What to Wear to the Day After Brunch, According to Stylists

It ‘s becoming more and more coarse to get invited to an after-wedding brunch, which happens the dawn after a copulate says “ I do. ” And if you ‘ve been invited to one as partially of a larger marriage weekend, you ‘re probably wondering what you ‘re supposed to wear, which is apprehensible. Brunch by and large goes hand-in-hand with casual, but for a marry, the dress code abruptly becomes a little ill-defined .

When trying to decide what to wear, you should keep a few things in take care. For one, even if it ‘s a fancier brunch, it ‘s decidedly going to be more casual than the wedding. additionally, this is going to take place the morning after you ‘ve partied all night. In other words, you ‘re going to be tired ( and possibly a little hungover ), thus tied if you want to look nice comfort is authoritative here. Opt for a attend that is relaxed and hardheaded for an consequence happening before lunchtime, but one that even looks put together and fashionable.

Meet the Expert

  • Lesley Brickman is an LA-based luxury bridal stylist and owner of The One Gown. She is a wedding gown scholar who helps brides, mothers of the bride/groom, and wedding guests shop for their perfect looks.
  • LaTonya Turnage of Elite Secrets Bridal is a full-time fashion entrepreneur who worked as a makeup artist before turning to bridal styling.

For more specific advice, we ‘ve consulted with two expert stylists who offer some easy-to-copy kit ideas for your next day after brunch.

How to Decide What to Wear to a Day After Brunch

If you ‘re looking for the arrant equip to wear over silver wattle and waffles, constantly pay close attention to the season, venue, and wedding attire code when shopping for an ensemble .

Based on the Season

The time of class is essential to keep in mind when denounce for a day-after brunch outfit, and according to stylist Lesley Brickman, it ‘s crucial to be seasonally appropriate—especially if you ‘re attending a destination marriage. “ For heater months, I suggest a sundress or chic equal set for ladies, ” she says. A midi dress or a nice romper can besides be satisfactory. Jeans are o to wear, merely make indisputable they fit well and are n’t distressed .

For men, attire for strong months is similar : relax and comfortable without being besides fooling. “ Men should wear linen shorts, polo shirts, and even short-sleeved button-up shirts ” suggests bridal stylist LaTonya Turnage .

” For winter events, cozy up in a sweater snip or your darling cashmere turtleneck and jeans, ” Brickman notes. man can wear something similar, like a dainty sweater with match jeans or trousers .

Turange besides advises that colors should be based on the season. For cool months, like in the precipitate and winter, choose for dark hues like united states navy blue, black, bourgogne, or orion green. For warm months, light colors like pale blue, pink, lavender, cream, and yellow are decent .

Based on the Venue

Where the brunch is being held can tell you a batch about what you should wear. “ A summer brunch at a beachside fall back would be a big time to wear your brilliantly colored sundress and sandals, ” Brickman notes. “ If you see that the brunch is being held at a hotel—likely where many of the guests are staying—then you can go more casual with jeans and a exceed or a casual midi dress. ”

If the venue seems fancier, then you should likely wear a dress or trousers, or even a casual suit alternatively of jeans. “ For museums and grand hotels, your fashion choices should be a tad more formal, ” Turnage says. “ Women can opt for a cocktail style dress, and guys can add a tie to step up their casual khaki and slacks. ”

Feel free to besides ask the copulate, or a member of the wedding party, if there are going to be any activities to take into consideration. “ Some hosts offer ‘events ‘ at the day after brunch, such as mini-massages, tequila tastings, and even bowl, ” Brickman points out. “ be sure to do your research on the receive or the couple ‘s marriage web site and carry accordingly ! ”

Based on the Wedding Dress Code

If you ‘re invited to a black affiliation wedding, does that mean the brunch will be similarly courtly ? potentially, but it ‘s hard to say. “ Consider the marry ceremony ’ second apparel code when packing for the farewell brunch, but don ’ metric ton use it as your sole guideline on what to wear, ” Brickman says. “ Most brunches call for guests to ‘Come As You Are, ‘ meaning to show up fooling and comfortable, particularly since many guests may be departing for the airport or the car trip home. ”

If you ‘re truly feel diffident, there is no damage in asking the match or another extremity of the wedding party .

