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Sunglasses are a must any time of the year in Orlando. After all, Florida is the cheerfulness state, right ?
Do not forget to pack these ! ! Sunglasses are available for purchase in the park, but you don ’ metric ton want to be stuck paying those expensive park prices .


Again, Florida is the fair weather state ! If you are a person that likes wearing a hat, this is the plaza to do it ! A hat is great for protecting your font and head from the sun .
Kids might love a great Universal-themed hat like this cunning Marvel one below !
Calling all women, girls, boys, and men with retentive hair ! Bring hair ties, haircloth clips, or whatever you use to pull your hair’s-breadth up. If you start your day wearing your hair down, you will most likely want to pull it up at some period during the day.

I for one, can not wear my hair down in the heat of summer. I sometimes try to start with it down, but it always goes up !

What to Wear to Universal Studios in the Winter

Some of you might be surprised that Florida actually does get cold in the winter. They might not have those crazy winter storms as they do up north, but trust me they do get some pretty cold, cold days .
I ’ ll never forget a freeze January day I had while in Orlando. It was raining, windy, and in the low 30s. It was measly ! ! On this day I had to wear a coat, gloves, and beanie and was still freezing to death !
here is what to wear to Universal Studios in the winter !

Comfortable Shoes

comfortable shoes are important no matter what season. During the winter, I recommend a comfortable pair of sneakers. You most probably won ’ t be wearing sandals due to the cold .

Layers & Comfortable Clothing

decidedly check the upwind before traveling to Orlando to best prepare what to pack for Universal Studios in the winter .
The upwind can fluctuate a fortune during the winter ! You can have freezing 30-degree temperatures or ardent 70-degree days ! You truly merely never know !
When traveling during the winter, make sure to pack layers ! even on these rare arctic days, lightweight layers are the best choice. For case, where a whippersnapper long sleeve tee, with a lightweight perspirer, jacket, or hoodie on top. You might possibly besides need to bring a heavier jacket or coat. That ’ s why it ’ s so significant to check the weather before traveling .
immediately let ’ s talk bottoms ! I ’ m a jeans person. During the winter at subject parks, I like to wear jeans, decidedly not my tight jeans though. You ’ ll decidedly want to wear jeans that have stretch so you are comfortable walking approximately and getting on and off rides .
sometimes, I ’ ll besides break athletic leggings. These are ace comfortable and big to wear to Universal Studios in the winter .


even on those cold winter days, there is still sun. Sunglasses are a must-wear to Universal Studios in the winter. Lots of walking around outside require sun protection for your eyes .

Winter Hat

A different type of hat might be required to wear to Universal Studios in the winter. Keep your head and ears warm from the cold with a beanie .

Winter Gloves

winter gloves ! Don ’ thymine forget to pack these. You will decidedly need these on those cold winter days at Universal Studios .
Keeping your hands warm can make your solid consistency feel so much ardent !
If you don ’ t have winter gloves that are touch filmdom friendly, go ahead and buy yourself some. You ’ ll be using your call frequently during the day and it ’ s a distribute of work to keep taking your gloves on and off to use your earphone .

Themed Universal Studios Shirts, Accessories & More

Themed shirts for Universal Studios are a popular, playfulness choice for guests. Universal Studios is a park where blockbuster movies and entertainment fall to life ; so show off your favored movie, television receiver show, or fictional character by wearing a Universal Studios-themed shirt or accessory .
Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure have some of the greatest-designed root park lands out there ! They are wonderfully designed to make you feel like you have stepped right into the movies .
Because they are amazingly designed, dressing the part makes for some truly playfulness pictures .
A theme Universal Studios shirt or accessory makes for the perfect outfit for some very great pictures .
What fan are you ? ? Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Simpsons, Marvel ? ? Either way wearing a playfulness shirt or accessory is a playfulness means to actually enjoy the park !
here, I will provide some of my favored shirts and accessories for you Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Simpsons, and Marvel fans !

