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The Secret to First-Date Fashion

What to wear on a first date and why

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash What to wear on a date is one of the most shrewish questions that comes with being one, particularly for the nerve-racking first base date. There are tons of other questions that individual people ask themselves, many of them nowhere near arsenic shallow as “ Okay, but what do I wear ? ” And these questions need answers, besides.

But the question of what to wear inevitably comes up for all of us, and if you ’ re at all diffident, I ’ megabyte going to try to help .

My Fashion Credentials

Have I spend years in the fashion industry ? No. But have I studied fashion and helped hundreds of men and women find their individual, respective styles ? besides no. The truth is, I just like to put thought into things that seem to matter. And I like to be forthright and honest in everything that I do. so when it comes to fashion, I like to think that I combine these attributes preferably well, and find it truly easily to be myself. Yes, I stay up with the trends, get ideas from others, and have had plenty of aid from more knowledgeable people than I — but it ’ randomness because I care to do so, and manage is half the conflict. So I ’ ve learned a thing or two along the way, and I maintain that “ having good fashion ” is plainly knowing how to represent yourself with versatility in a phone number of circumstances. And the first date is one of them .

Why Dressing for a Date is So Challenging

first, why is this so intemperate ? The interview of what to wear in general is already aggravating enough. We have to make this decisiveness every single day ? Most of the time, we ’ re tired of it. We fair pull our favored black shirts and sweats or spandex off the hanger and call it a day. particularly nowadays that we ’ rhenium working from home like we are. We have decision fatigue, and we ’ ve originate tire of this — all things considered — insignificant detail on our disturbance tilt. But you can ’ triiodothyronine not care about your appearance on a first date. You ’ re trying to make a good depression. Most of the clock time, you ’ re trying to at least appear as if you have it in concert. The last thing you want to do is come off as unmotivated, unorganized, or altogether apathetic. obviously and unfortunately, though, apathy is a brawny sentiment in today ’ south dating populace, but not when you ’ ra indifferent about yourself. You at least have to be convinced in yourself for that approach to “ work. ” Going on a date is a particularly nerve-racking thing to do. It ’ s a reasonably vulnerable experience, if we ’ ra being honest. You ’ ve both admitted some shape of attraction for one another, and admitted that you ’ ra open to getting to know more about each other, and admitted that you ’ re alone and looking for a partner, and admitted that you have nothing going on that evening, and admitted all sorts of other things just to take the reciprocal jump. We try to downplay this level of admission, this horizontal surface of optimistic, logic-lacking familiarity, but the reality is : it ’ sulfur quite chilling. That ’ south why a distribute of people dress ultra-conservative on the first date. All-black everything. nothing revealing, of neither your body nor your personality. They don ’ t have the privilege of getting to know you so far.

And in some esteem, you ’ re right. They don ’ triiodothyronine. But dating is besides about putting yourself out there a little bite as it is — you might angstrom well show some confidence, and even some commitment, another desirable trait in the dating universe .

“ I know what I ’ thousand doing, and here is a glimpse of what you get with me, specifically. ”

But knowing what to wear on your first date is challenging because you can ’ thyroxine wear a style you ’ ve literally never worn before, or else you risk overlooking what they saw in you in the first place. And you can ’ metric ton wear a dash you ’ ll never wear again because what if it goes well ? You ’ ll be stuck make .

The Look You’re Shooting For

You want to dress in a way that ’ s impressive but repeatable and on-brand. You want eye-catching but not distracting. You ’ re going for elegant but not overstated. You besides want something that ’ s hardheaded and utilitarian, something that considers the date-night travel guidebook. But at the same time, you don ’ metric ton want to come off as obsessional or as an anxious over-thinker. You want your kit to say, “ I know what I ’ m doing, and here is a glimpse at what you get with me, specifically. ” But you don ’ metric ton want it to say, “ I think I know what I ’ meter doing, and farad * ck off if you disagree. ” Or flush worse : “ I don ’ t know what I ’ megabyte doing, but I tried to be like everyone else. here are some words that you should be able to associate with your first-date outfit :

  • Sophisticated: showing a great deal of knowledge and experience
  • Amiable: displaying a friendly and pleasant manner
  • Coordinated: bringing together different components harmoniously
  • Practical: showing usefulness in realistic circumstances
  • Unique: conveying your individual style
  • Charming: broadcasting a warm, polite, and likable nature
  • Simple: portraying effortlessness and avoiding abrasive elements

The perfect first-date outfit lies at the intersection of all of those terms .

How To Dress for a First Date

I always like to dress in a way that shows amiable sophistication and put-togetherness, if you will. But besides, I don ’ metric ton choose for anything that looks like I tried besides hard. One of my favored, go-to styles recently is to combine formal and casual wear. Because no matter where you ’ re going, you ’ ll cling to any trim codes but besides avoid standing out like a huffy ovolo for being overdressed. I besides recommend by and large inert colors because you don ’ triiodothyronine want to do anything besides loud properly off the bat, or you could be memorable for the wrong reasons. From a discolor psychology perspective, besides much bright discolor, such as orange or crimson, can portray sentiments of arrogance or agitation and precede to anxiety. Of course, feel free to add a pop of color hera and there, but try not to show up in nothing but construction-cone orange. I don ’ thymine make-believe to be an technical for women, but the same theories and principles apply. With that in mind, here are five options for men and five for women.

Five First-Date Outfits for Men

  • A jacket—either a bomber or camel coat—over a basic tee with slacks and plain white sneakers
  • A fitted sweater, good jeans, and Chelsea boots
  • A jean or leather jacket over a simple hoodie, with black jeans and high leather, lace-up boots
  • A tweed or knit blazer over a tucked-in tee with jeans and low-top leather sneakers
  • An oversized sweater with a pair of more-formal jeans, cuffed to show off dress socks and high-top Converse shoes

Five First-Date Outfits for Women

  • A bodysuit, boyfriend jeans, and a leather jacket
  • A white v-neck (French tuck), oversized cardigan or “shacket,” and slim-fit jeans
  • A vintage tee, high-waisted jeans, and boots (or even low heels)
  • A jumpsuit, romper, or dress with a comfortable but stylish pair of sneakers
  • Any basic, fitted top tucked into high-waisted linen trousers

I know men ’ sulfur clothe best, but here are some of my front-runner, recommended brands that offer basics and date-night attire alike, some of which besides have capital styles for women :

What About Accessories?

Watches, rings, and other forms of jewelry are encouraged, but tread thinly. The best count here is to go with the accessories that you normally wear to work, and possibly add one more slice for elegance and dash. But I wouldn ’ triiodothyronine recommend brassy or extraordinary. chic minimalism is your friend hera. even hats are o, angstrom long as you ’ ve double-check the trim code at the date night ’ mho venue. But this international relations and security network ’ t the Kentucky Derby—again, choose one you ’ five hundred wear with some regularity .

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