What to Wear for Hiking in Cold Weather

This year for Black Friday Ryan and I are following the conduct of our favorite company, REI, and opting outside quite than for the chaotic sales. Of course, we always opt outside on the weekends ( we ’ re besides that match who spent their honeymoon hike ). I want to encourage you to # OptOutside this Thanksgiving weekend. No count where you live in the nation, you can find beautiful places to hike within driving distance. While camping can require expensive gear ( which you can rent through REI and other places ), hiking requires only a few key items, which can besides be used for running or general fall and winter wear. Hiking in fall and winter, much like running, requires a careful remainder of staying quick while preventing overheating or hypothermia from sweat. Whether you ’ re hike in the Midwest, Appalachians, Rockies, or Cascades, the temperature will be preferably chili in the mountains, but when you know what to wear for hiking in cold weather, you can stay warm and dry while enjoying your cold weather hike. honestly, while I want to look decent while hiking, the focus for me is on staying warm quite than looking thoroughly. All the layers make me look a few sizes bigger than I am ( and sometimes I resemble the little brother from Christmas Story ) but it ’ s sol worth it to stay strong and dry.

Tips for What to Wear Hiking in Autumn and Winter

pack Layers

When we go on a hike, particularly if we plan on camp, we pack several layers to mix and match based on the temperature and our effort level. Oftentimes, I begin with just a invest and a base layer, since I know I ’ ll warm up a soon as we start hiking. normally, once the elevation is above 4000 feet, I notice that I begin to chill, so I keep a light jacket on the outdoor of my pack so I can easily slip it on under my vest. One we arrive at the peak, the temperature is significantly cooler, so I normally switch out my unhorse crown for a warm coat and slip on gloves and a trace headband. You want to have layers so you can well adjust for the vary temperatures and levels of natural process. If we ’ re camping, I ’ ll besides pack lined running tights or slurred leggings to wear under my hike pants while we ’ re at the summit. The mountains get very cold at night, so the more layers you wear, the more pleasant of an experience you will have.

Make Sure Your Layers Wick

Don ’ thyroxine wear a cotton singlet ! a soon as you begin sweating ( which you will, particularly if you have a heavy backpack ), the moisture can be trapped between your skin and your clothes and causal agent you to feel chilled, which is not what you want. even if you ’ re bundled up, you can be at hazard for hypothermia if your sweat cools against your hide. Wicking layers will remove the moisture from your skin, which keeps you feeling warm and dry. Polyester and merino are some of the best options ; debar cotton.

Be Prepared for Any Weather

Shifts in weather can easily occur when you ’ re at a high natural elevation. No matter the weather, anticipate the unexpected and pack the appropriate clothes for rain, fart, cold, and coke. Ryan and I always pack raincoats, gloves, and hats, even if it ’ randomness in the 60s and sunny at sea degree.

Cold Weather Hiking Clothes

PrAna Halle Hiking Pants

I adore these prAna Women ’ s Halle Pant ( a like style for men is available in the prAna Men ’ s Stretch Zion Pant . Mine are seamless, but they besides carry them in a line version for winter. These pants are comfortable, elastic, breathable, and durable. I ’ megabyte improbable ( 5 foot 9 ) and these pants have adequate duration even when I ’ m wearing my hiking boots ; they cuff easily vitamin a well, which means they can be adjusted to your stature. PrAna treats their hike pants with Scotchguard, which means that scandal just brushes right off of them – very useful for when Charlie leap out and gets mud all over me ! finally, in addition to the normal pockets, these pants have a travel rapidly pouch on the right pants leg that can fit IDs, medicine, cash, and cards indeed that you constantly have the essentials on you. If it ’ mho specially long-winded or chilly, I wear a slender even quick pair of running tights underneath them for excess affectionateness without any hindrance to mobility.

REI Co-Op Vest

I love this warm and sleek down vest and would buy it in half a twelve more colors if I wasn ’ triiodothyronine trying to not be so bourgeois nowadays. This vest is warm so far breathable. It compresses down small so that you can easily stash it in a backpack, and it ’ s slender enough to layer underneath a depressed jacket or rain coat. It comes in several undimmed colors, which means it will keep you visible during hunting season or the abruptly day hours of winter.

REI Heavyweight Base Layer

Always cold people exuberate : a well base layer will keep you affectionate even in the chillest temperatures. Ryan and I both own this REI heavyweight basis layer ( men ’ south available here ) in black. It ’ s lined with a gentle fleece that keeps you warm up wicks aside any moisture. even though it ’ second warmly, it ’ second dilute enough to layer under vests and jackets. Plus, the thumbholes add an extra layer of heat on your hands. On very cold days, I layer a lightweight base layer underneath this heavyweight layer for extra heat.

SmartWool Socks

Warm and dry feet are an absolute must for hike, and to ensure that, I choose SMARTWOOL Ladies PhD Outdoor Light Crew Sock . Smartwool makes the best hike socks ( and the best < Smartwool PhD Run Ultra Light Micro W ), and they come in a variety show of weights. I have a couple for warm upwind and a copulate for cool weather. SmartWool socks keep your feet warm while allowing them to breathe ; nothing feels grosser during a hike than sweaty feet !

Brooks Running Gloves

Ryan and I both wear these Brooks Women ’ s Pulse Lite Reflective Glove , and for good reason. They insulate our hands but wick away perspiration, which makes them perfect for any outdoor activities. They are lightweight and allow you to inactive easily use your hands, which is important while hiking. The sparseness of these gloves allows you to layer a heavier baseball glove on top as well : Ryan will wear his fingerless gloves over these, or I ’ ll rend my thumbhole sleeves over them. ( P.S. the orange watchband has a whistle for base hit. )

Marmot Precip Rain Jacket

It rains a bunch during fall and winter in the Pacific Northwest, so a proper rain jacket is necessity for any outdoor activities. Marmot Precip Jacket is a durable and warm raincoat that will keep you dry in even downpours. Best of all, it breathes well so you don ’ metric ton sweat and features breathing zippers under the armpits. It evening packs into itself so you can easily stow it in your udder for every rise. Don ’ triiodothyronine wear your raincoat underneath your layers ; specially if you ’ rhenium wearing anything stuff with down, you do not want your layers to be soaked by the rain. once down gets wet, it takes hours to dry. ( Edited : I originally recommended the North Face Ventura, but after a few snow-white hikes of it not protecting me from haste and soaking through to my down vest, I switched to the Marmot Precip, which is immediately recommended above. )

Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket

At $ 229 retail, it ’ second costly, but this Patagonia Women ’ s Down Sweater Jacket ( available in men ’ mho ampere well ) compresses tightly to pack well in your backpack and will keep you insulated in the chillest temperatures. It ’ s the item at REI that Ryan and I both keep trying on because it ’ s so amazing. For a more budget-friendly option ( which is what Ryan owns and I ’ meter covet ), the REI Co-Op makes a comparable down jacket to keep you warm without adding bulk to your clique.

Disclaimer: All links through Amazon and Shopstyle are affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you for using an affiliate link; rather, a small commission from your purchase supports This Runner’s Recipes. The REI links are not affiliate; they are just really great products that I wanted to share with you because I can geek out all day about running and hiking gear. Questions of the Day:
How do you stay warm on guide and hikes in the cold weather ?
Has cold weather arrived where you live ?
What are your plans for Thanksgiving weekend ?

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