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In New Orleans, we love an opportunity to dress up in a situational equip or a costume ; the pocked streets are our runways. Let ’ s not forget, it ’ s Jazz Fest, not Coachella, therefore festival fashion in New Orleans is less about trends and more about surviving the elements. But, who said you can ’ metric ton fest and make it fashionable as well ? Whether your style is on swerve or “ dad on vacation ” vibration, we ’ ve got the local stores that have all the Jazz Fest goods you ’ ll indigence for the adjacent few weeks of festing .

For the Boho-fester

The resort hotel might sound like a counter-intuitive place to visit before festing. I mean, I am a full patron of facial or massage after two weekends of Jazz Fest, but there are enough of reasons to visit this boutique and day watering place ahead. Belladonna is one of the largest retail stores on Magazine Street. And, there ’ s so much more to find there besides a large excerpt of face elixirs and candles .
Between the clothe, accessories, and makeup, Belladonna has everything you ’ ll need to look capital at the festivals. All the pieces found there have been curated and come from artisans both locally and globally. Any piece you find there will be unique, so no awkward run-ins with person wearing the like equip at your darling festival. presently, the boutique has fabulous, spring-inspired head-pieces and principal wraps to accessorize any equip. You ’ ll find colored and aeriform clothe made with sequins and tassels from Thailand, and temp tattoo, makeup, and glitter palettes to complete the look .

For the T-shirt and shorts fester

While the current batting order at Jazz Fest might still be TBD, band t-shirts never go out of stylus. Wear a Schnell Studio Rolling Stones T-shirt to show your sleep together of the band, despite them no longer headlining Jazz Fest, or wear it on the irregular Thursday of Jazz Fest a la New Orleans boycott stylus. Stonefree in the South Market District has a great choice of vintage-inspired t-shirts by Madeworn, featuring legends like Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, and the Beach Boys, among others. Hemline besides carries a selection of band t-shirts and tank tops, in summation to their own branded festival tees and tank tops. The collection includes bathetic pieces that call out those who chiefly go to the fest for the food with tanks that read “ I ’ molarity here for the mango freeze ” and “ I ’ molarity here for the retreat bread. ” Ain ’ metric ton that the truth, though ?

For the “dad on vacation” fester

Dads on vacation always seem to know how to vacation right, so it makes feel to get in touch with your inside dad on vacation during festival season with a hawaiian festival shirt. typically, the BayouWear shirts are only found at Jazz Fest, but you can find this year ’ randomness collection with the 2019 “ Logo a Gogo ” print at Dirty Coast stores around the city. The collection includes the hawaiian shirts, camisoles, dresses and shorts. other styles and prints are available at the festival grounds

For those added touches

I ’ ve said it before and I ’ ll say it again : you can never have enough accessories, regardless of your festival stylus and ensemble. Trendz on Magazine has a choice of goodies that are both fashionable and functional, such as lightweight kimonos, straw hats, and sunglasses. The earrings are less running and more about manner, but their prices are always low-cost so you never feel guilty about stocking up for every occasion. Be sure to check out their choice of parrot earrings for the Jimmy Buffet performance. For more hat options, visit Goorin Bros. at either their french Quarter or Magazine location. They have a wide variety show of hat options and styles, and can size your hat for a comfortable match. For authoritative, locally designed sunglasses, Krewe has you covered at either of their boutique locations in the french Quarter or Lower Garden District. Their glasses are stylish and durable enough to withstand the festival elements. Plus, the associates at the memory make certain they are fitted to your face before you leave, because you don ’ metric ton want those bad boys slipping off your face in the New Orleans heat .

For the prepared festers

There are two types of people in this earth : those who go to the festival in full prepared with the chairs, blankets, flags, sunscreen and all the essentials, and there are those who mooch. I fall into the latter, so no shade there. For those who are always prepared, or even those who wish they were, there are a few retailers ready to help with that. Rouses has all the festival chairs for $ 5 a toss off, so there ’ s no guilt if you “ forget ” to pick it up or decide to abandon it at the end of the weekend. Funrock ’ normality on Magazine is a gem treasure trove for costumes and collectibles, so it might seem like a random option for festival essentials, until you need a flask disguised as a sunscreen tube .

last, if you want to be prepared to survive the elements, a raincoat is key. Pick up jacket that can withstand more than the fictile poncho, like this one from Lucy Rose. Rain boots are a bang-up all-important, whether it ’ s raining or not, as the festival grounds tend to get pretty messy. denim Therapy carries Hunter boots in the unretentive adaptation, so your legs don ’ t have to sweat out on the grounds but your feet stay dry, for $ 95. It might seem like an investment, but the boots are easy to clean off and durable to be used all year long in New Orleans ’ unpredictable climate .

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