What to wear and not to wear to an Interview

Blame it on the movie The hellion wears Prada or the multi-billion dollar fashion industry but we love to play dress up specially when it comes to going to a limited affair, event or vacation .
however when it comes to dressing for an interview, we may not have the cognition and or know what to wear for an interview .
I often dispense career and professional advice to women who are just starting out their careers and or want a change in their career. I have to say one of many of their questions that I receive is what to wear to a subcontract interview .
While choosing the justly equip is crucial, many times we have candidates show up in a not very professional attire and many times very casual. During a holocene job clean, I attended in the DFW area for college graduates, many students showed up in jeans, t-shirts, and even shorts.

here are a few tips on what to wear for a job interview or career fair
woman :

  • Skir or trouser suit- wich ever you are most comfortable 
  • Simple accessories
  • Conservative nail polish and hair styling
  • Hair-Freshly washed and style
  • Makeup-Natual Makeup-use a neutral pallet browns and nudes
  • Fragrance – Don’t wear any
  • No open toe or athletic shoes

many women forget that the makeup, hair’s-breadth style, and aroma they wear says merely a much about them as their clothes do .
Don ’ t forget you will be judged on how you speak, walk, clothing and smell. Is not only the newspaper resume representing you. now, you are the sum up, and you will be analyzed as much your resume was when it was received.

evening during the early on rounds of an interview process the dramatic eye makeup or unwashed haircloth can actually count against you, not having a fresh look when you show up for the interview can say this individual is not used to being up at this early and that it ’ second very probable that she will either be habitually late for work or show up looking less than professional .
My favored colors for interview overdress are Ivory, Black, White and Pastel color apparel shirts .
serviceman :

  • A clean, well fitted black, dark gray or navy suit.
  • White or black shirt
  • Plain color tie
  • Clean formal shoes
  • Hair, trim haircut and freshly washed
  • Clean Shaved
  • Don’t forget clean and cut nails

Remember dress for the place you want to be, no topic which job you are interviewing for, the first impression is the one and alone clientele wag you have to get into your newly career .
good fortune !

source : https://kembeo.com
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