Striped skirt (95 photos): what to wear with a striped skirt, white-black, white, and blue and white and red skirt, pencil skirt, horizontal and vertical stripes

Skirt with stripes - easy correction of silhouette and spectacular print subject

  1. Features
  2. popular styles
  3. types of bars

    • vertical
    • horizontal
    • skew
    • A combination of different types of strips in a single annulus
  4. Popular color striped skirts

    • White-black
    • White and blue
    • red and White
  5. length

    • abruptly
    • midi
    • long
  6. Match me fat ?
  7. From what to wear ?

skirt with stripes – this is a classical that should be in the wardrobe of every woman as a reduce and exuberant. This hedge is cosmopolitan, because wonderfully combined with respective elements of the wardrobe .straight skirt in a transverse stripbright summer skirt with stripesLong summer skirt with stripes


To look beautiful, womanly and stylish in a striped dame, you must choose the correct style, stripes and colors. For example, a skirt with a upright comic strip typically has a length midi or maxi, but more horizontal airstrip decorates miniskirt skirts .Skirt mini horizontal strip If you are concerned in a diagonal band, then you should pay attention to the mannequin or midi with an asymmetrical brim hem .skirt with diagonal stripes szapahomSkirt in diagonal stripes short straight skirt in a vertical stripskirt with fringe in gorizontalnyyu stripSkirt average length in the vertical strip Do not forget about the degree of blockade skirts, because of this calculate, besides, much depends in creating a unique visualize. For exercise, a full skirt, decorated with stripes, draw attention to the hips .black-and-white skirt in the transverse stripfitting, straight-cut skirt with stripesblack and white mini skirt with stripesblack and white full skirt with stripesfull skirt with stripesfull skirt in a large strip Appearance skirt depends on the material used. For better suit models to choose fabric with a high concentration, the sum of synthetic fibers should be minimized. Sew a downy skirt should give preference to semi-transparent materials .summer skirt with stripessummer long skirt with stripeslong full skirt in white and green stripes The semblance pallette plays a boastfully function in choosing the skirt with stripes. There are the authoritative color combinations like ashen and black or white and blue, but in recent years experimented stylists and offer original combinations. so, it looks fashionable combination of several contrasting shades. It is potential to apply the effect to the coloring material gradirovaniya horizontal or vertical stripes. originally looks combination of different types of prints. For case, it is possible to alternate and heathen floral blueprint. This solution is perfect for summer striped skirts .skirt with wide colored stripesfitting skirt with original bandsstriped skirt original colorscolored skirt with stripes We need to think before you buy a hedge striped knitwear. This material is soft, it gives a digit of extra bulk, so the knit hedge slender women are more suitable. Women with a bosomy form can wear a surround made of jersey, but only straightaway snub and with a conventionalized strip .long skirt striped with a large incisionCombined skirt with stripeslong straight skirt with stripessuit with a skirt with stripesPancake full skirt with stripes

Popular styles

Designers create a variety show of styles of skirts stripes, strips offering original combinations using a diverseness of colors. Each style of this wardrobe detail has its own advantages. Choosing it should start from the situations in which you are planning to wear a skirt with stripes .Skirt-sun in small stripesBeach skirt with stripespencil skirt in the right-and-white striped Pencil skirt – This very popular style that is perfect for creating an image of the office. To it you can choose one-color blouse or jacket, then your image will be irresistible and elegant. Some people believe that this expressive style suitable only slender ladies .pencil skirt with stripes typically, the pencil skirt is decorated merely horizontal stripes, so does the emphasis on the waist and hips. Owners of trope types “ apple ” and “ rectangle ” in a skirt-pencil will look irresistible and fashionable .pencil skirt with stripespencil skirt with stripespencil skirt with stripes But deserving looking for this style with erect stripes, then it would be an ideal option for other name types .Pencil skirt in a vertical stripPencil skirt in a vertical strip Light skirt sun is ideal for parties and trips. She looks bang-up in tandem with T-shirts or tops. This style normally decorated with horizontal stripes, so it allows you to focus on the hips.

Polusolntse style – is a versatile option because it fits like a reduce and a sting fat girls .

Polusolntse skirt with stripesPolusolntse skirt with stripes In bicycle-built-for-two with a monochromatic shirt-blouse and stylish flog it is suitable for function style. Skirt in bright stripes, arrant with original topom – is a good choice for a party .long skirt-sun in a large strip To lean girls a good choice would be the bell annulus with horizontal stripes. This dash gives the human body of completeness. This expressive style allows you to adjust the calculate, the main thing – the justly to combine different types of bands .Skirt-bell in a large strip

types of bars


vertical stripes absolutely suited complete low girls, because they help to visually make the silhouette improbable and slender. But it must be remembered that the very broad band can suppress the gravity of the design. Slender women can stay on the skirt with vertical stripes, and the choice of its width depends entirely on personal preference. lone high girls should avoid it prints, therefore as not to aggravate the situation .colored skirt in vertical stripeswhite and blue skirt in vertical stripes


Horizontal stripe slender match women, it attracts the attention of others and helps in creating a brilliantly and memorable way. This band is not suitable girls with a big thorax and across-the-board hips, as she pulls the silhouette width .white and blue skirt in horizontal stripesshort skirt in horizontal stripesskirt in orange and black stripes specially horizontal stripes is that it allows you to visually create harmony between top and penetrate. This print is arrant youthful women with a bosomy hips and narrow shoulders .skirt with uneven horizontal stripesbright skirt in horizontal stripesmidi skirt with transparent stripes


To create a romantic, feminine look absolutely desirable skirt in a transparent plunder. It gives the silhouette of elation, airiness. The hedge can be of any duration, it is an individual choice. guileless isthmus makes this component of the wardrobe elegant and grave .skirt transparent strip


skirt with oblique lines of light or blue color blends perfectly with unlike wardrobe items. If you find the correctly model for hedge body type, then you will be able to experience the feel of light and airiness, flush if the very fabric of different density .skirt oblique stripes

