What to Wear to a Country Line Dancing Class

We are a few weeks into our Country Line Dance for Beginners class this class. One of the top questions that I have been asked therefore far is, “ What should participants wear to a nation trace dancing class ? ”
One choice is to go all extinct and dress in jeans, a release down shirt, visualize belt out buckle, and cowboy boots. As an teacher of this course, this is what I will normally be seen in. however, this is not a mandatary equip .
Levi Jeans Tractor Supply - plaid button down shirt
When you are looking for something to wear to a state line dancing class, you want to go for quilt. You will be side-stepping, moving forward and back, and in some cases jumping. You want to make sure you can move. While you are more than welcome to throw on your favorite jeans and a button down, you can besides wear regular exercise invest. Shorts and a jersey are absolutely all right. Sweatpants are satisfactory besides.

The biggest thing that you will want to think about when choosing your outfit is your shoes. If you have a copulate of cowboy boots already and want to wear those you can. You want to make sure that they have the proper exclusive. Most boots that were made for dancing will have a categoric, placid bottom with minimal tread. The boots that I wear are the Tony Lama – Women’s Americana N Toe Western Boot. As you can see in the pictures below, the sole is smooth and allows me to pivot and move smoothly across the floor .
On the other hand, if you do not already own a copulate of boots I do not recommend running out and buying a pair for your first class. They tend to be expensive, and you will want to make certain that area agate line dance is something that you will actually stick with before you invest over $ 100 in a match of boots. In this encase it may be better for you to wear your even gymnasium shoes or sneakers .
If you are more comfortable without shoes, another option is to line dancing in your socks. It is crucial that you understand the increased risk of wound from slipping, possibly being stepped on by another participant, and twisting ankle due to the lack of hold. not all instructors and locations will allow you to exercise in your socks. You will want to check with your teacher anterior to or during your first class to see what their policy is ( and bring a pair of shoes with you to that first class fair in shell ) .
regardless of what type of footwear you choose, make sure that the tread is not excessively big. The rationality for this is you will be taking multiple steps to the side while dancing, and excessive step could cause your shoe to stick to the floor while your momentum continues sideways. This could lead you to fall and possibly become injure. At the lapp time, you want to make certain that your footwear is not excessively slippery since most credit line dance classes will be held on either hardwood floors or tile floors. It is important to find a happy medium .
I hope that you found this post helpful. As always, if you have any questions or comments feel spare to leave a gloss below or message us at [email protected]
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