What To Wear To A Wedding Brunch To Look Festive & Stylish — PHOTOS

Wedding brunches are easily one of the chicest — and most delightful — celebrations during wedding season. Their increase in popularity means that you ‘ll have to start thinking about what to wear to a marry brunch. Whether you ‘re attending a shower in brunch kind or your best supporter is having a brunch reception, the atmosphere is typically less formal and can feature more brilliantly colored interior decoration. Often times, bumpkinly elements are incorporated into these laid back celebrations, and all the multiple ways to style the brunch means multiple ways to style yourself. Wedding wear has become increasingly less inflexible. While there are silent rules you should follow — do n’t wear white and do n’t try to rock a full-dress that looks like it could belong in the bridal party — there are tons of rules that you can break at a more casual brunch celebration. Whether you ‘re the type who hates wearing dresses or you ‘re a frock-loving monster, options exist everywhere for wedding brunch fashion. There are tons of clues as to whether or not this matter is going to be free-and-easy. If you ‘re looking at a morning affair, odds are everyone will be fairly dressed down. however, if the alone illusion of brunch comes in the form of food and the celebration occurs around dinner clock time, then you may want to see more traditional marry fashion. Since the seasons are lento beginning to change, it ‘s probably best to break this manner piece down for climate. A West Coast fall affair is not equivalent to those of you over on the East Coast, so let ‘s take a count at your best options .

West Coast

Since October West Coast temps placid hit the ninety degrees, these recommendations allows you to embrace less layers and a bit more playfulness.

Flowing Dress

Chelsea28 Floral Print Shift Dress, $78, Nordstrom This gorgeous flowy shift dress is perfect for a West Coast brunch. The colors give a little hint of fall, but its material and shorter length ensure you ‘ll be cool in the however quick weather .

Romper + Blazer

Tiger Mist Sweetheart Playsuit, $80, Forever 21 Knit Blazer with Striped Cuffs, $49, Maurices Dress up a perfect romper with a blazer. In case there is a cold elasticity or the venue is chilly, you ‘ll have a bit of cover for the event .


I Rest My Grace Dress, $60, Modcloth

Florals are calm wholly an choice despite the seasons changing. This deeper emerald park color is a bit more hushed, which makes it fun but inactive capital for drop .

East Coast

While the West Coast may have a lock on rompers and short dress, cool temps let you incorporate even more items into your wardrobe through layers .

Perfect Skirt

Floral Scuba Mesh Inset Skater Skirt, $23, Torrid This dame is ideal for a brunch marry. The floral form is arrant for a marry brunch, and to stay warm, you can decidedly pair it with a great sweater .


Women’s Favorite Cardigan, $23, Target Cardigans are the perfect while for every juncture. I will admit that I have an obsession with these sweaters, but their versatility make them ideal .

Printed Pants

Striped Trousers, $70, Zara These superintendent chic striped trousers are perfective for a more casual soiree. Plus, pants will keep you much warmer than that dress you thought you had to wear. Images: Unsplash; Courtesy of brands

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