Heading To Lollapalooza? Here Are The 8 Best Outfits To Wear

* disclosure : This mail may contain affiliate links, which means that we get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, at no cost to you. Read our disclaimer for more information . Lollapalooza is one of the biggest music festivals in the United States, and decidedly worth getting excite for ! If you ’ re not quite certain what to wear to Lollapalooza this class, check out our handy festival guide .
Attention music lovers ! summer is here, and therefore is the festival season. If you ’ re headed to Lollapalooza this year, then you ’ ll want to make certain you look your best. Chicago ’ mho four-day festival is is one of the biggest and most anticipated music events in the United States, and attracts people from all over the world .
The lineup for this class ’ sulfur festival is pretty amazing, and includes bands and artists like Doja Cat, MGK, and Green Day. Are you excited ? We know we are ! It ’ s a great opportunity to dress up, venture out of your comfort zone, and have fun with friends.

so what should you wear to Lollapalooza ? There ’ s no deficit of cunning and foolproof festival outfits that you can find on-line, and we ’ rhenium here to partake good some of our favorites. Festival fashion is very one of a kind, and we want you to have the best outfits for this season .
Whether you ’ re going for a cunning boho manner or an option, begrimed front, we have something lined up for you. Let ’ s get started with the best Lollapalooza kit !

What To Wear To Lollapalooza

1. A Colorful Outfit

What To Wear To Lollapalooza: Colorful neon flowers in crop top and skirt comboGet this outfit on Beginning Boutique
Festival season is a capital time for fashion girls like you and me to look our best. When it comes to music festivals, colorful outfits are constantly a dependable idea. You want to stand out in the herd, and what better way to do that than with some bright colors ?
If you ’ rhenium not certain what to wear, try pairing a brilliantly colored top with some jean shorts or a skirt that ’ south perfective for staying cool under the hot weather. Add some fun accessories like a flower pennant or some bead jewelry, and you ’ rhenium good to go !
If you don ’ thyroxine want to go excessively crazy with color, try pairing a blank top with a colorful penetrate, whether it ’ s a copulate of pants or a skirt. There will be a distribute of walking around the festival grounds, therefore make sure to wear comfortable shoes .

2. Lots Of Fringe

Fringe is another great way to make your festival outfit stand out – it ’ randomness in truth a music festival staple at this point ! Whether you ’ re wearing a fringe acme, surround, or evening shorts, you ’ ra certain to turn heads in the crowd .
If you actually want to go all forbidden, try pairing your fringe with some sequins or glitter. You ’ ll decidedly be the biography of the party. We particularly love these shorts with sequin fringe – so glam and carefree at the lapp time !
If a cute boho aesthetic is what you ’ re going for, then decidedly add some periphery to your look .

3. Wide Leg Pants

Hot pink trousers and white topGet these pants on Princess Polly
Wide leg pants are another great choice for music festivals. They ’ ra comfortable, fashionable, and perfect for dancing the day away. If you want to go for a more bohemian look, try pairing your across-the-board leg pants with a flowy top. For hot cheery days, a cute craw top would be ideal, so that you don ’ t bake in the heat .
In a music festival, belt packs will be your new best acquaintance – wear ’ metric ton forget to pick up one of those ! And make certain they will complement your outfit .
Adding some playfulness accessories like a bandanna or hat can besides help you stand out in the push .

4. Classic Graphic Tee

What To Wear To Lollapalooza: Grey Flower Is Power graphic teeGet this graphic tee on Nasty Gal
A classical graphic tee is always a good idea for a music festival. It ’ s comfortable, easy to wear, and you can actually show off your personality by wearing your darling artist ’ s merch .
If you want to go for a more laid-back look, try pairing your graphic tee with some shorts or rip jeans. You could besides elevate your kit by wearing fishnets underneath your shorts – it ’ randomness one of the biggest trends in festival fashion .
Muddy grounds will be ineluctable, so it ’ south best to wear closed shoes like a pair of combat boots. Be certain to check out Urban Outfitters for their excerpt of boots .

5. Cute Top + Skirt

Floral midi skirt and combat bootsGet this skirt on Nasty Gal
If you want to dress up a piece for Lollapalooza, try pairing a cute exceed with a skirt. This is a capital way to show off your style without being excessively overdressed .
If you ’ ra not certain what to wear, try pairing a printed top with a denim dame, or you can go with a more feminine style by wearing a wrapping crop top and a floral maxi or musical instrument digital interface surround .
equitable make sure to wear a pair of biker shorts below to protect your thighs from chafing. Add some boots or sneakers, and you ’ rhenium beneficial to go !

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6. Fishnets

What To Wear To Lollapalooza: FishnetsGet these fishnets on Nasty Gal
If you want to add a little boundary to your festival outfit, try pairing fishnets with skirts, ripped jeans, denim shorts, or leather shorts. This is a capital way to show off your stylus, plus it adds a batch of ocular interest to your equip !
Adding some playfulness accessories like a choker or sunglasses can besides help you stand out in the crowd. Don ’ t forget your buttocks pack and a reclaimable water bottle !

7. Summer Dress

What To Wear To Lollapalooza: Black floral summer dressGet this dress on Nasty Gal
If you want to dress up for Lollapalooza, try wearing a cool and free-and-easy summer snip. This is a bang-up direction to show off your style while besides keeping a fresh and feminine expect .
You can wear a solid-colored flowy dress, or a floral mark preen. To accentuate your curves, you can besides wear a statement Gucci belt or any other couturier belt .
Pairing a summer dress with boots or sneakers is a stylish jazz band. You can besides accessorize with a hat of your option .

8. Animal Print

What To Wear To Lollapalooza: Cow print cowl-neck mini dressGet this dress on Nasty Gal
Cool kit ideas will always include animal print, one way or another. If you want to add a short edge to your festival outfit, try incorporating animal print. It ’ s a fun way to add some print to your overall look, and plus, animal print will in truth precisely take your attend to a unharmed other level !
You can wear this in the shape of a zebra mark kimono, cow-print dress, leopard-print annulus, or even croc-print or snake-print knee-high boots. truly, there are a short ton of possibilities when it comes to this print !
And there you have it ! There are equitable some of our favorite music festival outfits. We hope you found this lead on what to wear to Lollapalooza helpful, and that you ’ ll have the best time in there !
Do you have a favorite outfit ? Let us know in the comments section .
If you ’ re still looking for more fashion inspiration, be certain to check the posts down downstairs .

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