If you are considering a career in aviation and you are already on the hunt for opportunities to work as a flight accompaniment, one matter you should know is that appearance plays a vital role – mean that you should look exceptional at all times whether that is your first interview or your on duty moments in general.
And, since there is no second base chance to make a capital first impression, I prepared a mini guidebook to help you rock that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to start your dream career !

Given that you’ve created a professional CV using A great way to make it as a flight attendant is by attending an overt Day. Open Days are judgment days conducted regularly by major airlines which are normally high in attendance. Hundreds of girls ( and boys ) will be competing with you for their place up in the breeze. This is your find to impress, radiance and prove yourself worthy of the job.Given that you ‘ve created a professional CV using my tips on how to create the arrant CV and you have followed the bit-by-bit guide on how to fill your on-line application, it ‘s fourth dimension to find out how to look professional and polish.


All airlines appreciate candidates with an appearance that is conforming to the company ‘s standard. Choose a dress resembling the ship’s company ‘s uniform : a bare, humble knee-length full-dress will be perfect. Try avoiding bodycon dresses – they will look provocative preferably than professional.
bootless or off-the-shoulder dresses should be paired with a crown or cardigan, specially if you ‘re being interviewed by an Emirates airline. Prefer colored hues like grey or black as they make a safe and smart choice .



The all-time classic combination of a bespoke hedge and jacket is the next best thing for your consultation outfit. Pair them with a crisp white shirt to add a allude of cleanness and subtle discolor to your appearance that will leave nothing less but the best impressions. Avoid wearing a silk scarf joint .
Do n’t be afraid that your front resembles that of a flight accompaniment. That should be your purpose.
As for the color choice, I would go for a grey-white or a black and blank expression. And if you ‘re making your first base steps in your professional career and you have n’t built a working wardrobe so far, all you have to do is invest in a few keystone pieces – you ‘ll find some capital cheap choices in the commercialize.
Your workwear should include a pair of separates and/or a dress. Girls dreaming to take off should be ready to fly !
I would n’t suggest wearing a courtship – tailored trousers and a jacket – but the choice is up to you .



An elegant pair of heels is a must – be careful NOT to choose something of the succeed : stilettos, sky-high heels, apparent leather, peep-toes, heeled sandals or heavy decorated shoes. besides invalidate ballerina and compressed shoes in general.
A elementary, black leather pair of pumps with a 10-cm list is the ideal choice ( and a ace economic one excessively ) .


The arrant pair of tights is a nude, skin-like tinge to wear flush during the winter months. even if you do n’t normally tire tights, it is pretty coarse in aviation to wear one in bare hues – opaque tights may be preferred by some airline companies but I would suggest you avoid it for an interview .


Your hair’s-breadth should always be up in a bun or a ponytail – it is an essential part of a flight attendant ‘s appearance. A streamlined hairdo offers a clean double of your face .


simpleton, cleanse and fresh looking. Avoid wearing heavy constitution products and dark eye shadows. Keep your makeup look clean, putting stress in your eyes with some eyeliner and mascara, add some blush and a lipstick. Say a huge nobelium to anything over the acme. Almost all companies permit crimson lipstick, thus dare to wear it – equitable remember to wear minimal eye constitution with it.
Remember to wear your prettiest smile : it ‘s your biggest weapon !
Keep your nails looking clean and polish. Short nails are generally preferred but if you do have long nails, try a subtle collar polish. Pick a nude polish, french manicure or red on short nails for the day .


Keep it blank and minimal with the accessories, choosing a couple of stud a – avoid basket or drop earrings. besides avoid long, argument necklaces and go for a fine chain necklace alternatively.
Keep your equip simple and avoid anything excessive when it comes to jewellery. A watch is a must a long as it is refined and elegant and matches your overall front – leave out anything besides character or flashy.
Amp up your attend with a silk scarf joint : it is the ideal choice thanks to its resemblamnce to a cabin crew consistent. Choose silence, earth tones or dare a black & white combination .


To summarize all the above, I would use one key word: ELEGANCE.

Be elegant, be chic, by a classy flight attendant!

  And should you not know where to start looking for a job, then this stake will point you towards the right field direction. You do n’t have to be a supermodel to make it as a flight accompaniment. You merely have to be singular. good luck !
To summarize all the above, I would use one key son : elegance.

Maria Kalymnou

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