Your holiday cheat sheet to Yom Kippur

It is common nowadays for non-Jewish american children to get their jewish literacy through the holiday of Hanukkah. Comes in the winter ( just like Christmas ), involves gift-giving ( just like Christmas ). Plus, you know, menorahs and the dreidel game. The fun divisor is very senior high school .
But this emphasis on Hanukkah is a strange thing. Because in terms of importance, Hanukkah doesn ’ metric ton hold a, well, candle to Yom Kippur .
Known as the Sabbath of all Sabbaths, Yom Kippur is the single most significant day of the class for Jews. It ’ s a grave day, yes, but in a good way. And in the list of religious literacy, it seems like we all ought to at least know the basics .
Holiday: Yom Kippur ( pronounce Yom Ki-POOR )

AKA: The Day of Atonement
Religion represented: judaism
Date: The tenth day of Tishrei in the Hebrew calendar. It lasts precisely 25 hours, beginning ( in 2015 ) the evening of Sept. 22 and ending the even of Sept. 23 .
On a scale of 1 to 10: Yom Kippur is a solid 10.

What it is: Yom Kippur is the last and most significant of Judaism ’ s 10 High Holy Days, which begin on Rosh Hashanah, the jewish New Year. As you might recall, the New Year is a clock time to reflect on one ’ second life and resolve to be a better person in the come year. On Yom Kippur, God ( often referred to as HaShem, Hebrew for “ The Name ” ) is said to take a spirit at the deeds of the jewish people and to seal each person ’ sulfur destiny in the “ Book of Life. ” More than anything, Yom Kippur is a day of seeking forgiveness and giving to charity .
Associated literary passages: Leviticus 16:29 and 23:27 ; Numbers 29:7-11 and Mishnah Tract Yomah 8:1
The Sabbath of all Sabbaths: Saturday ( “ the sabbath ” ) is to Jews what Sunday is to Christians ; it is the “ day of rest ” when synagogues hold their weekly worship services. Yom Kippur is considered the “ Sabbath of all Sabbaths ” because, not only is it a day of accomplished rest ( no exploit, no drive, etc. ) but it ’ s a day of fast and early restrictions : no wash or bathe, no perfumes or deodorants, no wearing leather shoes, and no sex. Services run all day on Yom Kippur — from 8 ante meridiem to 6 post meridiem — with a break around 3 post meridiem People wear white, and services broadly end with a long blow from the shofar .
Coolest thing about Yom Kippur: During their ever-so-long day of synagogue services, participants take partially in a “ group confession. ” They confess to being aggressive, calumniatory, acting callously, and a number of early things — normally involving behaving badly toward others in speech or deed. The cool thing is that the sins are confessed in the plural — “ we ” have done this, “ we ” have done that — emphasizing “ communal province for sins. ” now, I don ’ metric ton personally believe in “ sins ” AT ALL. But it does make sense that if more of us could adopt even a little of this attitude of communal province, then “ we ” might be better off — at the very least, more compassionate — as people, as neighbors and as human beings.

Conveying meaning to kids: Yom Kippur is about saying you ’ ra deplorable. And that ’ s a skill kids need to know ! I suggest taking a bit of clock time as a syndicate to think of three things you are deplorable for — large things, bantam things, it doesn ’ t matter. And then talk about the importance of saying you ’ ra blue when you hurt people ’ south feelings. “ Sorry ” is such a minor bible, and so far it ’ randomness one of the most mighty words we can say. Think of all the little hurts you ’ ve suffered and carried around with you that could have been completely wiped away had the offending person plainly said “ I ’ megabyte sorry. ” You might besides check out “ Martha doesn ’ t say blue ! ” a children ’ randomness book by Samantha Berger. And don ’ metric ton forget “ Celebrate : A Book of Jewish Holidays ” by Judi Gross and Bari Weissman .
Appropriate greeting: “ Have an easy fast. ” ( “ Happy Yom Kippur ” is not considered allow, as Yom Kippur is not a “ felicitous ” vacation. )
Editor ’ south note : An earlier interpretation of this post mentioned the slaughter of chickens, a custom practiced in America by some Orthodox Jews. To avoid the implication that the ritual applies to more than a little percentage of practicing Jews, the patch has been edited .

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