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Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dudes Shoes ? [ Yes or No ] Hey Dude is one of the most flexible and comfortable footwear brands that is presently leading the footwear market. These shoes are extremely comfortable and versatile as they are made of cotton and canvas. Hey Dudes, founded in 2008, makes some of the best loafers and slip-on style shoes. They produce high-quality shoes made of breathable sail with a cushion footbed for add breathability. They have soft fabric linings, foam midsole, and EVA ( Ethyl Vinyl Acetate ) outsole.

Hey Dudes shoes are highly lightweight, weighing only 5 to 6 oz. Hey Dudes are available in a diverseness of colors and have a very classy appearance. The ultra-lightweight outsole allows this brake shoe to flex and fold with ease. They are sometimes flush better than Sanuks and are most recommend for people with wide feet. Hey Dude guarantees that they are made of 100 % cotton, making these shoes highly breathable. The best thing about Hey Dudes is that they are low-cost and have a low price range. But, with all of these features, we have a bunch of questions about how comfortable hey dudes are, what kind of socks to wear with them, do you wear socks with hey dudes or not, can you wash them in the wash machine or not and many more. So, Do you wear socks with Hey Dudes Or Not? Hey Dude shoes can be worn with or without socks. They’re also suitable for wearing barefoot. They have a flexible and cushioned footbed that keeps your feet firm and breathable whether you wear them with or without socks. The cotton and canvas material of Hey Dudes allows air to circulate through them, making them ideal for wearing without socks too. however, to be on the safer side and to prevent foot problems such as fungal infections, blisters, bunions, or bruises. It is highly recommended to wear socks with Hey Dudes. In this station, we ’ ll go over everything you need to know about Hey dude, including whether or not you can wear them with socks, what to wear with hey dudes, and which hey dudes are best without socks.

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Is It Necessary to Wear Socks When Wearing Hey Dudes? 

Socks are substantive for protecting your feet from friction, fungal infection, and blisters caused by shoes. Socks can help prevent your feet from freezing if you stay in places where it is extremely cold. If you alone wear shoes without socks, you are likely allowing some cold to penetrate your feet but not wholly. Shoes do not absorb moisture either, but socks do. Hey Dudes are extremely lightweight and comfortable. However, wearing socks with them adds an extra layer of protection to your feet, thus wearing socks with Hey Dudes is recommended but not essential. If you can keep your feet dry and care for them while wearing Hey Dudes without socks, then you will not have any foundation problems. In summer, socks can stink. With their double lace options, Hey Dudes makes it dim-witted to wear them with or without low-cut socks .

4 Features of Hey Dudes That Make It Ideal for Wearing Without Socks

Extremely Lightweight 

Hey Dudes is one of the most whippersnapper shoes you ’ ve always worn. They weigh an average of 5 to 6 oz ( 150 to 170 gram ), making them the lightest shoes when compared to other shoes that weigh more than 9 to 10 oz ( 270 to 290 grams ). Hey Dude ’ s whippersnapper design is due to their shoe construction, which includes an EVA outsole, a light foam midsole, and a coated fabric upper berth. Hey Dude is so faint because they feature bend and fold engineering a well as ultralight insoles .

Elastic Upper 

Hey Dudes have a highly praised compromising and rubber band upper. Hey Dude Wally Canvas has a cotton analyze upper while Hey Dude Wally Sox Classic has a stretchable textile upper. This upper helps to stretch the feet when necessary to elongate and shape the shoes to your feet. They are typically constructed with a canvas, pucker, or stretchable amphetamine. The Hey Dudes upper provides you with the benefit of not having to worry about blisters, bunions, or bruises while wearing them all day. The cotton amphetamine improves the breathability, security, and flexibility of your feet .

Superior Cushioning

Hey Dude ’ s built-in flex and flock engineering is key for the foot cushioning. They besides have foam memory insoles and ultra-light soles, making them extremely cushioned for your feet. They besides have a cushioned footbed and a indulgent fabric trace, which add to the Hey Dude ’ mho comfort. They ’ re besides ideal for individuals with wide feet, as they allow your toes to bend and improve animal foot movement without limitation .


Hey Dude shoes besides don ’ t have the lapp cubby paroxysm as lace-up shoes do. Elastic straps across the cad and sides of the Hey Dudes provide extra traction. They come with laces, although the purpose of the lace is to aid with minor adjustments. Hey Dudes are ideal for all types of feet, including wide feet. They are extremely comfortable and include elastic bands that provide a secure hold on the heels and sides. They offer a politic match along the heel side and a idle grip to keep the shoes in place while walking or jog. Due to the ease of equip, they can be worn all sidereal day without causing any infantry problems

Why You Should Wear Hey Dudes With Socks?

Wearing socks with shoes provides several advantages, including protecting your feet from foot infection and disease. The follow are some of the advantages of wearing socks with shoes :

  • It keeps your feet warm by preventing cold air from penetrating through the socks.
  • It functions as an extra layer of protection over your shoes and helps to eliminate foul odors produced by sweat glands.
  • Maintains the firmness of your feet and reduces rubbing between your feet and your shoes.
  • Help avoid fungal growth and also protect the feet from blisters, abrasions, scars, bunions, and bruises.
  • Absorbs moisture and provides extra cushioning to the feet.
  • Socks also keep your feet from cracking and itching. 
  • They also coordinate along with the outfit you wear. 

Which Hey Dudes Shoes Are Best To Wear Without Socks?

therefore, you have decided to go sockless with Hey Dudes Shoes but can you wear all hey dudes without socks ? Yes, you can but there are few which will fit absolutely without socks .

