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One of the most normally asked questions of divers is credibly if they wear anything under their wetsuits. Is it satisfactory that divers wear nothing underneath ? How comfortable is it to dive with several layers underneath a suit ? There are many divers with varying opinions on what should be worn under a wetsuit, and there are quite a few options to consider. Some men choose to go the commando road and wear nothing underneath, while others prefer to wear a bathe suit. This is a personal preference that every man must make, but if you are newfangled to scuba dive and snorkeling or are considering what else is out there, Outsons has laid out what ’ s available that you can add to your wetsuit in the future that may provide more insulation. What To Wear Under A Wetsuit@Simone Venturini via pexels

What Is a Wet Suit?

A wetsuit provides thermal insulation by trapping a thin layer of body of water within your consistency and the suit. Made from neoprene, a synthetic condom, the courtship protects from UV exposure, grinding, american samoa good as bites from any aquatic organisms. That thin layer of water that enters your wetsuit keeps you warm, and your wetsuit should fit snugly but not so close that it cuts off circulation.

Why Wear Undergarments Under a Wetsuit?

The Insulation Factor

The independent reason to wear undergarments under a wetsuit is that extra layers equate to warmer bodies in cold temperatures – both above and submerged. Water enthusiasts know that the direction to go is to wear a flimsy layer underneath that serves as extra insulation for your body. Divers have to contend with varying temperatures during dives, then selecting the right material and undergarments are crucial to maintaining a comfortable consistency temperature throughout a dive. There are besides some undergarments that provide protection against UV light and besides prevent against stings, and cuts on your clamber.


There are many divers that wear nothing under their wetsuits, but this is sometimes painful because of the rub of the rubber against the bark that can lead to chafing and an overall sore touch after hours of wear. Wearing undergarments can provide extra warmth and be that extra layer that your consistency may need. Simone Venturini@@Kampus Production via pexels


many aqualung divers do not own their wetsuits and frequently rent them. For men that rent one, know that your hide – and all of its sensitive areas – will be rubbing up against places where strangers have rubbed. This is not hygienic by any stretch of the resource, particularly if the person went bare underneath the wetsuit. besides, bear in mind that many people urinate in their wetsuits, which is one more argue to wear undergarments ! For renters, you decidedly should consider a swimsuit or trunks for your delicate parts.


Most dive is often done on a boat or beaches where there are lots of people nearby or in close proximity. Wetsuits tend to get highly warm in tropical upwind, and if you want to take it off, you will credibly need to have something on underneath as it is quite clock consuming to take off a wetsuit, making discretion necessary.

Should You Go Commando?

Going naked or wearing nothing underneath your wetsuit is considered by many the best option as it lessens the volume of water that can get in between you and the wetsuit. With nothing in between you and the wetsuit, your body is able to cursorily warm up this thin layer of water. The riddle of wearing nothing underneath the wetsuit, however, is that finally you have to get out of the wetsuit, which could pose quite the challenge if you are out in a public typeset. Those that have ever tried to get out of a wetsuit understand how intricate the process can be, so if going nude underneath your wetsuit is not in the cards for you, Outsons has early options that you can wear under a wetsuit that act as a comfortable choice.

Men’s Diving Shorts

Constructed with neoprene, diving shorts are extremely utilitarian under wetsuits as they are light and act as an insulation for your body. besides, when you are wearing diving shorts, it is much easier to remove your wetsuit compared to going commando. You don ’ thymine want to just wear anything underneath, and for cold body of water temperatures, another choice is to wear a dive short make of Lycra to provide more insulating material and keep you warm. Men’s Diving Shorts@Kampus Production via pexels

Swimwear Briefs

A swim brief to wear under your wetsuit is another option that adds heat and auspices for water dive in warm temperatures. Since swimsuit briefs are made of light material, the best options to consider should ideally be made from spandex so that they are more shape fitting. Speedos are minimalist and won ’ thyroxine affect how a wetsuit fits over them, and sol are a capital choice when out in the water. Swimwear Briefs@Kindel Media via pexels

What is a Rash Guard?

A rash guard duty is an singlet wear underneath a wetsuit that keeps your upper berth body warm above and below water. Rash guards are a perfective choice for cold waters as the first layer of protection, plus they prevent chafing from the wetsuit. Depending on the water system temperature, there are both short sleeve and hanker sleeve rash guard duty options available that are made with polyester and spandex that dries quickly and offer more broad body protection.

 Rash Guard@Kindel Media via pexels

What To Wear Under A Wetsuit Decoded

Wetsuits may be ideal for those into aqualung dive, but they are not easily to slip on and off, peculiarly if there are no undergarment underneath. Your wetsuit ideally should be snug but not besides tight so that you have flexibility while diving. Before selecting what you wear underneath a wetsuit, take into report the water of the water system you are diving in, how sensible your body is to the suit, and other factors that dictate your comfort levels. feature image from pexels

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