The Best Airport Outfits for Every Season and Climate

The Best Airport Outfits for Every Season and Climate

Over the course of countless flights, I ’ ve encountered airplane outfits of just about every variety. From cozy pajama to sharp suits and everything in between. If you can wear it on a flat, I ’ ve seen it. But with many divers options out there, what are the best outfits for airports and airplanes ?
To answer this doubt, we ’ ra going to look at a roll of travel kit ideas spanning the trendy, the practical, and the comfortable for respective seasons and climates .

Travel Outfit Considerations

There are a few things to keep in mind no matter what the weather is :

  • Less is more: Minimalist capsule wardrobes are a great way to pack a range of outfits while going carry-on-only, which should always be your goal.
  • Think in layers: Laying up is smart for two reasons. First, airports can be chilly, so bring extra layers or a light jacket. Laying also reduces what you need to pack, helping to achieve the aforementioned carry-on-only goal. But don’t go overboard with layers, as you don’t want too much to juggle as you move through the airport.
  • Don’t forget inside vs. outside temperatures: Wearing shorts on your way to Vegas or Hawaii might seem like it makes sense, but the airport and in-flight air-conditioning will cool things off fast. Keep in mind that your airport outfit doesn’t necessarily have to correspond with your destination.
  • Balance comfort with style:  You don’t want to show up wherever you’re going looking like a total slob. Comfort is great, but showing up with at least something close to stylish sets a tone for the rest of your trip. 

now that we ’ ve got these basics out of the way, let ’ s expect at a few specific airport outfit ideas for different seasons and climates .

A woman exploring Bangkok.

The Best Airport Outfits for Summer

In summer you need to dress for the weather, but only up to a point. Yes, you want to be ready for the heating system. But you should besides be prepared for that airport and in-flight chill .
Sandals or flip-flops might seem like a dear idea, but wear something comfortable for lots of walking through the airport and to your accommodations once you ’ ve arrived. here ’ s a hearty travel equip theme for the summer and sun :

  • Light pair of pants or jeans: You can find several suggestions in our roundup of the best travel pants, including several lightweight options that will transfer from the airport AC to the outdoor heat well.
  • Sundress: A light dress can be a great alternative to pants.
  • T-shirt
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Light jacket or shawl

I don ’ thymine recommend wearing shorts while flying for two reasons. First, the AC. Second, shorts take up less space in your pocket than pants. By wearing the pants you make room for two pairs of shorts, which expands your equip opportunities .
If your cheery address is in the tropics, don ’ triiodothyronine forget a rain shell. Places like Thailand or the southern function of Mexico will frequently experience rain on a daily basis during certain seasons. You ’ ll want to be ready if you emerge from the airport directly into a downpour .

The Best Airport Outfits for Spring or Fall

In the in-between weather of the jump or fall, days can be quick but nights can get cold fast. Random rain showers might pop up. Be prepared. Destinations like San Francisco or Seattle have inconsistent weather all year attack .
Layers are the name of the game in these situations. You want to be fix for changes in temperature or the hypothesis of rain.

Your equip can be exchangeable to the summer recommendations but add a raincoat or jacket. The like goes for a warm level like a hoodie or fall perspirer. Your middle-weather airport outfit should look something like this :

  • A medium-weight shirt: I’m a big fan of the Plaid Board Shirt from Pendleton, which is heavy enough to cut a chill but light enough to keep from working up a sweat. It also takes up barely any room and can add some color to a range of outfits. The Sombra Sun Hoodie from Cotopaxi is a great option for women as it’s light, comfy, and takes up next to zero space in your bag.
  • Medium-weight pants: In our travel pants guide, we mentioned two jogger options that are great in this regard. The pants are comfy and warm, but you won’t overheat.
  • A middle layer between your shirt and jacket, like a hoodie or sweater.
  • Destination-appropriate jacket

Woman wearing winter coat while traveling in New York City

The Best Airport Outfits for Winter

Traveling in the cold can be the most challenge as you need to be bundled up against the upwind outside but don ’ t inevitably want to wear all that warmth once you ’ ra inside the airport. This is particularly true if there ’ randomness bamboozle or heavy rain involved .
An abundance of layers might seem like the best idea, but excessively many layers can be slippery in an airport. You ’ ll end up taking them on and off, juggling them all the direction to your gate. A better option is a individual, outsize coat that you can take on and off as necessary without besides much contend. With the coating, your cold-weather airport outfit should look something like this :

  • Oversized coat or parka
  • Heavier jeans or pants
  • Lightweight shirt as a base
  • Light layer like a sweater or hoodie (no need for more with that heavy coat)
  • Beanie
  • Waterproof shoes
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Scarf (optional)

Notice that I suggested waterproof shoes quite than heavy snow boots. Boots are necessary if you ’ re going somewhere specifically for snow sports, but they ’ re overkill and outright unfashionable in places like Europe, flush in the winter. Find yourself a decent match of waterproof shoes or comfortable ankle boots .

Woman loading backpack into the overhead bin on a plane

The Best Airplane Backpack

immediately you might be wondering what the best baggage is to go with your airport outfit. My goal is always to go carry-on-only to avoid the hassles and holdups of checking a pocket. You besides want something that ’ sulfur appropriate for any weather site, particularly rain.

From my know, the Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack is your best option. not alone is it alone in terms of maximizing the serviceability of every squarely edge afforded to you by airline hold on restrictions, but its durable sailcloth outside is waterproof and built to withstand whatever the weather throws at it. It ’ s besides uber-comfortable thanks to its heavily padded, amply adjustable harness .
I ’ ve wear my Outbreaker for countless hours of navigating airports and wandering cities, and it always feels capital .


In the end, choosing the veracious airport equip comes down to thinking strategically :

  • Layer for the weather, keeping in mind that the temperature inside the airport and plane might differ dramatically from the conditions outside.
  • Build a capsule wardrobe so that you can look great and be prepared for anything while fitting it all into a carry-on-sized travel backpack.
  • In more extreme cold, an oversized coat can be a good alternative to over-layering, the latter of which can result in too much hassle as you take things on and off to adjust for the circumstance.
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