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The Masters, one of the most anticipate events of the year, is right around the corner ! ! Azaleas in wax bloom, pimento cheese sandwiches, and the gorgeous golf naturally at Augusta National, The Masters is truly a tradition unlike any other. This spectacular sporting event cultivates everything that is southerly .
People often ask me what to wear to golf tournaments or what is appropriate golf attire. The Masters is an extra particular occasion, and I believe the overdress should be dialed up a notch with extra class and southern dash ! When I think of the Masters, I think bright colors and patterns ! Dresses, blouses with dressy shorts or white jeans, and rompers are all perfective options for Masters attire. I have rounded up a few favorites for inspiration that I believe would be perfectly suited for a day among the azaleas at Augusta National ! Simply click on the photograph to shop the token ! I have besides included a few pictures from the 2016 Masters !

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comfortable shoes are key and I can not stress this enough ! ( You can thank me belated ! ) Augusta National is absolutely gorgeous and I want to encourage you to see as much of it as you can ; however, it is quite cragged and not the easiest golf path to walk. thankfully, sneakers are very much in style and there are so many great ways to achieve cute AND comfortable ! When I foremost started walking golf courses, I would constantly wear sandals that provided no support, but they sure did look cunning ! My feet hated me for it, but now there are plenty of cute and comfortable sandal options, particularly if you will alone be attending one sidereal day ! I think this goes without saying, but do not wear heels ! You will look cockamamie and your feet will hurt oh so badly !
A few tips:
-Wear sunscreen !
-Bags or Purses larger than 10″W adam 10″H ten 12″D are not allowed ! Measure your bag before you go to avoid any worry once you arrive .
-Leave your cell phone in the car ! They are not allowed on the property. It is the most unblock thing ever, merely don ’ t lose the people you came with ! Be sure to establish a meeting point.

-Cameras are only allowed on practice circle days ( Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday )
-Try the Pimento Cheese Sandwich and the Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich ! It will be delectable and the least expensive lunch you have had in a truly hanker time !
I hope you find these tips helpful and that you enjoy every moment at The Masters !
Always finding joy ,

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