What to Wear for the Audition

Preparing your equip for the sidereal day of your audition can be sTrEsSFuLl. I know. And now that many auditions are all over Zoom or on tape, it can seem like an even more complicated question – what if they only see the top one-half ? What if they unintentionally see I ‘m wearing pajama on the bottom ? ? ?

here are basic tips that will help narrow down your outfit options and boost your confidence on the day where your main goal is to simply be yourself .gif

1. Feel like you !

” Be Yourself ” will be said a batch throughout the play school audition summons, to the point where it could make you wan na gag. But for the kit, this is crucial .

You have all been saved from the awful era of the jewel tone and high heels. * thank the gods * ( it was an unexpressed rule that THIS was the audition uniform. If it is your vogue, you do you. But I remember begging and pleading with my ma that it HAD to be a dress like THIS even though I had never worn something like that and never would wear something like that in a million years. ) You can imagine you are going on a beginning date, or you are hitting the town with your friends and you have all decided you ‘re gon na “ dress up ” – whatever that means to you ! Look through your current water closet and find the outfit that makes you feel sexy, impregnable, beautiful, knock-down, felicitous, excited – you get it. I recommend something that makes your natural beauty POP preferably than distract. Patterns and logos can be slippery in this see – be bright, use coarse sense. I would stay away from logos/words, but if you love the pattern of a dress or a tie and it makes you feel like royalty, go for it.

2. not adjusting constantly !gif This is key, both for the quality of your audition and for the quality of your mentality. If you are constantly adjusting and fidgeting for the equip to look good right, then it is a NO. You should be able to forget about it, and equitable focus on your hint, your nibble, and the people in the room with you. No straps that fall, no buttons that come undo, no pants that keep needing to be pulled up, nothing to adult or besides modest that makes you feel like you have to check yourself in the mirror every two minutes just IN CASE something came out of place.

3. be active ingif Ok, you wo n’t have to do this ^^^ But even if the hearing does n’t have a bowel movement parcel, I recommend wearing something that is not constricting. This sort of goes with the “ no adjustments ” dogma, but it is that important. Again, something that makes you feel confident AND comfortable. If they want you to try a notice with your monologue that has you laying on the floor – oops ! You forgot to wear the biker shorts under the skirt ! Your preen shirt will get dirty ! You should not feel constricted by what you wear. You can find an outfit that allows you to authentically, well, and potently say YES to anything they throw your way. ( IF you are not comfortable with doing something, and this should go without saying, you have every right to say “ No thank you, that makes me uncomfortable. Is there another manner you could phrase that note ? ” )

We want you to shine, chickens. Do n’t shoot yourself in the foot before you walk into the room !

Any questions ? Pop them below. twentygif

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