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indisputable, we all know what wardrobe essentials for work professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you ’ ra buy one for the inaugural meter or replacing one you ’ ve careworn into the ground, it can be a pain to find precisely the right embodiment in stores. In “ The Hunt, ” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have. Elizabeth posted final workweek about wide-eyed leg trousers from Express, and there are thus many out correctly now that I thought we ’ d do a mini Hunt for the best wide-leg pants to wear to work right nowadays. Readers, how do you feel about the trend? What are the best wide-leg pants to wear to work? What are your best tips on hemming them, and which shoes and tops do you pair them with? For my $ .02, I still feel like the proper hem for full-length, wide-leg pants should be with a little break on the vamp of your shoes, without pooling or dragging in the back. ( I in truth have to redo the graphics on this post about hem lengths, but I broadly placid agree with my older advice. ) I like them styled with sneakers or other flat shoes — getting a heel right with them can be a bite crafty, although I ’ d love to hear your tips ! ( Another possible topic to be on the lookout for : can you wear shoes without the trouser leg getting caught and tucked in the strap, laces, or vamp of the shoe — kind of like in this picture ? Boots can be ideal for this reason. ) The main thing about full-length pants, though, is that you in truth do have to know which shoes you plan to wear them with when you get them hemmed — and then stick to that general height of shoe every time you wear the pants.

I ’ molarity seeing wide-leg pants styled with a bunch of crop tops — for the agency I ’ d switch it to a work-acceptable bodysuit or other close-fitted top. barely another note on fabrics : I feel like either a drapey fabric, or a heavy framework like tweed or washcloth is better for these kinds of pants because cotton or linen will wrinkle — in fact, if you ’ re design on wearing the wide-leg pants to work I ’ five hundred avoid those fabrics. Readers, what are your thoughts? Have you bought any great wide-leg pants for work or play lately? How have you hemmed them, and what are you wearing them with? Pictured at peak : beige / pink / beige This mail contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see hera. Thank you so much for your support ! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertise platform designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites .woman in beige wide-leg trousers I bought these $ 35 Amazon pants after seeing them on some TikTok influencer, and liking that they had them in shorter lengths. The pros : they do fit me, and the hems aren ’ t dragging at all — and the fabric, while bum, is drapey and fluid. The cons : they are identical wide. besides in this very low-cost monetary value range : target ( regular and summation sizes ), Banana Republic Factory ( $ 45+ ).

woman in brown wide-leg pants to wear to work This is something else I ’ ve seen on TikTok, specially with mid-size bloggers : Abercrombie pants for the win, obviously ! every time I ’ ve gone to the web site they have highly limited size leave, but are still available, so I suspect they ’ re just being restocked in uneven ways. ( You may have better fortune at your local store. ) The pants are $ 90 at Abercrombie in size XXS-XXL in long, regular, and short size. besides in this price range : 1.State, NYDJ, Gap, and Express .woman in beige wide-leg pants to wear to work These Everlane pants look fabulous for $ 118. They come in 30″ and 32″ lengths, sizes 0-16, and 4 colors. For a like casual/drapey feel around this monetary value point, look to Madewell ( bantam, unconstipated, tall sizes 0-16 ), and Norma Kamali ( highly rated, lots of reviewers note they ’ ra great travel pants ). These Anthro pants are $ 140 and come in regular, bantam, tall, and plus sizes. Another plus-size friendly brand with big wide-leg pants to wear to work : reformation, available in TONS of colors in size 0-12 and in less colors in size 14-24. You can besides find a few colors at Nordstrom and early retailers. They ’ re $ 178. These $ 218 Favorite Daughter pants look great, and are besides available in about 6 colors at Nordstrom and ( ooh, and they have short-change lengths ). They ’ re available in size 0-18. besides in this price range : MMLF ( knit front, $ 295 ), Reiss ( more flare out pants than across-the-board, $ 245+ ). Readers, what are the best wide-leg pants to wear to work in 2022? What are your best tips on hemming them, and which shoes and tops do you pair them with?

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