What To Wear to a Rainy Festival

It’s festival season babes!

After the year and a half that it has been, it ‘s fair to say that we are all ready to let our hair toss off and get quick to get sweaty amongst the multitude of herd and party with our favorite artists .

Glastonbery vs Coachella

If you are planning to attend a UK music festival it is impossible, unlike an american festival, to predict the weather .
so, you need to shop for outfits that will endure the rain .
denim jacket

Don’t worry babes, even in the rain you can still look stunning in your clothing

multiple fashion styles will keep you looking stylish at an outdoor festival in the rain .
At a festival, you want to look stylish regardless of the weather .
here at IKrush, we have the perfect solicitation of fete clothing and on-trend styles that you can shop by match .

So, babe, sit back, pour yourself a summer cocktail, and get ready to go shopping and be introduced to the hottest festival wardrobe.

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Wearing layers is the key to staying dry

Babes, when planning to shop for your outfits remember to factor in the weather!

Consider wearing layers of dress so that you are prepared for all eventualities .

Oversized shirts, T-Shirts, and a light denim jacket are excellent outdoor appropriate attire to throw on top of your clothes should the rain make an appearance.

shirt dress

Layers will also help keep you warmer than wearing something like a rain jacket because it prevents water from pooling on your clothes.

To stay a quick as potential, shop for synthetic dress such adenine polyester as they tend to dry more promptly than natural fibres .

Waterproof Outfits that You Can Shop by Fit

It ‘s significant to bring cover-ups so that your music festival outfits do n’t end up getting wet and cold !
here at IKrush, we have a capital survival of rainproof jackets for you to choose from .

A padded jacket is a great item to pair with your festival outfits as it will help to repel water.


The best thing to do is to wear a style that is rain-appropriate and to bring a jacket.

If you are person who prefers staying dry at a gig, make certain you wear clothes that wo n’t soak up water .

Cotton clothing ends up weighing more than usual when it absorbs rain due to its wetness.

hooded jacket

Festivals, tents and rain equal mud!

Our fake fur hooded jacket is a heavy duty rain repeller that will keep you looking stylish regardless of the weather .

Getting soaked in the rain while dancing to your favourite tunes may add to the electric atmosphere.

so, even if you get soak try to see it as adding to the experience .

Check out the current on-trend festival outfits

If you want to ensure that your summer clothing is on trend with the current styles, you’ve come to the right place.

flared trousers

here at IKrush, we make it our mission to provide our customers with the hottest fashion trends for each season and every size .
Neon colours, jean shorts and flares are besides very popular .
mesh flared trousers

Mesh flared trousers teamed with a mini crop top make for a statement look.

Bright coloured outsize shirt dresses are besides very on-brand

shirt dress
floral dresses, petite crop tops, playsuits, and skirts are a perfect choice if you want to achieve a boho girly vibration .
Add a jean jacket to a floral dress and a range necklace for a slightly edgier look.

floral playsuit

Avoid wearing heavy clothing

Heavy dress may seem like a good theme but in reality, it will only make you colder because it does n’t allow the water to escape .
t-shirt dress
Despite what you might be thinking, cotton clothe is actually not a dear idea in the rain .
cotton is very absorbent, so it will soak up water quickly .
so, invalidate wearing items such as hoodies .

Cotton clothes will end up weighing more than usual because of how wet they are.

Pack an extra pair of boots in case they get wet or muddy!

Girl, one thing you’ll want to buy at our shop is a pair of heavy duty waterproof shoes.

Boots will be your best friend

Since you are going to be outside for most of the day you ‘ll need a pair of shoes that can withstand getting wet or dirty .
ankle boots
Boots and trainers are fabulous options to consider as they are durable and will keep your feet dry despite what the elements throw at you !
Black ankle boots are a popular footwear choice for outdoor events as they pair nicely with both dresses, playsuits or a couple of jean shorts .

Why not add a pop of print to your outfit by wearing a pair of studded boots.

studded boots

Customise your Look with Accessories

You won’t be ready unless you add accessories to your outfit.

Accessories are the perfective way to customise your style and express yourself .

Gold glitter, temporary tattoos, and jewellery are great to jazz up your body.


When it comes to jewellery consider adding an anklet to your foot or if your feeling 90s inspired opt for a choker.

You ‘ll want to soak in the buzz of the standard atmosphere and not worry about keeping an eye on your bag then consider bringing a idler base .
A tramp bag is an excellent udder to take to a spear .

It will allow you to enjoy the festival while keeping your belongings safe.

There is a divers range of bags to choose from in our accessories class and be sure to search in our sale for a fabulous rebate price .
Be indisputable to besides search in our sale for a fabulous discount rate price .
While we do live in a climate that is prone to, let ‘s barely say, unpredictable weather, the sun does sometimes decide to make an appearance !
Always pack a couple of sunglasses in your bumbag as it will give your outfit the extra border .

Hold onto your hat

Babe, a hat is an excellent fashion assemble to add to your expression .
not lone will a hat stress your style but it will besides help to keep your head dry and dislodge of frizz .
baseball cap

baseball caps are very on-trend this class with all brands .

Add a pop of discolor to your kit with a buckle belt .
buckle belt

Feeling inspired to plan your next festival outfit?

Then be sure to check out the iKrush blog for even more fabulous fashion ideas!

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