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Picking what to wear for a run in the fall is much a game-time decision—you barely never know what the weather will be until you ’ re ready to walk out the doorway. But no matter how end infinitesimal, sometimes those dress choices come back to haunt you during your workout—an excess hoodie can be annoying if the sunday pops out, and unanticipated wind gusts can leave shorts-clad legs chillier than you ’ d like. That ’ south why planning a race outfit can be daunting. If you ’ ra not sure what to wear, consider this your head-to-toe guide !


The inaugural rule for race clothing : don ’ thymine put on anything that you haven ’ thyroxine run in earlier. That goes for your socks, besides. It ’ randomness just besides hard to tell if a trade name new pair will rub you the wrong way a couple miles into your half marathon. Stick with a previously-worn, freshly-washed, seam-free laid .

Running Shoes

Lace up the match you ’ ve been training in recently. If your sneaks are past their prime ( running shoes should be replaced every 300 to 500 miles ) and your slipstream is three weeks away, it ’ second safe to buy and break in new ones.


Shorts, capri, or full-length tights ? It depends on how strong you like to be. In general, the temperature outside can dictate your leg wear : 35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, go for pants ; mid-40s to mid-50s, try capri or shorts with knee socks ; and slip on shorts for 55 and above. Keep in judgment : although most races start early when it ’ mho silent chilly, the thermostat will probably rise with the sunday, sol bare legs might be your best choice .


same deal with bottoms, the temperature and your comfort should dictate which shirt you pull over your headway on race day. Sleeveless tops and sports bras, like the one seen here on ultra-runner and Athleta ambassador Julia Stamps Mallon, make a capital base layer. besides, look for shirts made with moisture-wicking fabric—it won ’ triiodothyronine annoyance sweaty skin the manner cotton can.

Long Sleeves (or Arm Warmers)

Start lines at fall half marathons are notoriously chilly, so keeping your arms covered is a must do. But as you warm up, you ’ ll credibly want to ditch the sleeves. Wear something you can toss to spectators, tuck into a pocket, or tie around your waist .

Fitbit Surge

The ultimate seaworthiness watch, Fitbit Surge can track your distance, splits, and more during training and on race day. nothing builds confidence more than seeing your advance. Get fix to crush that finish pipeline !

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What do you wear for runs this time of year? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Kimberly Daly Farrell

Kimberly Daly Farrell is the managing editor program at Fitbit. A certify health coach and self-diagnosed run addict, Kimberly studied integrative nutrition and has completed three marathons. She has previously held editorial positions at Shape, Glamour, Fitness, and good Housekeeping magazines .

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