What to Wear to the Vatican: Tips from a Roman Tour Guide

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even though I ’ vitamin d been to the Vatican previously, re-visiting on my 10 day birthday trip to Paris and Italy last class was absolutely charming .
I felt thus fortunate to have been linked up with The Roman Guy tours. not only were there were only 3 people on my vatican enlistment versus the groups of 25-50 around us but my guidebook Nina was a local fashionista ! After the tour ended, she gave me the inwardly scoop on what to wear to the Vatican plus shared her tips on how to dress like an italian woman. LOVED her !

These tips on what to wear to the Vatican are based on her fashion understanding Roman style. Keep reading to find out why they are !

What to Wear to the Vatican

broadly speaking when entering any religious building modesty should be considered. however, depending on varying factors this may or may not be enforced or practiced .

Per local guidelines, when visiting the Vatican please cover your knees and shoulders.

even though Roman summers may be blistering hot, when you step inside the Vatican Museum and St Peters Basilica it is much cooler inside than outside so you don ’ t have to worry about overheating. here are a few ideas on what to wear to the Vatican in the summer heating system .

Jacket | Dress | Bracelet | Blouse | Bag | Sandals | Pants | Scarf | Necklace

Vatican travel outfit ideas

The general mind is to wear a blowy hanker attire or trousers ( for knee coverage ) and pair with a light obliterable layer such as a jean jacket or cardigan you can wear to cover your shoulders once inside. Jeans and a cunning sleeved top are perfect when the upwind is moderate .
The perch of the class, you ’ ll be fine with long sleeves and jeans. barely be mindful of low necklines, sheer fabrics, and invest that ’ s excessively fitting in certain places .

Tip: Versatile is the key to a travel capsule wardrobe, pack items which you can easily mix and match!

About my Vatican Tour

If the name Roman Guy sounds familiar it might be because the owner proposed to his girlfriend on Travel Fashion Girl ! Can you believe it ? How cool is that !
I explored the Ancient City on my own when I visited Rome previously in 2008. This meter around, I was felicitous to try a match of city tours with The Roman Guy including a chew the fat to the Vatican and their Golf Cart City Tour which I highly recommend – it helps save your feet from going into overdrive and it ’ s a dainty way to get your bearings around Rome !
This company specializes in cozy local group tours and their Vatican group has no more than a twelve people at a time ( others had 40-50 ). It felt like I had my own personal guide. Plus, you get to go inside the Vatican a solid hour before it ’ randomness open to the public. Kind of amazing !
I won ’ triiodothyronine dwell, though. My stylish vatican tour guide Nina did make it extra special because not only did she have a PHD in station classical archeology and a overlord in christian Archaeology but she is besides highly friendly and personable. It was like hanging out with one of your favorite gallon pals !

Insider travel tips:

  • March and October are Nina’s favorite months to enjoy Rome. March because it’s sunny but not hot and the end of September to early October has the best weather without the high costs or swarms of tourists.
  • She says that Cappuccino and Cornetto are the perfect roman breakfast or a simple Coffee and Croissant.
  • Her perfect travel outfit for the Vatican? What she was wearing that day: Denim Jacket, Maxi Dress, and Birkenstocks styled to perfection!

Remember : No count where you go there are constantly travelers with varying levels of esteem and courtesy with regards to their choice of dress in religious sites. It is your decision whether or not you wish to adhere to or respect the dress guidelines of other cultures on your travels. Please read this post for more ideas on how to dress stylishly for conservative countries .


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What are your tips on what to wear to the Vatican? Comment and share below!

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