What I Wore in Martha’s Vineyard

merely before memorial I took a long weekend to visit my supporter Annette on Martha ’ s Vineyard. If you haven ’ thymine been there, I highly recommend considering it for a short circuit pickup. I shared everything we did in my Martha ’ s Vineyard travel guide, and nowadays I ’ megabyte sharing what I wore during my trip to the Northeast .
What I Wore in Marthas VineyardWhat I Wore in Marthas Vineyard

What I Wore in Martha’s Vineyard

Martha ’ s Vineyard is pretty casual, so I didn ’ thymine backpack any heels and limited my shoes to a couple of goes-with-anything white sneakers and slide sandals. The weather stayed pretty balmy ( and rained ) during my time in Martha ’ s Vineyard, so I ended up barely wearing sneakers with everything. I ’ ve been a fan of Veja sneakers for a long time and have owned a handful off unlike styles full over the past copulate of years .
With its charming New England homes and oceanfront views, I decided to lean into coastal grandma vibration for this trip and embraced easy, comfortable pieces .
Outfit ideas for Martha's Vineyard

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White Jeans Outfit

right before this trip, I picked up these white jeans at a shopping even my ally Fortune hosted in NYC. They are extremely costly, but I have been on the hunt for comfortable, non-stretch blank jeans for credibly three years now. These are barely slightly whitish, super easy to wear, and I figured it could be another three years before I found a pair of white jeans I loved.

If something fits you well, you feel great in it, and you can wear it year after year, it ’ south always grounds for a orgy in my impression .
I topped off my jeans with this faded yellow graphic tee that says, “ ON VACATION ” and threw on a bandanna .
This v-neck cardigan kept me strong during the chillier times on the island. It ’ south indulgent and cozy. I wanted a more outsize fit, so I went with a medium, and recommend sizing up if you want a alike spirit. ( It looks like “ the ” Jenni Kayne perspirer, but at a fraction of the price. )
Martha's Vineyard summer outfit ideasMartha's Vineyard outfit inspiration

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Casual Jeans Outfit

Since we visited a real number, working grow, I wanted to make sure I wore a practical outfit that I could easily wash if I got a little dirty .
I settled on these balloon-style jeans and cuffed them at the bottom to make them a little inadequate. ( I ’ thousand 5 ’ 4 ” for stature mention. )
This gingham peplos top felt on theme for a grow inflict. When in Rome, am I good ?

What I Wore in Marthas Vineyard

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Polka Dot Dress Outfit

I am all about things you can dress up or down, and this polka dot maxi dress checks the box .
obviously, I wore it a sting more casual for Martha ’ s Vineyard, but this dress would wholly be cunning with slides or dressed up with some strappy sandals. The straps are convertible, so you can crisscross them or remove them wholly to make a strapless dress .
Along for the ride : my go-to outsize denim jacket from Madewell. It ’ s a classic and a bang-up part to throw over everything .
Whenever I travel I like to pack in the lapp color palette so I can well mix items in case the weather or plans change. For my Martha ’ s Vineyard trip, I opted for neutrals and more traditional colors like united states navy blue sky and yellow .


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