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good like everything ex post facto, a stumble down men’s dungarees lane is certain to make you feel nostalgic. And seeing how the trend has managed to make several comebacks through the years, it ’ south safe to say dungarees — besides known as bib-and-brace overalls or just men ’ sulfur overalls — are here to stay .
In fact, you may just have one tucked away in a distant corner of your wardrobe — possibly something your mum keep from your Oshkosh B ’ Gosh toddler days, or remnants of your adaptation of ‘ Sk8er Boi ’ fashion .
Functional, durable and constantly a tad stylish, a capital pair of men’s denim dungarees is a surefire wardrobe staple. But how much do you know about your favorite dungarees ? For this, we ’ ll cursorily revisit manner history to show how the humiliate denim has evolved through time .

This 90 ’ sulfur street wear classical is always there and always versatile ( and arrant for summer ). Dungarees are covered in washes, prints and color !

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The Origins of Dungarees/Overalls

how to wear men's dungarees_how to wear overalls guys
In simpleton terms, men ’ south dungarees are a type of protective dress worn by workers. Dungarees originated in 17th-century India from an Indian village called ‘Dungri’ (sometimes spelled ‘Dongri’). The coarse, midst indian calico cloth used to make durable even bum workplace clothes was besides called by the lapp list .
In on-key british fashion, when the English purchased the hard-wearing framework to make their own workman ’ sulfur trousers, they adopted the name with a british flex, calling the fabric “ dungaree ” alternatively of “ Dungri ” .
By 1853, the dungaree fabric was used by Levi Strauss and his business partner Jacob Davis to make the first bib and trousers combination called “overalls”. Designed to be durable and virtual workmen ’ sulfur invest, these overalls came with loops, buttonholes and a tipple which allowed for the hands-free carry of tools, thereby eliminating the motivation for awkward waist belts .
Men’s bib overalls became so popular that they eventually became standard workmen’s garments across America. To avoid confusion, these dungarees were colour coded by profession. Railroad workers ’ dungarees were in hickory stripe and painters ’ were done in white, whilst all other workmen ’ second dungarees were tailored in varying shades of blue .
Dungarees eventually became part of mainstream fashion when even Hollywood royalty Judy Garland, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood began wearing them casually. And the remainder, as they say, is history .

A Mini-History of Dungarees/Overalls

how to wear men's dungarees_how to wear overalls guys
here ’ s a mini history of dungarees/overalls as we know them today :

  • 17th century: dungarees originated in 17th-century India from an Indian village called “Dungri”.
  • 1853: the dungaree fabric was used by Levi Strauss and his business partner Jacob Davis to make the first bib and trousers combination called “overalls”.
  • Late 1960s to the 1970s: Both men and women wore flared dungarees at the height of the flower power movement of the hippie generation.
  • 1980s: Punk, big shoulder pads and oversized blazers, bold colours and silhouettes marked 1980s fashion. Considered one of the most eclectic decades in fashion, the 1980s saw famous bands like Bananarama, The Go-Gos and New Kids on the Block sporting overalls. Even the late Princess Diana wore dungarees with her 1980s pastel look.
  • 1990s: The 1990s — usually associated with the height of hip-hop fashion — obviously loved dungarees. Need proof? Everyone — from Whitney Houston, Sir Elton John, Tupac Shakur, TLC and NSYNC to Katie Holmes as Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek, Will Smith as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Jennifer Aniston as Rachel in the world-famous comedy television series ‘Friends’ — wore denim dungarees.
  • Early 2000s: Dungarees made a comeback in the early 2000s, and were worn notably by Destiny’s Child and famous American rapper Eminem.
  • Today: both female and male celebrities seem to be smitten with this evergreen fashion trend —  yet again! In fact, American hip-hop artists A$AP Rocky and Chance the Rapper have been sighted wearing men’s overalls on various occasions.

so, if you ’ ve recently been feeling it — whether it ’ s wearing men ’ second jean bib overalls, slender fit dungarees or denim shorts — it’s high time you get on the dungaree bandwagon .

How to Wear Men’s Dungarees/Overalls?

People love dungarees because they’re functional, versatile and always on-trend. nowadays that men no longer shy away from the european cut, men ’ mho dungarees fashioned closer to the male form are decidedly a welcome alternative to the distinctive outsize ones .
You can wear your dungarees in different ways .

Both straps locked in

Go the Harry Styles route by pairing an aquamarine print crew-neck shirt with navy blue overalls and black leather derby shoes. Or do denim on jean with a blue denim shirt underneath your overalls, finished off with brown leather oxfords .

Only one strap locked in

Reminiscent of one of Will Smith’s The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air looks, the one-strap look adds a relaxed vibe to your overall getup. For the arrant urban street style, you can wear your favorite red gang neck shirt and your slim-fit overalls together with red leather low-top sneakers. You can besides look effortlessly fooling in your dungarees with a black crew neck T-shirt and matching black suede sandals .


Nothing says comfortably cool like totally undone navy blue or black overalls paired with a plain white tee and light gloomy denim jacket, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as black leather bowler hat shoes .
If you love prints or casual shirts, don’t be afraid to experiment as anything goes ampere long as you bring your mojo with you.

When to Wear Men’s Dungarees/Overalls?

how to wear men's dungarees_how to wear overalls guys
Although men ’ s dungarees are versatile adequate to wear whatever the season, there are specific occasions and events where wearing them is a must :

  • Festival season/summer: gear up for the summer and festival season in your comfortable slim-fit denim dungaree shorts, coloured denim dungarees or printed denim dungarees (rolled-up). Pair these with your favourite coloured or white plain tee, button-up print shirt, denim shirt or basic vest.
  • Winter: stay snug yet fashionable in your blue or black slim fit or comfort fit denim dungarees paired with your favourite hoodie, black sweatshirt or a plain white shirt and grey overcoat.

What to Wear with Men’s Dungarees/Overalls?

man ’ second dungarees are capital on their own ( being the subtly fashionable workwear that they are ), so it doesn’t take much to dress them up quite nicely. You can easily pair them with :

A white tee

You can never go amiss with a basic white tee paired with your dungarees, as the look you get is constantly effortlessly cool .

A white or pastel sweatshirt

One of the simplest ways to jazz up your dungarees for a day winter field day is to wear a light-coloured sweatshirt .

A check shirt and a fisherman beanie

credibly the most popular workwear and utility tendency in denim fashion, a check shirt and a coordinated fisherman beanie exude a manfully yet stylish vibration .

90s-inspired accessories

If you think your denim outfit is a little bland, you can wear matching bucket hats, bum bags, bandanas or coloured sunglasses to immediately amp up the dash factor .

Hi-top canvas trainers

free-and-easy shirts and tees always match up absolutely with dungarees and hi-top canvas trainers for that boy-next-door look .

Chunky trainers

If you ’ re after a clean casual denim look, chunky trainers are your best go-to footwear .


A perfect match to the sour tire and utility program drift, boots decidedly add a masculine attract to dungaree fashion .

Take-Home Message

Whatever you wear, remember that dungarees are such a strong component in an outfit that it’s usually best to keep everything else toned down and simple .

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