Three ways to wear corduroy trousers

Ah, once again we face the long-standing riddle of corduroy. Despite its mention translating from french to ‘ cord of the King ’, the interrogate of its coolness however floats about. We ’ re hera to settle the debate once and for all : corduroy is cool, hard-wearing, and versatile. Plus, it stands out without being in-your-face about it. Before we launch into the versatility of corduroy trousers, a moment of appreciation is in order for your history teacher at school, whose corduroy get-ups weren ’ metric ton angstrom admired as they should have been. From smart to casual and somewhere in-between, this is how to wear corduroy trousers in every setting .


The easiest room to incorporate cord into your free-and-easy dress is with a simple trade. “ Take a go-to weekend outfit of a casual check overshirt, a sweatshirt and jeans, and replace the jean for the more unique option of cords alternatively, ” Thread hairdresser Alice Watt advises. “ The texture of cord will make your casual outfit look more haptic and considered. ” In accession to this, corduroy offers you the opportunity to incorporate a act more coloring material into your clothing. “ Corduroy items come in a medley of adorable colours that are truly wearable and not polarising, ” Alice says. “ In this fooling count, the rest of the equip is tonal to complement the trousers. ”

Smart casual

Because cord trousers are more laid-back than tailored ones, however more raised than a pair of jeans, they are kings of smart casual dressing. broadly, the dark the semblance, the smart the look becomes. hera, Alice has styled a copulate of olive green, drawstring cord trousers with a loose, taper paroxysm to maintain a more laid-back feel when presented alongside a chunky yet refined cable knit. The streamlined black leather of the hiking boots contributes to the smart aesthetic, while the thick yellow laces err on the casual side. “ As ever, it ’ s all about balance, ” Alice says. “ The only view of this look that doesn ’ metric ton need overthinking are the corduroy trousers as, with their texture and color, they strike the libra absolutely. ”


And ultimately, how does one dress up a humble couple of cords so they don ’ metric ton look out of place at a swish dinner party ? Easy. As the texture feels distinguished in itself, it doesn ’ t take much to make cord blend in with a more courtly expression. When doing thus, choose for sharper, slender fit that ’ s more sew and choose a dark or fat jewel note. “ I ’ ve gone for dark shades here to truly nail that ‘ smart ’ spirit, ” Alice explains. “ The collar of the polo besides gives off a formal vibration, while the integrated overcoat and suede cloth shoes are extremely sophisticated. ” So – whether you ’ re dressing up or down, fooling or cultivated, the flip ‘s the restrict with corduroy. special cry out to Mr Orme from educate – you had it justly all along, honest-to-god frolic.

Words : Ashiana Pradhan
Photography : Jamie Stoker
Styling : Alice Watt
Styling assistant : Alexander McCalla

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Category : Fashion

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