A combination of different types of strips in a single skirt

Different width stripes in vogue nowadays. Look great on a cold strip background, the colors may be on the contrast .Mixed stripes on the skirtMixed stripes on the skirt If you choose the right respective types of bands, then you can create a unique stylish room to hide figure flaws .skirt with colored stripes of different kinds Long skirt with stripes of different kinds medium-length skirt with stripes of different kinds

Popular color striped skirts


Striped skirt is constantly in vogue, and a white-and-black color scheme is vsemilyubimoy authoritative .Striped skirt with a white top

Designers offer to pick up under a brilliantly skirt blouse to look stylish and excessive. An excellent choice is the yellow blouse, bright and memorable .

skirt in white and black strip is desirable for creating a business image. It should be put on a rigorous snow-white blouse and stylish scarf joint bright colors .white and black skirt in a transverse stripwhite and black striped skirt

White and blue

many designers give preference to models that combine strips of white and blue. These skirts are much like the authoritative vest or associated with marine stylus .White-blue skirt with stripes White-blue skirt will create a romantic picture. It will look great with a white blouse, sandals or light colors with a pale yellow hat. White and blue annulus is the way of the center, and all other elements of the wardrobe lone to emphasize its importance .skirt in blue and white stripesmini skirt in blue and white stripeslong skirt in blue and white stripes

Red and White

skirt in crimson and white stripes are in demand, but it is necessary to be careful in the excerpt of clothes for such a model, because the ill-timed combination will look flashy. you can wear the hedge with a brusque crown in blank or crimson coloring material .skirt in red and white stripes



Mini-skirts are constantly democratic with the girls, in fact allow to emphasize shapely leg. During summer, this choice uses the extra demand .Skirt with stripes today, the course of manner tulip and trapeze. Striped skirt abruptly length is perfect slender girls. If the figure is not perfect, then why not choose a skirt duration musical instrument digital interface or maxi .mini-skirt oblique stripesmini skirt in red and white stripesmini skirt in black-and-white striped


Midi annulus – the classical adaptation, which is suitable for everybody the fair sex. Its duration may range from just above the knee to above the ankle to approximately 10 centimeters .Midi skirt with stripes

It is worth to try different styles of this length, because everyone looks fashionable, deluxe and beautiful. The downy hedge is pencil or a-line stripes will help to create a fashionable and sophisticated image at any time of the year .

midi skirt in a wide strippencil skirt mid-lengthmidi skirt in a wide blue and white stripes


today, long stripe skirt is at the top out of popularity. They are desirable for the hot summer, because made of reduce, light fabrics. Skirts this length can be worn absolutely all women .Long skirt in a colored bar In general, they are decorated with horizontal or diagonal clean. solid color exceed or T-shirt will give the effigy of woo and femininity .long skirt with stripesMaxi skirt with stripesMaxi skirt with stripes of different kinds

Match me fat?

only by rights chosen striped surround allows to hide design flaws and draw care to its merits. Every girl can look beautiful and elegant thanks to correctly picked a clean skirt. The chief thing is that the strip is vertical and thin, because it is such an option will help create a slender and elegant silhouette .striped skirt for full To hide hardy thigh brilliant embodiment will skirt in a erect strip, therefore it is possible to choose raskloshenny or trapezoidal fashion. The denude may be specialize or culture medium, but designers are increasingly incline to combining these two types of bands .Skirt to complete in the vertical stripSkirt to complete in the vertical strip If you want to hide a fiddling pot or for fraught women it is a brilliant option surround in aslant stripes. It is worth remembering that the horizontal bar only emphasizes progressive body shape, so it should be avoided .gray skirt in diagonal stripes

From what to wear?

Striped skirt – it ‘s a universal matter that can be combined harmoniously with a variety of wardrobe items. It is worth to remember a few significant rules :

blue and white striped short skirtstriped skirt for winter It is worth to remember a few important rules :

  • Skirt with stripes can be combined only with self-colored things, because the skirt becomes a major focus in creating the image.
  • It looks nice bands repetition, because the top has to have some shades and stripes direction, which are present on the skirt. For example, the jacket can be decorated the same as the strips on the sleeves and the skirt, and thus have a soft solid color background.
  • Originally looks combination of opposites. You can use the same image several bands directed in different directions, but they should be the same width and color. If the skirt is decorated with horizontal stripes, the jacket can pick up with the vertical.
  • It should focus on the choice of material. For example, the skirt lace strip can be combined with clothing elements that repeat fabric or lace tape. Excellent option will lace ballet flats Do lacy blouse.

striped skirt with coral jacketstriped skirt with a lace vrhomstriped skirt in combination with a T-shirt Striped dame looks great in combination with monochrome blouse or top, decorated with original pattern. But it is deserving remembering that if the hedge has a broad strip, that blouse should be different. For example, it is possible to choose the top with a thin strip. To create a ex post facto effigy suitable blouse hard-and-fast cut, but the tops or shirts with ties bring the image of gaiety and lightness .Striped skirt combined with a monochrome blouse Striped skirt paired with white topomStriped skirt combined with a monochromatic shirtFrom what to wear skirt with stripesFrom what to wear skirt with stripesFrom what to wear skirt with stripesFrom what to wear skirt with stripesFrom what to wear skirt with stripesFrom what to wear skirt with stripes identical beautiful hedge striped top from the like fabric, but only from a different focus bars. This assembly will help to emphasize the chest, hips or shoulders. To complement the picture, add bright colors, it is necessity to pick undimmed accessories .skirt and blouse with a different direction of the strips

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