Pumpkins & Plaid: What to Wear to a Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin patch outfit idea
In Seattle, we don ’ thyroxine get a long summer, but we get a great summer. Sunny skies, long days, and adequate temperates make you remember why you live here in the first set. But there ’ mho always that one September day that you notice the air travel is a little more chilly. The sky is a little less bright, and that ’ s how you know fall is on the way. What ’ s the best thing about this ? The fall festivities of course, particularly heading to the pumpkin patch !

One of my favorite fall activities is getting dolled up to go to the pumpkin temporary hookup with my hub or my gall pals. I enjoy the corn mazes, photograph ops, and drinking affectionate apple cider while the alert fall air caresses my hide. All of this helps me get pumped for my favorite holiday– HALLOWEEN !
But if you ’ re anything like me, figuring out what to wear to the while is a big decision. so I have a few ideas to share with you to help you prep for your trip .

3 Outfit Ideas for What to Wear to a Pumpkin Patch

Outfit #1: Pumpkins & Plaid

pumpkin patch outfit idea
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This pumpkin plot outfit idea was inspired by my favorite thing about fall– tartan. Although I wear the print most of the year, fall is my front-runner fourth dimension to break out the american bison tartan. even more so when I can pair it with a contrasting mark, like my leopard print booties. The stay of the equip ? Well, it was about ease because picking the right pumpkin is no easy job .
Pumpkin Patch pro tip: Make sure to wear shoes that can be well cleaned or wiped down when you go to the piece. It ’ second normally muddy there and you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to ruin a good match of shoes. If you need some tips, I have a stake about how I protect my fall wardrobe .

Outfit #2: Fall Florals

When I think of fall I think of fat colors like the deep mustard color of sunflowers and the perfect orange shade of a Halloween pumpkin. When I put this equip together, I wanted to bring together both of those fall themes, but in a direction that is running careless of the weather. Pumpkin plot season in Seattle is normally chili, but I know that in early areas it ’ randomness warm. By bringing fall colors into your kit, you are able to capture the kernel of fall but in an ensemble that works in many climates. When I wear lots of colors in my outfit, I normally try to stick to metals for my accessories. These earrings by my friend Asa of Lace and Pearls Jewelry add the perfect final examination touch .
Pumpkin Patch pro tip: It ’ s all about layers ! Make sure to dress affectionate and you can always shed a jacket or hat if you get excessively strong. speak of hats, I ’ m a chump for a thoroughly descent hat and I have to say, I normally have a lot of fortune at Target. This one is old, but I scooped it up from there .

Outfit #3: Spooktacular for Halloween

Outfit #3: Spooktacular for Halloween

For the final ( and my favorite ) pumpkin spot equip estimate, I give you the outfit that speaks to the reason for the season– HALLOWEEN ! ! At least for me, Halloween is the rationality I look advancing to the fall season. I am a sports fan of all things spooky movies and being the 90s kid that I am, Hocus Pocus holds a special position in my heart. The focal point of this equip is my Hocus Pocus graphic tee, but my cozy cardigan and jeans make it equitable equally a lot comfortable as it is cute .
Pumpkin Patch pro tip: An easy-to-carry purse makes visiting the pumpkin patch a much more enjoyable experience. But if you ’ re like me and feel like that ’ s excessively much, necessitate advantage of your pockets to carry your essentials .

What fall activities are your favorite? Are you visiting a pumpkin patch this season? What pumpkin patch outfit ideas are your fave? Do you plan out your outfit to go? Let me know by commenting below.

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