Day After Brunch Attire for Women

You ‘ll ultimately be basing your kit on the location and venue of the brunch, the season, and the attire specified by the copulate, but even then, there are some general kit ideas to keep in mind .

” Regardless of the venue or season, an elevated railway midi dress will constantly be a winner, ” Brickman says. A short and casual sundress can be a great choice if the weather calls for it, and you can even opt for a more fooling jump suit or romper if you want .

While dresses are a pretty versatile pick, you do n’t have to avoid pants. Brickman recommends a nice couple of jeans and a lead or perspirer, specially for fall or winter weather. Pick tailored jeans that are n’t distressed and a top that is casual but nice—or evening equitable a solid-colored jersey. You can besides opt for trousers or nice shorts.

As for shoes, you can likely leave the heels at home. If you want some height, wear wedges or espadrilles. Sandals, flats, or even a identical decent pair of sneakers are besides acceptable. For cool weather, boots are a great option .

Day After Brunch Attire for Men

again, keep the season, venue, and wedding dress code in judgment when selecting an kit. The below ideas are pretty cosmopolitan and can be worn to about any day-after brunch .

You can feel free to wear jeans, but make sure they ‘re tailored nicely and are n’t distressed. If you want to wear a jersey, make it a solid color and make sure it looks a bit more exalted ( no graphic tees ! ), but a polo shirt or button-down is always a great choice. In warm weather particularly, Turnage highly recommends linen. “ You can never go wrong with linen, ” she shares .

If you do n’t want to wear jeans, a pair of chino or trousers are a fantastic choice. You can even wear a casual suit if you want to dress up a sting. Turnage besides likes the estimate of lend accessories. “ Add a trendy brim fedora hat to step up your brunch style, ” she says .

For shoes, choose for loafers or boat shoes. Try to avoid sneakers unless they are a firm color and look more promote, and avoid athletic sneakers .

Day After Brunch Attire Etiquette

by and large, both Turnage and Brickman say that day-after brunches are more on the casual side. There are n’t a distribute of style “ rules “ to keep in mind, but even if it ‘s casual, there ‘s still some etiquette to remember .

Wearing something very free-and-easy is ticket if it works with the venue and is seasonally appropriate. “ If the brunch is being held at a beachside browse reside, then by all means rock your chic coverup, suit, and sandals ! ” Brickman says. “ casual means different things to different people, so when in doubt, do your research on the season, the venue, and the copulate ‘s web site to gauge the vibration of the event. As a dominion, though, I always suggest my clients pick something a bit dressier than casual if there is a business for what to wear. ”

Turange agrees, noting that guests should never show up excessively dress down. “ Avoid stressed jeans, sneakers with logo, or path running sneakers and throw flops, ” she says. “ Unless the invites are particular to those trends, keep it comfortable, but venue and event allow. ”

You do n’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. “ Showing up in your pajama or the equip you wore to the wedding ceremony is a major no go, ” Brickman says. “ Likewise, save your gymnasium overdress for the weight unit room and your pool attire for the beach ( unless the dress code specifically calls for beach chic ). Ladies should avoid all egg white outfits as the bride will probable be in all white. ”

Any of the above recommendations are proof that you can be free-and-easy and comfortable without looking like you ‘re lounging at home .


  • What is a day after brunch?

    A day after brunch is a brunch ( or breakfast ) held the good morning after a marry. Although these are typically done for address weddings, they can be held for any type of nuptials. These brunches are a means to thank guests for coming and to say a concluding adieu before the marry weekend is over .

  • Is it okay to wear something casual to a day after brunch?

    Day after brunches are typically pretty casual, but the venue will actually clue you in as to how casual it will be. If it ‘s held at the hotel where all or most of the guests are staying, it ‘s credibly more on the casual side. If it ‘s held in a more fondness venue, then you may want to wear something chic and skip the jeans. by and large, you do not have to dress formally, but you besides do n’t want to be besides laid-back .

  • Is there anything you should not wear to a day after brunch?

    Avoid wearing sweatpants, sweatshirts, pajama, leggings, athleisure, distressed jeans, flip flops, or graphic tees—basically, anything that is super, super casual. Guests should besides avoid wearing all white as this is hush something the bride might wear .

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