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Why Your Appearance Matters

We would like to believe that what we wear to court has no relevance to those entrusted with determining our destiny. But we are being judged, fairly or unfairly. Though Massachusetts is characterized as a “ liberal ” state, judges, prosecutors and jurors are assessing our appearance for clues to our fictional character, competence, and credibility. This is no less true for your criminal defense lawyer, who must – or at least should – be well groomed to address the court or a jury. To judges who made the effort trim and behave themselves “ judicially, ” your refusal to show respect, or least respect, for the proceedings over which they preside, by wearing a concert jersey may affect their watch of you. Since your criminal defense lawyer will be speaking on your behalf and you, consequently, may never immediately address the pronounce, your appearance will offer him the only means to appraise your disposition, trustworthiness, and tendencies .
If you choose to stand your ground and wear dress that many would deem inappropriate, we commend you. It takes guts to insist that your identity be respected. If, however, maximizing your chances of an acquittal or a less burdensome punishment is your goal, we offer some advice on selecting the allow clothing for your woo appearances .


When appearing in court, we suggest you wear clothing that, while appropriate, you ’ re comfortable wear. If you feel afflicted at the mere think donning a become, resist any coerce to wear one. Better to appear relaxed than aggrieved by a character of invest you would otherwise never wear. Nevertheless, your clothing should be minimally appropriate to the juncture, fairly, unwrinkled, and complimentary of sports logos, etc. Ideally, your clothing should cover, to the extent potential, any tattoo, piercings and unsightly scars.


If you are a world 35 years or older, consider wearing a become, preferably a dark grey, embrown, or navy blue, or a sports coat. If you are a professional, such as a CEO, banker, lawyer, or accountant, we strongly suggest you wear a suit. Wear a white or alight gloomy shirt, a conservative marry, and comfortable, but bourgeois leather shoes. No earrings, piercings or dyed hair .

Young Men

Younger male defendants, or those who appear to be under 25 years of age, can wear sweaters over egg white shirts, together with smartly pressed pants, and a belt.


A female accused of a crime should wear a snip, a skirt or slacks with a bourgeois blouse or sweater, or a suit. Women, whether criminal defendants or a witnesses, should resist any temptation to wear alluring clothing or clothing that reveals cleavage, a bare back, publicize middle, or bare shoulders. Limit the amount of jewelry you wear to court. Wear no loudly or brassy jewelry .
If you have any questions about your attire, you should consult with your lawyer.

Kevin J. Mahoney is a Cambridge Criminal Defense Lawyer, on-air legal analyst, and published author .


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