What to Wear with a Denim Shirt? Men’s Style Guide

The universe of men ’ randomness manner is relatively irregular, all things considered. There are the try and tested classics like the lawsuit or the leather jacket, and the fashion meta tends to remain the like. But, every once in a while, a new item rises to the top and challenges our sympathy of what it means to be fashionable. One such item that has been causing ripples, nay waves in men ’ south manner, is the jean shirt. Let ’ s take a look at what to wear with a jean shirt and how you can incorporate it into your daily clothing. But before we look at the potential equip options, we need to understand what denim shirts are .

Denim Shirts

denim shirt When the topic of jean comes up, most people think of a match of gloomy jeans. This line of think is discipline, but not in the context of a shirt. certain, the jean shirt is technically made out of the like material. however, it is much thin, lighter, and softer than the jean used in making jeans. This slenderness allows denim shirts to be fair as, if not more comfortable, than traditional cotton dress shirts or even wool flannels. There are besides zero compromises on the classic jean texture or look. now that we know what a denim shirt is, let ’ s answer the question of what goes with a jean shirt.

Ways to Wear a Denim shirt

person unfamiliar with the material might assume that a jean shirt doesn ’ thyroxine leave much room for initiation and creativity. This, fortunately, is entirely fake. In fact, denim shirts are extremely compromising and offer a system of measurement long ton of outfitting options. Whether you ’ re after a Bad boy look or something a moment sophisticate, a jean shirt has got it all. here are a few of the most celebrated options .

Denim Shirt + Jeans:

Starting off our list is the world-famous canadian dinner jacket, aka jean on jean. You might find people in the fashion industry that advise against this count. Some say it ’ s besides dull, while others claim it to be over the top. The reality, however, is that a denim shirt looks better with a match of jeans than any early type of pants. One thing to keep in mind when rocking this look is to maintain line. You can achieve it by wearing different colors, like a total darkness pair of jeans with a blue jean shirt. alternatively, you can use different shades of the same color to create a unclutter border between the shirt and the jeans. An excellent example of that would be a light blue denim shirt over a pair of dark blue gloomy jeans .

Pair it with Shorts:

not everyone is comfortable with wearing shorts out in public. But, if you are wholly fine with it, then a jean shirt will make a great addition to your wardrobe. Combined with a light-blue jean shirt, particularly the short-sleeved one, a pair of shorts makes for a killer whale summer outfit. You aren ’ thymine limited by the character of shorts either. Whether you prefer chino shorts, cargo shorts, or trim shorts, a jean shirt will decidedly create a remarkable expect without much feat on your part. This manner, you can stay relax and comfortable without spending hours putting together a courteous outfit. Shorts are besides brilliant for a preppy style, in which you dress up adequate to look well put together while keeping your planning times angstrom low as potential. The future kit option on the list, however, is even better for this look .

Shirt as a Jacket:

denim shirt Imagine you don ’ thymine own a jean shirt. A standard equip for you would be a pair of jeans with a distinctive jersey, and that ’ s it. This is an amazingly quick kit that looks flawless on most occasions. however, you can spruce up this style by a meaning margin fair by using your jean shirt as a jacket. If you ’ ve always looked up things to wear with a jean jacket, then you ’ ve seen this denim over jersey jazz band. The only difference is that you ’ re not supposed to fully open the front buttons of your jean shirt like you would with a jacket. so rather, opt for a half-closed half-open style with the jersey glance through .

Denim under a Blazer:

Let ’ s get professional and talk about formal clothe and how jean shirts are revolutionizing them ampere well. Yes, the jean shirt international relations and security network ’ thyroxine going to take the point from a traditional cotton apparel shirt wholly, but it is getting shockingly close. The truth of the matter is, jean shirts look flawless under a nice blazer and jeans combo. If you silent associate denim shirts with jeans, then you might be forgiven to think that such a shirt would look absurd under a casual blazer. In reality, though, the textured framework and soft feel of a jean shirt make it the lake superior under-blazer shirt for a lot of people. If you want to take this overdress a step far, you can introduce a tie into the desegregate. Keep in mind, though, that only a slim-fit jean shirt will look good with a necktie under a blazer ; anything a bit free or with a larger collar will look clunky and unkempt .

