14 Plus Size Jeans Outfits That Will Turn Heads

When it comes to dressing a curvy figure, there are certain fashion bloggers who have an divine flair for coming up with fashionable, form-flattering outfits. These fashion lovers have different shapes and styles, but what they have in coarse is a heat for dressing their bodies confidently in figure-conscious clothes and attention-getting accessories. Browse through these plus size outfits with jeans, put together from some of our favorite curvy fashion bloggers, and steal their secrets for how to create attention-getting looks for your own plus-sized body. 01
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Blush Blazer and Black Jeans

Street style in pink blazer and black jeans
A bloom blazer looks pretty over slender total darkness jeans .
Beauti Curve
Black jeans are a big girl ‘s best supporter for those times when you want to balance a bottom-heavy figure. This chic, polish, womanly day outfit in slim-fitting, blacken jean plus size jeans ( these are from Ashley Stewart ) is arrant for wearing to work, node meetings and presentations. ( If your workplace is cautious, skip the chopped jeans hems and swap the jersey for a white blouse. )
What makes this kit so cunning ? A reasonably, pastel blazer in a body-skimming silhouette helps you to stand out at the office among a sea of total darkness and ​grey. Plus, the blush tap semblance is flattering to every peel tone .
Wear this plus size jeans look to work a visualize, with a ladylike quilted bag and classical black pumps, to add sophistication.​

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olive Vest and Cropped Jeans

Street style casual look in plus size jeans
A pretty weekend equip in plus size jeans .
Beauti Curve
Weekend dressing can be jeans-and-a-t-shirt slowly, but still look sophisticated adequate to turn heads when you walk into brunch with your friends. Do n’t believe us ? Just take a look at this cute expect, in which a simple white, cotton tee and cropped, night jean jeans are upgraded with the addition of a trendy olive vest and a pretty instruction necklace .
You could besides wear this spirit on a day date or chocolate meet-up, when you want to look pretty and put-together but not like you tried besides hard .

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Polished casual outfit

Plus size outfit in jeans and a pink button-down
Look chic for casual days in streamlined jeans and a button-down .
Garner Style
here ‘s a great case of how you can pull together a day equip that ‘s quick and easy to get dressed in, but looks polished for day wear. You ‘ll stand out from the casual weekend push when you greet the day in perfect-fitting, blue indigo, scraggy jeans ( these are by Torrid ), layered with a classic, body-skimming, button-down shirt in a pretty color ( we love the choice of pinko seen here ). Add a drug of brash fun with a notice-me clutch in a polka department of transportation print. Wear with your favorite sneakers, colorful flats or leather loafers, to suit your personal fashion vibration .

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Skinny Plus Size Jeans and Tie-Waist Top

Curvy woman in jeans and a strapless top
Cute summer outfit in cheeseparing jeans and a strapless hamper top .
Girl With Curves
Looking fabulous at any size comes down to learning how to dress your consistency in clothes that fit you perfectly. here ‘s a stand-out exemplar of a head-turning, plus size outfit that ‘s ultra-simple to put together but looks incredibly confident and polished .
A bootless top with tie-waist detail cinches your torso at its slimmest point, while stretchable, leg-hugging, dark skinny jeans ( these are Old Navy ) conform to your curves below the waist, creating a va-va-voom silhouette that ‘s sure to get you attention. clothing heels to elongate your legs to the soap, and carry an easy lug for all your essentials. We besides adore the amber bracelets seen in this expression, which remind us of Wonder Woman .

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floral Print Jacket and Jeans

Plus size jeans outfit
evanesce jeans look great paired with ash grey tones .
The Bigger Blog
here ‘s a cunning kit in vintage-wash plus size jeans ( these are Levi ‘s ) that you could wear to stand out at gallery openings, restaurant dinners, dressed up house parties, and date nights out. You ‘ll look sophisticate when you blend separates and accessories in eloquent tones with a lighter wash, plus size tight-fitting denim that conforms to your every curvature .

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chic Black and White Outfit

Plus size fashion - black jeans and striped top
Black, white and gorgeous all over for summer .
sometimes Glam
Create a chic, reasonably evening outfit that confidently shows off your every bend when you match figure-hugging, scraggy black denim plus size jeans with a cinched-waist peplum lead ( both jeans and peak seen here are by Fashion to Figure ). Worn with a great strapless brassiere to support your girls, this attention-grabbing look is ideal for wearing out on a date, or for other evening occasions when you want to be the kernel of attention .

