What Should a Man Wear to an Italian Wedding?

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What should a man wear to an italian marriage ? Given that you ’ rhenium looking at this article, you probable have no mind .
But as you may know, Italy is renowned for its very conventionalized acuate suits and tailoring.

Do you need to wear something specific, or culturally appropriate?

well, the ultimate suffice is, as usual, ‘ it depends ’. You have to dress for the particular ceremony formality, the time of year, and location .
so without further bustle, lets get into men ’ randomness italian marry attire, so you can make certain you ’ rhenium looking allow and at your best for the big day .

What Should a Man Wear to a marry in Italy ?

Taking everything into account, I feel that there is a safe italian wedding outfit that you can ’ thyroxine go wrong with, regardless of any of the factors that will be discussed later .
You should wear a well fitting twill, navy suit, a crisp white shirt with a classic pointed collar, and simple accessories such as a navy tie and white pocket square. For shoes, I would recommend a brown wholecut, as the Italian style is versatile, wearable, and appropriate.
This is about vitamin a elementary and respectful as you can get, and won ’ metric ton offend anyone .

Safe men's Italian wedding suit outfit.

But to determine a more particular dress code, we ’ ra going to have to consider a few aspects :

  • The formality of the marry
  • The time of year
  • The time of sidereal day
  • The location

The Formality of the marriage

informal wedding

Some brides and grooms insist that their wedding be ‘ informal ’ .
In this encase, you could credibly get away with wearing the classical business fooling combination of a sports coat, trousers and a tie, possibly with a slight sting of ‘ spezzatura ’ .
An model of this would be a navy blazer with trousers, which would preferably be in a different color to the blazer, such as a grey, brown, or cream .

Informal Italian wedding outfit for men with blazer and trousers.

But we still want to keep it classy, safe and bourgeois, thus bring in tan or brown shoes, a bourgeois blue tie, and a egg white, blue, or pink shirt .
Keep it simple.

formal wedding

however, if unspecified, or for a concretely ‘ formal ’ italian marry, a man ’ randomness overdress should consist of a conservative suit and accessories, such as :

  • A navy/charcoal suit
  • Dark tie
  • White or blue sky shirt

More can be found about specific suit details late in the post .

very formal marry

Some couples may choose to have the gentlemen wear a morning coating .
If this is the case, here is a capital steer to the dawn dress code .

The Time of Year of the marry

If the wedding is taking place during the summer, you can bring in cotton or linen materials, and lighter colours, such as medium grey .
Linen and cotton will help with breathability, and, not merely will the light semblance reflect the season, but will besides help reflect the sun, again stopping you from overheating .
If you are feeling specially brave, you could potentially pull of an evening lighter coloured suit, such as beige or tan. These colours are in truth merely appropriate for summer occasions such as italian weddings, therefore if you have one, immediately is the clock time to look at bringing it out .

Light grey summer suit.

A winter or fall wedding may require heavier and more isolate materials, such as 100 % wool or washcloth, as is appropraite for the season. On top of this, it would be more appropriate to wear dark colours, and stick to your navy or charcoal survival .

The Time of Day

There international relations and security network ’ metric ton truly a hard and fast rule on it, but the fourth dimension of day besides affects what you should wear to a marry .
by and large, dark colours should be worn for evening weddings, and dark or abstemious colours for dawn and good afternoon weddings .
This advice barely matches the intensity of the sunlight .

Wedding location

If the ceremony is taking place in a traditional location such as a church or chapel, that would suggest that the wedding is more formal, and you should go dressed as such in dark coloured suits and accessories .
however, alternate locations such as the beach imply ease, so I feel the aforesaid linen sports coat and trousers combination would besides be allow .

man ’ randomness italian Wedding Outfits Summary

here is a tabulation of the above information. This is just a rocky guidepost, indeed if you have any doubts, make certain to contact the event organizer !

