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salsa in Style : What to Wear for Salsa Dancing
by Barbara Lucke

overall, the salsa crowd is a relatively fashion-conscious group. It ’ s a younger crowd than the ballroom dancers, and has a sexier vibration than the swing and country dancing crowd. Salsa dancers dress in trendy and sexy styles, and their choice of overdress depends on the dance environment – that is, the venue and day of the week. While most salseros dress to impress, the crowd is accepting of those who don ’ metric ton – but you ’ ll be asked for more dances if you ’ rhenium looking good ! Ladies normally wear brusque skirts and dresses or form suit pants or capri when they go out salsa dancing. Sexy tops such as halters, decollete tops, bluff tops, and midriff-baring tops are common, arsenic well as womanly styles like flowy sleeves and ruffles. For a more casual count, salseras normally wear aphrodisiac jeans and a cute cami top or child T. I would estimate that 40-75 % wear dancing shoes ( depending on the venue ), normally 2-3 ” heels, in a assortment of styles and colors. A few women wear wind slippers or basic black ballroom rehearse shoes for comfort. Some women wear street shoes, including high-heeled sandals, pumps, and even boots. The men dress fashionably deoxyadenosine monophosphate good, most much sporting trendy jeans and fashionable T-shirts. ( note : This is not your gymnasium jersey, but something more trendy. ) alternatively, many guys opt for apparel slacks and collared shirts. A draw of guys wear trendy belts and shoes for an extra punch of style. I ’ d say about 30-50 % of the men I see out salsa dancing wear dance shoes, normally basic black ballroom shoes, or sometimes black or white jazz slippers. many men wear street shoes, which are either dress shoes or fashionable, first gear profile sneakers. As I mentioned before, the attire depends on the dancing environment. here ’ s a agile steer to the salsa environments you ’ ll find in Austin. Copa Bar & Grill : Salseros normally dress up for this venue, specially on Saturday nights. studio Socials ( Go Dance, Footworks, etc. ) : Dress up or don ’ thyroxine, whatever you prefer. Studio socials are a more laid-back environment to focus more on your dancing skills and less on impressing others ! Dallas Nightclub, Sunday Night Salsa : Dress improving or don ’ thymine. You may even see some cowboys out there trying to salsa in their cowboy hat and boots. Oasis, Sunday Evenings : apparel lightly. The dance is outside and you will be hot ! Stiletto heels are a bad mind. They ’ ll get stuck between the wooden boards that form the dancing floor. Speakeasy, Wednesday Nights : Dress up a little. But it is only Wednesday, after all. Salsa Congresses : Dress up, particularly on Saturday, but they ’ rhenium not going to kick you out if you show up looking casual. Everyone ’ south tired from traveling, workshops, and/or rehearsal. Some final examination tips regarding what to wear or not tire when you go out to dance salsa : Ladies – Avoid bracelets, dangling jewelry ( retentive necklaces, adult earrings ), dangling chain belts, and other accessories that will go flying and whip your collaborator when you spin. Along the like lines, avoid long ponytails that will slap men in their faces. Try a messy bun or putting alone half of your hair’s-breadth up rather. And while I encourage you to show some aphrodisiac salsa skin, make sure you ’ re supported and covered where you need it. All that shimmying and shaking can cause some embarrassing moments in the improper shirt. If you choose to wear a tube top, make sure it will stay up while you dance ! Men – Bring an extra shirt with you. Change when your first base shirt becomes soaked with fret. besides avoid wristwatches, which can scrape the ladies ’ arms. Experienced salsa dancers : We want to hear from you ! What is your favorite outfit to wear out dancing ? Describe your favorite pair of salsa shoes or let us know where you buy your social dance clothes.

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