Hey Dude Men’s Wally Woven Loafer 

Hey Dude Men’s Wally Loafer is a pair of ultrasoft, extremely comfortable, and high-quality shoes. They are made of fabric and can be worn with or without socks. They have a soft oxford lining made of fabric. They have a obliterable insole that is cushioned with memory foam to provide excellent foot comfort. Hey Dude Men ’ mho Wally besides has a double beating choice for re-adjusting the shoes to fit the foot. They are highly light, with an upper make of weave textile material. The removable insoles help in the reduction of fret and smell caused by drawn-out practice. They are extremely versatile and can be worn with virtually any equip. These shoes are made in the low-top chukka stylus. And the shoes weigh approximately 6 oz ( 170 grams ). They are besides machine washable and durable. Hey Dude Men’s Wally Loafer is sanely priced .

Hey Dudes Women’s Wendy Funk 

Hey Dudes Women’s Wendy Funk comes in a assortment of coloring material options and is one of the best women ’ randomness Hey Dudes shoes you can wear with any outfit. These shoes are wholly lightweight and stylish. They have a fortune of features in addition to their attractive design. They are the best shoes if you want whippersnapper shoes for day by day use, then go with Hey Dudes Women’s Wendy. They ’ ra made of framework with synthetic soles. The upper berth is made of textile fabric, which gives your outfit a modern look. When wearing these shoes, the movement of the feet improves because they provide flexibility and quilt at the lapp time. They besides have a removable insole, which aids in the preservation of the brake shoe. As they are visually appealing, these shoes are completely versatile and can be careworn daily. however, they are not intended for heavy-duty use. Whether you wear them with or without socks, they provide the finest fit for your feet .

Hey Dudes Women’s Wendy Chambray

Wendy Chambray by Hey Dudes is made of cotton and has received plus feedback from customers. It has one of the most appealing and fashionable plan shoes. These shoes are besides extremely light, weighing only about 5 oz ( 150 grams ). They have cushioned memory foam, which adds to the comfort of these shoes. They have double lace options that allow you to adjust the laces to suit your feet. This place amphetamine is made of cotton and poll and features flex and fold engineering. They are ideal for gifting because of their high versatility, attractive plan, and comfort. If you are a half size, it is best to go up a size when purchasing Hey Dudes Women’s Wendy Chambray. If you intend to wear them without socks, they will not let you down .

Hey Dudes Men’s Wally Sox Loafer

Hey Dudes Sox Loafer is one of the top-rated Hey Dudes shoes for men. They are one of the lightest and most comfortable shoes you could ever wear. They are made of high-quality materials, with cotton and canvas tent uppers. They are one of the most comfortable and elastic shoes available, thanks to up-to-date engineering such as Flexing and Folding system. They are very unaccented, weighing about 5.5 oz ( 156 grams ). The textured pucker framework provides consolation and allows air to easily circulate through them. Hey Dude Sox Loafer is a chukker expressive style horseshoe with a low top. They have cushioned memory foam insoles that provide a high level of consolation and tractability. They have an ultralight outsole that bends with the movement of the foot. They besides have a double lacing system that allows you to adjust the shoe. As a result, they are good suited for sockless wear and can be worn with any kit .

What Socks To Wear With Hey Dude Shoes?

As previously stated, Hey Dude can be worn with socks. light shorts and shirts are the arrant outfits to pair with Hey Dudes. But which socks are the best compliment for Hey Dudes ?

Socks for Men

Men’s Low Cut Non-Slip Boat Socks 

For Men ’ second best to go with low-cut non-slip socks, these socks help to keep your feet firm and lock the heel tightly. They are soft and made of cotton which will keep your feet cool all day long. The best part of these socks is that they go along with other shoes and sneakers adenine well. Check the current price here.

Men’s Jormatt Genuine No Show Socks

Jormatt Genuine Socks are good paired with low-cut shoes like loafers, sneakers, dress shoes, and gravy boat shoes. The rear bag of these shoes tightly grips the feet without allowing them to fall apart into the shoes. They are the most comfortable, durable, and versatile socks you will always wear. These socks are neither excessively thick nor besides slender, making them an ideal couple for Hey Dude Shoes. To see the price on Amazon, click on the image .

Socks for Women

Women’s Eedor Thin Flat Boat Line Socks 

These shocks are extremely thinly and have an elastic ring that easily slides on the heel, equally well as a silicone grip that keeps the socks and feet in plaza. The manufacturer made it comfortable by combining 80 percentage cotton and 20 percentage spandex to make it breathable, soft, and comfortable, a well as stretch with the feet. They are available in three sizes and different color variants .

Women’s Pareberry Thick Low Cut Flat Non-Slip Boat Line Socks 

The silicone grip on the Pareberry Socks prevents the socks from falling apart from the feet. They ’ re made of 85 percentage cotton, 1.5 percentage spandex, and 13.5 percentage polyester. cotton allows for breathability and comfort. They are thick shock absorber socks that are made compact to prevent the top of the socks from breaking or having any holes in them. They are available in five different colors : black, white, beige, gray, and light grey. If you ’ re going for a pacify stroll with Hey Dude, these socks will come in handy and will provide you with the most comfortable feel you ’ ve always had. To see the price on Amazon, chink on the persona .

Final Words: Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dudes?

As Hey dudes are becoming more democratic due to their versatility and ease. many thoughts cross our minds while wearing them, such as whether or not they can be worn with socks. Yes, we can wear them with socks. They are both comfortable to wear with socks or barefooted. A flexible and cushioned footbed holds your feet in a uncompromising so far breathable position, careless of whether you wear socks or not. Air may circulate through Hey Dudes cotton and canvas tent material, so you can wear them without socks. however, it is recommended that socks be worn to maintain healthy feet and avoid diseases and foot infections. Read more on :

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