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I hope y ’ all caught my FULL recap/lowdown on Charleston Wine + Food Festival yesterday ! Because today, I ’ ll be providing some helpful tips/guidance on the overdress dowry of the festival. Whether you ’ re travel or a Charleston local, dressing appropriately for the festival is key. Trust me, I ’ ve learned my lessons after a few go arounds .
CHSWFF has over 130+ events happening during a 5 day period. All of which submit ‘ Lowcountry casual ’ as the commend attire. so, what precisely is ‘ Lowcountry fooling ’ ? Basicallyyyyy, anything goes. Haha. I know that ’ s not excessively helpful, but fret not – here are some recommendations for each ‘ type ’ of event have .


Whatever you do…comfortable, close toed shoes. You would think I would follow my own advice from fourth dimension to time. This year I decided to be boldface and wear a list bootee without socks to a full day at culinary village. Worst estimate. I ended up having to uber back to the hotel { which was literally possibly 8 blocks } because of my blisters – ouch ! The village gets pretty flaxen + cold, so I ’ five hundred suggest close toe shoes if possible, so at least not a pair you ’ re invested in keeping clean .
aside from comfortable footwear, anything very goes at culinary village ! You ’ ll see LOTS of jeans and sneakers, but low key sundresses are accomplishable besides. I ’ d besides highly recommend a crossbody bag, as opposed to a clutch or bag. You ’ ll be trying to hold a wine looking glass, eat food + hold your purse. It ’ s a draw. You ’ ll want your hands ampere free as possible to partake in all the goodies ! now if you in truth want to be a CHSWFF PRO – get yourself a wine glass lanyard. All the cool kids are doing it.


I would treat this one the lapp as the above. signature events are besides typically held in an capable field or outdoor venue on a larger scale then the downstairs event categories.


Something cute, but practical will work well for this class. You never quite know what you might be doing for a hands-on class. Will you be standing, sitting, moving approximately. Prepare for all of the above. Think crossbody pocket, comfortable flats or booties, jeans and a blouse or light sweater .


here ’ s your casual to get dolled up ! only if you choose, of course. The majority of Charleston Wine + Food Festival signature dinner offerings are held at award winning restaurants { Zero George + Fig have been known to be on this list at previous festivals }. While heels and a cocktail dress is surely not required, I would personally plan on sprucing up a bite for this class. Think a comfortable musical instrument digital interface or maxi dress, heels and a clutch bag .
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