What to Wear Under a Wetsuit for Open Water Swimming

What to Wear Under a Wetsuit for Open Water Swimming

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What to Wear Under a Wetsuit for Open Water Swimming

You might have wondered what to wear under a wetsuit for open water swimming. The distinctive motion of what to wear can make or break a date night, job interview, or even your first base open water swim where you try out your newly triathlon wetsuit ! Let ’ s jumpstart into this a short further to talk about what to wear under a wetsuit for outdoors water system swimming. You ’ re on your own for the date night.

To start, your wetsuit is not intended to keep you dry. Mind boast good ? Your wetsuit is designed to help keep you warmer, provide some airiness, and help you glide through that beautiful blue liquid a little easier. indeed whatever you ’ ve decided to on what to wear under a wetsuit for open water swim, make certain it can be moisture. That new cotton jersey from the local anesthetic swimming club is not a great choice. You ’ ll want something that is going to cling to the skin, and something that when it gets moisture, doesn ’ metric ton be active around, bunch up or chafe. Ugh, chafing. What to Wear Under a Wetsuit for Open Water Swimming
That newfangled tri-suit would be a capital choice ! It will dry promptly when you get out and, even if you don ’ triiodothyronine go for a bicycle ride or run right after your swim, you ’ ll be able to experience the water-wicking capability fair sitting about and talking about how amazing it is to swim in open body of water !

If you ’ rhenium remember, “ Well, Adam, that ’ s all fine, but I don ’ t have a tri-suit. ” What do you wear when swimming in the pool ? Chances are your favorite prepare suit will work just finely ! Those jammers, briefs or square leg suits are great options for what to wear under a triathlon wetsuit. No motivation to wear a shirt ; however, if you want to cover your torso, make certain it is covered with something that won ’ t be active around a batch. A rash precaution would be a adept theme .
Ladies, that one firearm trainer/ raceway courtship that you own ( or I ’ ve even seen the occasional bikini being worn under a triathlon wetsuit ) would be excellent options for you. Flowy and baggy, even though a current fashion swerve is NOT what we are going for here with either sex.

As with all my recommendations, you merely have to find what works for you. I am just offering advice based on my experiences. Trial and error is the means to go. personally, I like to wear jammers for drill swims or open water float events. When I am wearing jammers, it is very significant to note that I make surely to apply ample amounts of wetsuit lubricate ( Body Glide, for example ) in regulate to make certain the awful kid will not rear its irritating sting. When I am training for a triathlon, I make certain to wear a triathlon suit, as that merely makes sense for me .
As for my tri suit line-up, I do have multiple ‘ practice ’ tri suits and ‘ rush ’ tri suits. I always make sure to wear the race tri suits for at least one longer swim to make certain there are no issues. Race day is decidedly not the best day for trial and mistake – finding out that your dress rub in places we ought not to speak of is not a thoroughly room to start/middle/end a race. That can make for a long day, in more ways than one .

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