3 Ways to Wear a Flannel Shirt

Fall is quickly approaching, and with that comes cosy, and trendy, looks and ways to style your clothes .
One of this seasons most important wardrobe piece is the Flannel Shirt –  if it is not in your wardrobe already, you need to add it ! There are so many ways to style this one piece of clothe ; tie it around you waist, wear it open as a “ sweater-jacket ”, wear it with leggings, wear it with jeans .. endless possibilities !
We have narrowed down some of our favorite ways to wear your Flannel Shirt. Make sure to comment and let us know what you think, and add any style suggestions we might have left out !

Wear it as a ….Shirt.

Ok, so, the first option on how to style your flannel shirt is to wear it buttoned up, as you would with a cotton full-dress shirt. Remember the flannel shirt already by itself gives off a quite casual look, indeed do n’t pair it with besides dressy clothing as it will barely look strange. Pair it with jeans to keep the casual-look-theme going and to stay trendy.
Check out these two different looks: First we have a classic red flannel shirt, paired with jeans – fooling, young, trendy .

The second count is more mature ; the orange flannel shirt paired with slacks and nude eminent heels .

Though the looks are at first sight not that unlike, the vibes they give off are opposite one another. The beginning look is young and fun, the second look is trendy and mature .

Wear it as a Jacket

Wear your flannel shirt open as a cardigan or jacket ; layer it on top of a tank-top or t-shirt and pair it with jeans or leggings. As the shirt is unbuttoned, it makes the look even more casual so leave it casual by not adding excessively many accessories. Keep it plain and simple .
Flannel shirt_open

Tie it Around Your Waist

Your flannel shirt doesn’t actually have to be worn as a regular shirt to be on trend this seasontie around your waist!
Make sure the shirt is unbuttoned before you tie it around you waist or the look will crash and fail. This looks works for fooling weekends ; Brunch, lunch with friends .. casual, comfortable and trendy. Choose which outfit you want to wear depending on the weather where you live, then plainly tie your flannel shirt around your waist and habit it, about, as an accessory to complete your look ( it ‘s besides convenient for chillier days as you can always untie it and put the shirt on ! ).

Comment & tell us how you wear your flannel shirt! 

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