What to Wear for Easter: 5 Cute & Colorful Spring Outfits

In this tutorial, I ’ meter going to show you ideas of what to wear for Easter. however you celebrate, whatever you ’ ll be doing for Easter Sunday, I wanted to show you some colorful spring looks that are arrant for the holiday.
I ’ megabyte going to show you a assortment of different ensembles—some a moment more dressed up, some a bite more casual—because I wanted to show you a range of Easter outfits to cover whatever activities you have planned .

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Easter Sunday outfits for church service

1. Classic Easter Sunday dress

For the first gear Easter kit mind, I wanted to start off with a full-dress. A meek apparel is a authoritative assemble to wear for Easter Sunday, particularly for a church avail or family gathering.
This dress has a insidious floral print, and I love the pastel color ; I think idle pastel colors work well for the occasion. I besides love the midi duration of this dress ; it ’ sulfur very flowy and girly.
I didn ’ metric ton want to over-accessorize because I wanted the preen to make a statement and stand out, then I equitable added a copulate of aureate hoop earrings.
For shoes, I added a pair of pink open-toed sandals. They have a strap that you can tie around your ankles a well as a diaphanous heel. The pinko stands out and contrasts identical well with the pastel green.
color block is a big swerve for this spring and summer, and this is a decent insidious direction to color block. A white quilt bag with aureate chain detail finishes off the look .

Easter church outfits

2. Pop of red

The following mind is a skirt outfit and would besides be a capital option for an Easter church service serve or more ball Easter activity.
This skirt is in a bootleg, white, and bolshevik tartan print, and I ’ ve paired it with a white retentive sleeve top. I feel like this dame makes a instruction however in a subtle way, I love the pops of red in it, and it decidedly pairs well with the white exceed.
The skirt is a pencil dame that is a mean equip on the consistency, so I went with a looser top to help offset the hedge ‘s fit. I added a pair of gold statement earrings for a small accessory.
On my feet, I have a pair of bold red shoes that tie in with the crimson of the hedge. This is a capital way to add a pop of color to your outfit without overdoing it.
I added a small crimson bag with some amber details to finish the expect .

Easter outfits for women

3. Printed blazer

here, I ’ megabyte styling a pair of loose-fit white pants with a pink camisole top. A couple of pants like this are ace chic and so far comfortable. They have a piece of a wide-leg style, and white is such a versatile color to work with.
I added the same bright pink shoes from the first look to bring another shade of pink into this expression.
To layer up, I threw on a blazer. I am a big fan of blazers because I think you can style them in so many unlike ways. This blazer hera has a insidious floral mark in a courteous pastel color.
For the bag, I added a small bone bucket bag that has an all-pearl detail to it .

casual Easter kit ideas

4. Dressed-up denim

For the following outfit mind, I ’ ve styled a pair of loose-fit jeans for a more casual look. I paired them with a more illusion pastel-colored circus tent to dress the jeans up.
I love the wide bell-style sleeves because they are superintendent fun and decidedly add a nice popular to this look. This would be a bang-up Easter outfit for an Easter egg hunt !
To accessorize, I added a white swath with a gold buckle equally well as a couple of statement aureate earrings. The belt and the earrings immediately dress up this expression.
For footwear, I added a pair of comfortable white ankle booties that have a classic look that you can ’ thymine go wrong with. A tweed pocket with a bone shipshape finishes off this look .

colorful Easter outfits

5. Bold monochrome

For the final examination count that I wanted to share with you, I ’ thousand styling a bright, bold monochromatic color. This here is for my ladies who truly love color, and as I mentioned, color blocking is a big tendency for this season.
These pants are in a fake leather finish, and I ’ ve constantly said that a fake leather end immediately dresses up any look, and they decidedly did that for this outfit.
The top is besides a affirmation part ; it has adult puffy sleeves in a diaphanous style. Because this look is already bold as it is, I kept the accessories simple with a pair of gold hoop earrings.
For shoes, I added the same blank booties as the final look, as they, a well as the flannel bulge, help break up the monochromatic expression a bite.

What to wear for Easter

There we have five different easter Sunday equip ideas. Whatever your personal stylus, and whether you want to dress casually or go for something a bit more formal, I hope that you were able to draw some divine guidance from the outfits I put together.

felicitous east wind !

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