The Rocky Horror Show Costumes: Corsets & Dressing Up

Anyone that has attended the Rocky Horror Show before will know that dressing up is a adult part of the event. While of course not mandatary, wearing a rocky Horror show costume is something lots of people love to do. Whether you ’ re attend for the foremost time, or you ’ ve constantly wanted to dress up, we have lots of ideas to get in the intent of the Rocky Horror show…
Dr. Frank-N-Furter
As the independent character of the 1975 cult authoritative, Dr Frank-N-Furter is a self-proclaimed ‘ gratifying transvestite from transsexual translyvania ’. As one of the most popular characters to dress up ampere, Dr. Frank-N-Furter has two looks – his blood stained lab coat, and his interpolate ego in corsets, stockings and heels .
generally, the more highly sought after look is the rocky Horror Show corset dash, and honestly that ’ s a attend you can be more playful with, rather than the fleeceable lab coat. This style is known as the ‘ Transylvanian Dr Frank-N-Furter ’ expect.

Creating the Dr. Frank-N-Furter Style: The Rocky Horror Show Corset
The begin distributor point for this look should always be a display stopping corset. The distinctive Frank-N-Furter look is a black corset. We love…
The Instant Shape Classic Overbust Corset in Black
The Black Brocade Sweetheart Corset with Ruffle Trim
now that you have the base of your attend – the Rocky Horror Show corset, you can build your costume from there. Try adding a lacey match of shorts in black, a garter belt and fishnet stockings, heels and pearls to finish. For your makeup, go for a bluff blue eyeshadow and clashing red lip to take your Dr. Frank-N-Furter look to the following grade .
The character of Columbia is another bang-up choice when it comes to creating a Rocky a Horror Show costume. Columbia is a groupie who is in sleep together with Frank. She wears a number of costumes throughout the production, with the most iconic being her glitter and sequins outfit, and besides her corset and stockings ensemble. Dressing as Columbia is a big choice if you still want to go all out with your rocky Horror Show costume, but want to create a more feminine look than Dr. Frank-N-Furter .
Creating the Dr. Columbia Style: The Rocky Horror Show Corset
For Columbia you have two choices – the glitter and sequin spirit, which you would wear a sequin circus tent, shorts, tap shoes and blue shorts. Or the corset look, much like Dr. Frank- N-Furter but more paired back, with a corset, shorts and stockings. You could try combining both looks, with a colorful corset and high shank shorts, stockings and pat shoes. We love…
The Midnight Blue and Beige Overbust with Lace Trim and Straps Corset

The Purple Satin Couture Corset
Go for a colorful corset as the basis of your look. team with a pair of high gear shank shorts – if you can get your hands on a sequin copulate all the better. finish with stockings and a pair of rap shoes or round heeled boots with a humble chunky heel .
For your makeup, go for a dramatic angular look with blush high gear on the boldness, vomit eye eyeliner in black and a red lip .
The Rocky Horror Show Costume: An Alternative
If you want to give a nod to the Rocky Horror Show, without having to actually dress up as a character, we have some ideas to nail the Rocky Horror style. To embrace the spirit of Rocky Horror, all you need is a corset, a pair of skinny jeans and a bold makeup count .
Try these corsets for your rocky Horror Show costume…
The Instant Shape White Satin Overbust Corset in Longline
Cotton Astronomy Print Sleeved Corset Top
The classical Victoriana Corset with Beige Cotton Lace Trim and Ribbon Lacing

Pair any of these with high waist skinny or slender fit jeans and a sequin seize to add a allude of spark. For your makeup, try a black cat eye search with false lashes and a nude sass, or go for red to add extra drama .
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