Harry Potter Shirts Universal Studios

One of the biggest guide to Universal Studios is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Both parks Universal Studios Florida and Universal ’ s Islands of Adventure have Harry Potter lands.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a major attraction at Universal Studios.  What to wear to Universal Studios if your a Harry Potter fan??  Harry Potter shirts and accessories of course!! many Harry Potter fans love to show off their sexual love of Harry Potter by sporting a Harry Potter shirt, gown, socks, or other fun gearing .
here are some of my darling Harry Potter Universal shirts and accessories for women, men, girls, and boys !
The biggest Harry Potter fans will want to go all come out of the closet and wear a Harry Potter vest for Universal .
For more Harry Potter shirts & accessories, check Amazon here !

Jurassic Park Universal Studios Shirts

Besides Harry Potter, Jurassic Park is another matchless of the democratic lands at Universal ’ s Islands of Adventure. The big drawing card here is Jurassic Park River Adventure .
Smaller kids will love the kid-friendly tease Pteranodon Flyers and Camp Jurassic, a fun looseness area .
Jurassic Park is another big attraction at Universal Studios.  What to wear to Universal Studios if your a Jurassic Park fan??  Jurassic Park shirts and accessories!! Jurassic Park fans, this is a capital time to show your love of your favored dinosaur movies by wearing a Jurassic Park jersey .
TIP: If your kids are large into dinosaurs or Jurassic Park, the Jurassic Park kids suites at Loews Royal Pacific Resort are a must. How fun would staying here be ? ! !
here are some great jurassic Park T-shirts for Universals Studios !
For more Jurassic Park shirt options on Amazon, pawl here !

Simpsons Universal Studios Shirts

Springfield, U.S.A., Home of the Simpsons is another popular farming at Universal Studios. The main attraction here is The Simpsons Ride .
While here in Springfield, grab a Krusty Burger or a massive doughnut from Lard Lad Donut !
Springfield U.S.A, home of the Simpsons is a great themed land at Universal Studios.  What to wear to Universal Studios as a Simpsons fan??  A great themed Simpson shirt!! If you ’ re a Simpsons fan, you must wear a Simpsons shirt. here are some are my favored Simpsons shirts and accessories !
For more Simpsons shirts and accessories on Amazon, suction stop here !

Marvel Universal Studios Shirts

Any Marvel superhero fans ? You must visit Marvel Superhero Island at Universal ’ s Islands of Adventure .
This land is wonderfully themed after a Marvel comic book .
Some of the major attractions on Marvel Superhero Island include The incredible Hulk and The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man .
Marvel Superhero Island is an amazingly themed land at Islands of Adventure.  What to wear to Universal Studios if your a Marvel fan??  Marvel shirts and accessories!! Marvel Superhero Island is a fantastic topographic point to sport your favorite Marvel character gear ; so wear your favored Marvel character shirt and strike a model !
here are some of my favorite Marvel Universal Studios Shirts for women, men, boys, and girls !

What to Pack for Universal Studios?

Being prepared for a day at Universal Studios is very important .
here are the essentials to pack for your day at Universal Studios. Save this list so you don ’ thyroxine forget any of these ! !


A backpack or buttocks pack is an absolute necessity for Universal Studios. Stuff your backpack or female genitalia pack with snacks, water bottles, wallet, cell phone, and transfer of clothes .
Backpacks are besides fantastic for hauling back all the memento you purchase throughout the sidereal day !
If you ’ re a ma of little ones a backpack is much easier to carry than a diaper bag at Universal Studios. Stuff all your baby or toddler ’ second food, bottles, pacifiers, diapers, and changes of clothes.

Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

venture Pal 40L Lightweight Packable Backpack is AMAZING. I always recommend this backpack !
I personally own this backpack and have used it at Universal Studios, Disney World, hiking in the mountains, and many other travel destinations ! It ’ randomness just so versatile .
Best of all, it is low-cost, extremely lightweight, and packable ! !

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