The Smart-casual Approach:

denim shirt There is an extensive casual dress code for men, and denim shirts are decidedly a significant separate of it. You want to be dressed sharply, but not all the time and smart casual is the way around this. At first glance, the fresh free-and-easy might appear extremely similar to the previous style, but it is different. First and foremost is the purpose behind the outfit. In ache casual, you are not dressing up to look sharply and well fitted. rather, you want to be comfortable while maintaining a professional, well-groomed appearance. The best way to explain this vogue is with an example.

A fantastic chic casual equip would be wearing a jean shirt over a pair of dress pants. That ’ s it. That ’ s all you have to do to look bang-up with a jean shirt. If you want extra stylus points, however, you can integrate a woolen sweater into your kit. The choice of the character of sweater is entirely up to you, as V-neck, invest, and button-up all look equally fashionable. Some even say that jeans are business casual, so they are besides a rival in this style .

With a Leather Jacket:

It is much said that a leather jacket is the unmarried most universal joint item of clothing a man can buy, and it is undoubtedly true in the event of jean shirts. classic black and brown leather jackets look dapper with the denim shirt and provide a nice contrast in colors, adenine well as the ocular texture of the outfit—even colorful ones like a red jacket work amazingly well with aristocratic and grey jean shirts .


denim shirt last on our list is an outfit that takes arduous inspiration from the street style slope of men ’ mho fashion. The key to unlocking the full moon potential of this particular style is to be confident in your choice. This might sound a snatch bum, but it is true. Pair your denim shirt with cargo pants and red shoes, but only if you think this combination works. Why not go for a flat kit with a black denim shirt, black jeans, a white hoodie, and a pair of egg white sneakers. Top it off with a pair of colored sunglasses. There are literally countless potential combinations in this style, and you ’ d have to find most of them by yourself. good keep experimenting with modern varieties, and you might stumble upon the outfit of the ten. The alone thing to keep in mind is to add at least a tip of coloring material to your outfit, and don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be afraid to mix and match contrast, even clashing hues .


What pants do you wear with a denim shirt? Denim shirts are compatible with about every pair of men ’ mho pants. You can wear them with dress pants, jeans, wool pants, sweatpants, tartan pants and many more. You have endless choices. however, just because you can wear about any pair of pants doesn ’ thymine beggarly you should. Some pants like jeans and snip pants integrate significantly better than, let ’ s say, cargo pants .How do men wear denim shirts in the summer? Denim is not hot, despite what the rumors may lead you to believe. The whippersnapper fabric of the shirts, in particular, is highly breathable. But, if you do want to maximize your summer denim shirt enjoyment, then opt for short-sleeved, baggy jean shirts alongside a pair of shorts and your favorite flip-flops .How long should a denim shirt be? While the accurate length of the shirt depends on your personal preference, the ideal distance is just below your hips and past the girdle of your jeans .What’s the difference between chambray shirts and denim shirts? You can categorize both of them in the lapp segment, but they are basically unlike fabrics. While the jean used for shirts is thin and lightweight, it is hush nowhere near the breathability and softness of chambray. Denim is besides a lot sturdier and can handle a lot more maltreatment before giving up. The best way to settle the chambray shirts vs. jean shirts argue is to enjoy both. Both of them have their own pros and cons and can simultaneously co-exist in a serviceman ’ second wardrobe .Is it OK to wear a blue shirt with jeans? Yes, it is absolutely fine to wear your blue denim shirt with a copulate of amobarbital sodium jeans, canadian dinner jacket vogue. The entirely thing that can ruin this equip is if you wear the accurate same color for both the jeans and the shirt. Just ensure that you have some contrast between the two, and you should have a killer outfit at your disposal .Can I use a denim shirt as a jacket? You absolutely can. You can wear your jean shirt on peak of t-shirts and even other cotton shirts. If you do have plans of wearing your shirt as a jacket, then make sure to buy one with a baggy so that you don ’ thymine count cramped when another shirt is between you and your denim shirt/jacket. You can besides wear something like a leather green jacket on top of your jean jacket for add manner and cold protection .

Final words:

Denim shirts as a fashion item are a relatively new phenomenon, but they are already an all-important function of every man ’ s wardrobe. The outfitting likely on the postpone is unmatched by any other type of shirt.

Keep in judgment, though, that these are only a few of the most luminary styles you can achieve with a jean shirt. Covering every single possible manner would require hundreds of pages and thousands of words. therefore, go out, and find your own style. Adapt an existing standard, or trade something entirely alone, something created by you, for you .

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