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shred Jeans and Bold Patterns

Plus size jeans outfit with bold patterns
tire plus size jeans proudly with bluff and bright patterns .
Amarachi Ukachu

Forget everything you ‘ve heard about shying away from too-bold patterns or sticking to only one signature accessory when you ‘re plus size. You can look absolutely fabulous in bold styles, so why not adopt a “ more is more ” fashion philosophy ? Transform your usual casual day look in jean and make a statement when you put together a head-turning kit that pairs shred jeans ( such as this ultra-ripped pair by Thrifted ) with a bright or patterned top, such as the chicken polka dot perspirer seen here. then add a big purse in a stylishly clashing radiation pattern ( check out these tips for stylishly mixing patterns in your outfits ) and step out looking confident .

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Ruffled top and Ripped Jeans

Plus size fashion - ruffled top and skinny jeans
Create a cheerful summer outfit in jeans and ruffles .
In My Joi
Off the shoulder tops and ripped, cheeseparing jeans are trendy styles that play therefore well together. Create a head-turning spirit for casual summer days when you wear high waist, cheeseparing jeans ( those pictured here are from Forever 21 ) with a reasonably, ruffled, shoulder-baring top. Tuck in your top to highlight your shank and create aphrodisiac, hourglass curves, and have fun with accessories that show off your personality. We love the all-American vibration seen here, of crimson accents against a blue-toned equip .

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chic Daytime Style

Chic summer outfit in patchwork skinny jeans
chic summer outfit in patchwork scraggy jeans .
adorable in LA
chic summer style can be ampere simple as the right copulate of jeans and a simple black circus tent. You could well wear this outfit of rip and patched, skinny jeans ( these are by the Slink Jeans brand ) and a bootless black tunic for shopping with friends, or out on a date. Inject your personality into this classic look in skinny jeans by adding accessories in colors, patterns or fun shapes that show off your personal stylus .

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Longline Vest and Boyfriend Jeans

Street style in long vest and ripped jeans
Layer a long invest over boyfriend jeans for a chic casual effect .
Gorgeous in Grey
Ripped boyfriend jeans are a water closet basic, and can feel as comforting to wear as your favorite pajama. When you ‘re a woman of generous proportions, though, it ‘s easy to fall into looking overemotional or bigger than you actually are when you wear baggy denim. One sure way to avoid this is to pair your front-runner, cozy, boyfriend-style jeans ( those pictured here are from Forever 21 ) with a long, unbroken top layer, that elongates and slenderizes your overall look. A long-line singlet is a perfect choice for warm days when sleeves would be besides much. We love the choice here of an by chance feminine color, which adds dynamism and telegraph confidence .

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Floral Blouse and Skinny Jeans

plus size outfit in jeans and floral blouse
Look reasonably in a floral print blouse over plus size scraggy jeans .
Girl With Curves
When you need a cute outfit for backyard cook-out parties, outdoor evening concerts, or casual summer hangs with friends, put together this easy, pretty attend in lightly distressed tight-fitting jeans, such as this copulate from Old Navy. Dress up your favored pair of rip, slim-fitting jean when you wear them with a feminine, floral print blouse. A trendy wicker bag adds a going-on-a-picnic vibration that ‘s ideal for lazy summer days when you want people to notice your dash .

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Colored Denim Jeans and White Blouse for Summer

Summer street style in colored denim
Summer street style in discolor denim .
Curvy Girl Chic
On hot summer days, you want a bracing, pretty, blowy equip that can carry you stylishly through a day of sight-seeing or shop. We love this easy, well-accessorized summer equip in plus size jeans, which matches lightweight, ocean blue denim pants ( the rolled cuffs on this Democracy pair are a dainty allude ) with an airy, white cotton top in a trendy off-the-shoulder expressive style. A colorful purse in a seasonal floral print and strappy walk sandals dress this outfit up enough to take it through to the cocktail hour .

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Leopard Print Coat and Boyfriend Jeans

Street style in leopard print coat and cuffed jeans
Give a leopard coat modern border when you wear it with manacle jeans .
PS Its fashion
Leopard print has farseeing been a fashion staple for twist ladies but it can look a bit dowdy or date unless you intentionally style it to look advanced. Give new biography to a ex post facto, glamorous leopard print coat by wearing it over a chic striped top and colored wash boyfriend jeans ( these are by Eloquii ). Add flat ankle boots to keep your kit grounded, and enjoy the care you ‘ll get when you prowl the town in this equip .

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fall style : Faded Skinny Jeans and a Cardigan

Fall fashion look in jeans and a cardigan
Wear a coatigan to passage lighter jeans for fall.

My Curves and Curls
You may think of lighter-hued jean jeans as a summer staple, but you can easily transition fade washes of jean into fall and beyond by copying the fashionable rule seen here. style light-blue jeans, such as the Old Navy match here, for fall and winter by wearing them with a turtleneck in a deep, saturated tinge ( think burgundy, forest green, or chocolate brown ) and a long, cozy, nubby cardigan coat. A print perspirer adds ocular pastime up top, helping to balance your calculate when you wear lighter jeans .

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