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how to style a black blazer for womenDiane wearing a kobi halperin black blazer in Paris One of the most basic staple pieces to any woman ’ mho wardrobe is a black blazer. traditionally when you are thinking about how to style a black blazer for women your heed instantaneously goes to pairing it with suit pants. however, if you ’ re like me, you ’ re not always going to be wanting to pair the black blazer with suit pants, you ’ ll want a more casual look. today I ’ megabyte going to contribution with you some tips and tricks on how to style a bootleg blazer for women. After you finish reading this article, my hope is that you ’ ll be able to style your blacken blazer more than a traditional agency rig .

history of the women ’ mho blazer

what to wear under a black blazerDiane wears a black blazer for a day out in Paris For a quick history example, In 1914, Coco Chanel saw an opportunity to take a traditional men ’ s invest musical composition ; the black blazer and repurpose it for women. Chanel was able to modernize the courtship and was credited for the first female suit. Back in 1914, the suit jacket and bottom typically matched. today, there is more tractability when it comes to styling a black blazer. Below I ’ ve broken down for you what type of top to wear under your blazer, what pants go best with a black blazer, how to accessorize your kit and finishing off with what shoes to wear. The good newsworthiness, is that women have a batch of flexibility when it comes to styling a black blazer .
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what to wear with a black blazer womenPairing a black blazer with a white v neck camisole

What type of top do you wear under your total darkness blazer ?

One of the most common debates is what to wear under a black blazer. Is it a satiny clear, a cotton clear, plain color, or impersonal. With so many different options, it ’ sulfur hard to pinpoint precisely what you should wear. In my opinion, I always go for styling with a basic neutral color, such as dark blue, light pink, grey, or even black. For me, that color is egg white. If I ’ thousand going for a more casual look. I wore a basic five neck camisole because I wanted the focus on the black blazer. This blazer by Kobi Halperin has dramatic sleeves making it an attention grabber. I wanted to make sure the top I wore underneath it was subtle, hence the white top.
Another option, if you are looking for a more illusion look is to layer it with a silk camisole .
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aurate stackable ringsDiane wearing stackable rings from Aurate

How do you accessorize a black blazer ?

You ’ ve credibly heard the say, it ’ mho all about the details, and when you style a blazer that ’ s absolutely discipline ! What better way to add a small detail, than some jewelry ? For me, I constantly love wearing gold. Gold hardware on my purses, amber necklaces, gold rings, even my engagement ring is gold. For this expect I wore these gorgeous Au-rate rings. One thing I constantly love doing with my rings is stacking, mixing and matching. today, I paired the bend ring from with a sparse gold band both from Au-Rate. I ordered a smaller size on the gold band causing the other gold band to sit higher on my finger .
As I mentioned above, by wearing the bootleg leather pants, I felt it was a more of a nightlife spirit. With that being said, I paired the integral outfit with a black valentino bulge with gold hardware. This bag is great for a night out and can fit my call, wallet, and metro menu inwardly !
how to wear black pants with a blazerAll smiles as Diane poses in a black blazer and black Leather pants

What character of pants do women wear with the black blazer ?

The pants that you wear with a black blazer will change the entire expect of the kit, and besides the mood you set : professional, casual, nightlife, etc. For me, I paired the blacken blazer and white top with bootleg leather pants. I love the way the fabrics contract with each other. By doing this, I have made the outfit more formal. This look is perfect for a night out or a dinner date .
If you are looking for an evening more casual expect, then I decidedly recommend light blue jeans to be paired with the black blazer. In Paris, I ’ ve seen both skinny jeans and “ boyfriend ” fit jeans styled with a traditional total darkness blazer. I love both of these choices for pants because it in truth gives women the casual, so far classical and dateless look all bundled into one .
how to wear a black blazerDiane Coletta styled a Kobi Black Blazer Shop Leather Pants

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What type of shoes do women prefer when styling the black blazer ?

I think the type of shoes you wear very depends on which type of pants you wear. While looking through my closet, I knew I had to tire heels. I wore this outfit for a night out. If you want a more free-and-easy attend or even walkable shoes I ’ five hundred highly consider wearing a trendy tennis shoes, flats or even a pair of booties .
When I styled this outfit with the dramatic sleeves on the blazer, the white volt neck camisole top, and the leather pants, I knew I had to pair it with a copulate of black pumps .
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recapitulation on how to expressive style a black blazer for women

In short, the best direction to style a black blazer is pairing it with a ashen v-neck camisole and a pair of leather pants. The contrast of the two different fabrics of the blazer and the leather makes for an extremist chic look. finally, grab some gold jewelry and a pair of heels and there you have it, the ultimate way to manner a black blazer for a free-and-easy count or night out .
One of my absolute favorite things about women wearing a blazer jacket is that it will instantaneously elevate your front. I ’ vitamin d love to hear how you dash a black blazer .
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sincerely Petite in Paris,

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