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Black and white stripes are a fun, achromatic blueprint that can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down to grab your dawn coffee bean. The design is playfulness but besides neutral adequate to play around with and pair with other fun colors and designs. No matter what kind of black and white striped outfit you ’ ra erosion, hera are some arouse ways you can complete your spirit .

Add a pop of color

One of the best ways to dress up a total darkness and white strip shirt is to incorporate a start of color. Both black and white are versatile shades, so you can pair them with closely any color under the sun ! If you want something boldface, choose a skirt, copulate of pants, or crown in a brilliantly discolor like crimson or scandalmongering. For a more understate count, choose a grey-blue or light green. Adding color to the equip besides includes accessories, so don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be afraid to grab your most vibrant necklaces, bandanas, and belts to complete the look .
Smiling woman wearing black and white stripes

Commit to the black and white look

To keep your outfit modern and satiny, stick with the dual-tone spirit. Select other black and white pieces like a pencil surround or patent leather jacket. This contemporary equip is the ideal day-to-night look — it ’ south master enough for the agency, but it can besides be dressed up to go out with friends. If you like the mod search but want to add a little variety to your kit, accessorize with other neutral colors and top off your black and ashen kit with grey or tangent shoes and other accessories .

Layer up

Stripes are perfect for layering. A cute jacket can make all the difference when you ’ re putting together an kit with black and white stripes. Overalls are always fun to wear with stripes, adding a tied of sophistication to the attend. additionally, a jean or faux leather jacket can pull together a strip dress absolutely.

Try the Parisian look

Black and whiten stripes are quintessential french overdress, so channel your inside Coco Chanel when planning your next strip outfit. Skinny Breton stripes are a raw material of french expressive style, inspired by 19th-century sailors and popularized as a chic hoydenish classical during the 1950s and 1960s. Pair a leach shirt with black jeans and a trench coating or with a cute skirt and silk scarf. To truly commit to the french expression, try on a beret with your stylish stripes .
Woman wearing striped shirt and sun hat

Choose a statement piece

Accessories can make or break any equip. To best compliment your black and white stripes, choose a bold statement nibble, whether that be a diskette sun hat, long necklace, or dangly earrings. You can besides use this opportunity to add a little more tinge to your outfit and incorporate a bright purse or couple of shoes to elevate your look and make it a little more interesting .

Mix patterns

We know it can be chilling to mix patterns without looking like you got dressed in the dark. If you ’ re smart about it, though, mixing patterns can be a chic and defy expect. Because black and flannel are both neutral tones and stripes are a elementary traffic pattern, you have a lot of options. If you ’ rhenium wearing cheeseparing stripes, consider pairing them with a bluff, graphic pattern. Or, if you ’ re worry about going overboard, choose a circumscribed color palette. texture can be a type of design besides, so don ’ t be afraid to add garments made out of sail, chiffon, silk, and other materials that add diverseness to your spirit. This will create a cohesive ensemble that is still a fortune of playfulness !

Black and whiten stripes come in all forms and sizes. They can be fun and playful or satiny and contemporaneous, depending on how you vogue them. Though this pattern is fun on its own, energy yourself to add other elements that jazz it up. By incorporating a start of color, adding statement jewelry, layering, or mixing patterns, your strip piece will look perplex every time you wear it out. american samoa farseeing as you ’ re confident in what you ’ ra wear, you ’ re sealed to feel runway-ready !
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