I mean anything from unconstipated jewelry and casual bijou to body chains, gloves, pasties, harnesses, nipple rings, collars, chokers, masks, gags, headbands, clamps etc. The flip is the limit .
A general rule is to avoid expensive jewelry or your favorite pieces or things that fall off easily. You might end up losing it on a critical moment among steaming bodies or in between mattresses. I am hush crying over this silver wicket I ’ ve lost some years ago in Germany during a hot meeting with an austrian match. Plus I ’ ve developed the annoying habit of intermittently touching my ears to check when I have sex in Clubs. Kidding again. I good don ’ metric ton clothing earrings anymore. I go for nipple rings rather .
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