Formality Time of Year Time of Day Men’s Italian Wedding Attire
informal Spring/Summer Morning/Afternoon Sports coat and trousers or a suit, in night or lighter colours .
even Sports coat and trousers or a suit, in dark colours .
Fall/Winter All Sports coat and trouser combinations, with dark colours .
dinner dress Spring/Summer All A courtly two-piece suit. Can be in dark or slightly lighter coloring material, like medium grey .
Fall/Winter All A dark wool suit, possibly in a flannel .
very formal All All

Morning attire .

Men’s Italian Wedding Suits

If you choose to wear a lawsuit to the wedding, there are a few general points you should consider .
It should have a good paroxysm, though does not have to have ‘ italian style ’, such as a brusque duration and natural shoulders. This is specially true if you aren ’ metric ton Italian. so, any traditional suit you can obtain will likely be fine .
however, if you have an italian cut become to hand, it wouldn ’ thyroxine suffering !
The suit jacket should preferably be single breasted and feature two buttons, beat pockets, and either a erose or peaked lapel. You could even bring in a match vest to make it a three piece .
As for the semblance, unless stated elsewhere in this article for your specific situation, I would recommend navy or charcoal .

What Shirt Should a Man Wear to an italian marry ?

For an italian marry, a valet should lean towards conservative block coloured shirts such as white, light blue sky, lavender, or pinko .
Anything excessively atypical, such as a red or orange, should not be worn .
You could try and bring in insidious stripes, particularly in a blue or pink shirt, though it is constantly safer to go without .
On crown of this, your shirt should feature a traditional choker type, such as a ‘ pointed ’ or ‘ cutaway ’ collar. You should stay away from button down shirts ( unless you actually know what you ’ re doing ), as they are lower down in formality .

Pink shirt for men at an Italian wedding.

french cuffs that take cufflinks are preferred as they are more formal, though are not essential .

safe shirt checklist :

  • Collared
  • No pocket
  • White or flip blue
  • A classic collar
  • Takes cufflinks

man ’ second italian Wedding Shoes

Most men ’ s laced dress shoes will be perfectly adequate .
I would personally recommend a leather wholecut ( a identical italian style ) in a shade of brown if it ’ sulfur during the sidereal day, or black if it ’ south in the even .
For cozy weddings, if you prefer, you can wear a idler .

safe shoe checklist :

  • leather
  • Laced
  • A classical color, such as brown, black, or tan
  • A classic style, such as an toe capped oxford, wholecut, or brogan



A silk tie will be most appropriate in every occasion, as it is the most formal necktie material. however, for winter weddings, you could look at introducing a wool affiliation .
For informal weddings, you could flush bring in a knitted tie if done well .
As for the pattern and color, stay away from bangle ties, and stick to conservative and dull colours and patterns. I would recommend a tie with no practice, or humble recur patterns, like polka dots .

condom tie checklist :

  • 100 % silk
  • Muted tinge
  • No/small blueprint

In regards to etiquette, at an italian marriage, it is custom that the gentlemen are alone able to take their ties off after the cake has been served. so, make certain not to take your tie off before this !

Pocket Square

You can absolutely bring in a pocket square to spice up your ensemble .
As per the general rules of matching a pocket squarely with the lie of your equip, look at complementing something you are wearing, such as your tie. As a reliable hack, wear the lapp color pouch straight as your shirt .

What Should a Man NOT Wear to a marriage in Italy ?

In any character, a world should not wear anything that draws besides much attention to himself .

The sidereal day is about the bride and prepare – not you. Don ’ t show off !

immediately, what this means to each person may be different .
I frequently rock colorful ties, so I could credibly get away with it .
But if you turn up in a dinner jacket when the groom is in a suit, then you ’ ve overdressed : use common sense.

Bold double breasted blazer.

again as a point of etiquette, it is a tradition that the bride should be the only one to wear white at the wedding. Therefore, you should stay away from white statement pieces, such as white suits.

conclusion – What Should a Man Wear to an italian wedding

thus nowadays you know what typical men ’ south fashion is at italian weddings.

Most of the answer is common common sense, but it can vary depending on the factors discussed above .
Enjoy the ceremony, and use the cognition in this article to make certain that you are appropriately dressed and in correct italian marry overdress !

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