How to wear an a-line skirt over 40

last week I challenged you all to translate a runway look and make it your own. Many of you felt that you can not relate to runway looks, but I would like to show you that they can be translated into big looks for women over 40 .
This time I selected these 2 images below showing a in truth pretty feminine front with an a-line skirt and blouse. In this particular look the blouse is tucked into the dame, but of course if this does not work for you then you can besides come up with an alternate solution .
I personally find a-line skirts identical flattering and easy to wear and I ’ molarity happy to see them back on drift. They look adept on about every charwoman when you wear them at the perfect length for your acme. Petites may want to shorten their skirts while tall women can get aside with lengths below the knees. The best duration for women over 40 is normally on clear of just above the knees. ( for more advice, check out my article on the perfective skirt length ).

Why are a-line skirts so great to wear?

Wearing an a-line skirt has many advantages :

  • They hide bulges, so no need for shapewear! This makes them easy and comfortable to wear
  • They accentuate your waist giving you a nice hourglass figure.
  • They are very feminine.
  • You can dress them up or down, depending on the fabric you choose and the tops you wear with them.
  • You can combine them with a large variety of shoes. They look great with pumps and high sandals. This season it’s also very popular to wear them with tight fitting booties. For winter they look great with long boots as well.
  • You can easily combine them with jackets and jumpers. Short cropped jackets will give your skirt a very modern look as well as the wide oversized jumpers that are popular now. Make sure that the jumpers are not too long, so we can still see a hint of your waist. Longer jackets can be belted to keep the nice hourglass silhouette.

Things to watch out for when wearing an a-line skirt

  • Choose your tops carefully. Selecting the wrong top can make your a-line skirt look frumpy. You cannot go wrong with short fitted tops or well-fitted blouses that are tucked. When wearing tops over your skirt, make sure that they are not too long or are belted. You can also surrender the waist line with wide jumpers or blouses, which is popular right now, but these are more challenging to wear. So check your mirror to see if you like the silhouette you are creating. You certainly don’t have to stick to the hourglass silhouette.
  • Make sure you pick the right length for your height. This can make a huge difference. Many need to be careful that the skirt is not too long.
  • Pay attention to shoes. They define how girly, modern or casual your look will be.

here is how any from mister american made interprets this spirit : “ I love this 50 ’ s inspired ‘ new look ’ with an “ a-line dame and a satiny top. ” It besides features a define waist which is something most of my looks have, ( at least the best ones. ) So this is a feminine attend that suits my curvy silhouette and I wear it often, using largely black skirts and tights to give the illusion of longer leg. I am quite bantam at 5 ’ 3″ thus besides tend to wear my skirts on the short side ; differently, I do not look as tall. ”
heather mixture from The Style Confessions is besides a big fan of the wide dame. She shows it a the top with a beautiful flower printed hedge and basic black top. Below she shows 2 a-line dresses which work just angstrom well as skirts .
Alice from Happiness at Midlife has besides chosen for a shorter version, skillfully combine with a gather white shirt and cardigan .
Greetje has applied many of the tips above. Her crimson dress is turned into a dame by combining it with a light cropped cardigan, belted for even more emphasis on the shank. Her second version is very pretty with that fabulous necklace stealing the appearance. At the mighty she shows that you don ’ thymine constantly need a inadequate top. A longer peak can work well besides when it sits tightly on your hip as is not excessively gloomy. The belt further emphasises the waist .
2 more great combinations from Greetje, proving that an a-line dress can be very versatile indeed .
here are some of my own options. I like the A-line black skirt and can create endless combinations with it. A shirt version is more flirty and girly while the longer version is more dressy and classic. The 2 combinations on the right prove that you don ’ thymine always have to tuck in your top or belt it. then long as they are inadequate enough and there is calm the trace of a shank, it will however look good .

I love my blank skirts a much as my black ones. This is my stream favorite. This detail skirt looks best with the tops tucked in so you can highlight the belt and the singular peak region of this annulus ( the belt is partially hidden at the sides ). For the below right attend, I was actually inspired by the photograph of the Guo Pei appearance, as one of the pictures highlights a big upstanding collar. The top below is the closest I could get to achieve that look .
I besides have a silk pink a-line skirt I like. If your hedge is wide enough you can actually wear it in many creative ways as I show here .
here is some more inspirations from my fashion inspiration color pinboard. I love the great semblance combinations and prints of these skirts .
image sources : 1, 2, 3, 4
Kay Kerns besides sent in this fabulous collage of how she would interpret the runway look for herself .
I hope you are convinced by nowadays that runways looks can be translated in such a way that they can work for you ! I think we should have a bite more fun with this, so I will share another runway spirit for us to ‘ translate ’. If you have a particular attend that you would love the 40+Style team and readers to help translate for you, then just leave a link to the expect in the comments .
Do you like wearing an A-line skirt? How would you wear it?

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