Style: Casual Cool for the Art Gallery Opening

Dressing fooling for an art drift open can be a count contract. It ’ second easy to go over the acme, and it ’ s just as easy to appear besides complain amongst the trend-setters and art aficionado. The correct place to start is with some hearty, stylish basics, then accessorize them with a set of strong compliments. We ’ ve done precisely that, starting with a pair of Levi ’ s® Sta-Prest™ 511 Skinny Trouser – Harvest Gold at the base. Stick around to build the look piece-by-piece, preparing to make a strong-yet-subtle statement at the gallery opening party in your city. This post is brought to you by Levi ’ s®. Explore the solicitation at Use the promo code GOFORTH2012 to receive 20 % off one item. Offer ends 10/31/12. exclusive offer. Valid at alone .

V.S.T.R. Distinguished Oxford Stripe Shirt

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The V.S.T.R. Distinguished Oxford Stripe Shirt is a simple, unobtrusive top that ’ ll let your accessories and sleeve ink stand out. The light blasphemous coloring material matches absolutely with the harvest aureate discolor of the Levi ’ s® base .

Levi’s® Sta-Prest™ 511 Skinny Trouser – Harvest Gold

view in gallery No topic the scenario, the Sta-Prest nickname ensures a wrinkle-free base to your outfit. The harvest gold khaki-style coloring material is versatile, ideal for an function holiday party– or a casual art veranda afford. It can ’ metric ton hurt to start with an american original .

Vanishing Elephant Desert Boot

view in gallery You ’ re credibly noticing a vogue here– strong, elementary and masculine. The art appraisers might spend more prison term trying to figure you out over the paintings on the walls .

Levi’s Harness Belt

view in gallery Black shoes, black belt out. The thick, bold and black Levi ’ s Harness Belt provides a decent contrast to the skinny ankle of the 511 Sta-Prest pants above.

WESC Griffin T-shirt

view in gallery If the gallery ( or the after party ) gets hot, you can feel confident about peeling off that out layer with this below it. The WESC Griffin T-shirt will give a kind contour to a equip figure while maintaining an academic quality to it .

Braun Chronograph

position in veranda While Braun is most popularly known for appliance design, they showed off their style sensibilities this year with a stunning line of watches. This Braun Chronograph is a bandstand out, and the repeat black “ framing ” of this equip will fit well in the gallery dress .

Hard Graft Pocket Phone Case

scene in gallery Your call, cards and cash can all be neatly stowed and make a fashion affirmation at the like meter. Hard Graft, the purveyors of fine italian leather and wool feel accessories, produces this reasonably little thing for the guy on the blend .

Super America Black Eyeglasses

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The Super monocle brand has been brandished by a who ’ s who of celebrity icons, and nowadays its your turn to rock them. They complete the black-framed composition of this kit in a literal sense. Match them with your prescription lenses or a translucent sunglass lens and you ’ re ready to roll. – – – – – – – – – – – Thanks for read, and we hope you knock ’ em all in at the gallery opening party. If you ’ re looking in your own wardrobe to build on this spirit, we suggest reaching for a leather jacket and a Leica television camera if you ’ re thus fortunate. For now, be sure to hit the list atop this article to click through to a closer look at each item. Our friends at Levi ’ second

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