hourglass body shape – how to dress to flatter your hourglass figure

This is a refresher article on how to dress the hourglass body condition with some new shoppable options featuring the spring and summer 2021 trends.
In this separate of dressing for your body type series we will have a look at the hourglass number .

Characteristics of the hourglass body

  • Well defined (narrow) waist
  • Hip and bust tend to be almost the same and quite big

The hourglass is seen by many as the ideal torso shape, although it may besides present some challenges if you have a significant break .
You may besides have gathered some weight around the abdomen sphere in which case you will have some characteristics of the apple body character angstrom well.

You can see tips here on how to dress the apple body shape .

Celebrities with the hourglass body shape

Some celebrities with this soundbox shape include :

  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Raquel Welch
  • Nigella Lawson
  • Salma Hayek and
  • Christina Hendricks

thus, if you have an hourglass human body, you ’ re surely in good company !

Runway looks for inspiration on how to dress the hourglass

While many designers cater for the rectangle or inverted triangle because a bunch of models are build this way, there are others who celebrate the hourglass shape and don ’ thymine shy away from dressing women with a larger burst and hips .
If you ’ ra looking for inspiration on the catwalks, then the runways of Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen and Roland Mouret are dear shows to look out for .
Designer inspiration on how to dress the hourglass | 40plusstyle.com
Roland Mouret – Dolce & Gabbana – Alexander McQueen

The aim of dressing for your hourglass body type

A wrap dress is a good style for the hourglass | 40plusstyle.com
You will want to accentuate your identical feminine body so fit clothes ( at the right places ) are key. Another objective may be to elongate your legs .
You are lucky in that your body is already balanced. Your burst and hips are around the lapp size. early consistency shapes will find that they need to add proportion .
So you will want to keep the remainder that you have and avoid adding any “ bulk ” with your invest .
If you add ruffles or extra width to your broke, for model, you will lose your ideal hourglass shape and end up looking “ top heavy ” .
If you add extra width to your shank with boxlike styles, you will look heavier than you very are because you will hide your cover girl shape .
Nikki ( above ) shows off a good dress for hourglass name as it accentuates the waist .
Check out these print dresses from Fraiche by J, Eliza J and Amazon, that you can wear with these like boots .

How to dress the hourglass body shape

so, now we ’ ve looked at what you shouldn ’ thymine do – i, not to add extra bulk, what should you do ?

Upper body

Accentuating your curves with good fitting clothing | 40plusstyle.com

  • A good bra is essential for this body type. Make sure you get a good supportive bra that will thrust your bust forwards.
  • You will want to wear mostly V-shaped tops or tops with a deep neckline. High necklines will just make your bust area look too bulky
  • Look for dresses that fit your boobs and elongate your waist. They should fit very snugly around that area.
  • If you have some weight around the abdomen then make sure your buy your dress in supportive fabric.
  • T-shirts look nicest when they fit your waist, have a V-neck and have some accents on the shoulders.
  • Get a coat that highlights your waist and features a V-neck.
  • Wear single-breasted jackets that are tailored. They will often look best when left open to create a nice vertical line, which elongates
  • Choose shirts that accentuate your boobs and that don’t have buttons all the way to the top.
  • Tops that flare just below the boob area and go to below your crutch can be very flattering with trousers.
  • Little fitted jackets that tuck in your boobs will look great on you.
  • Use light scarves in winter to cover your open V-neck.
  • Wear darker colors on top to make your boobs appear smaller, if you want to.

Patricia ( below ) makes sure that her waist is accentuated with a fitted dress. She adds interest with the detailing on sleeves. note that her sleeves end at her slimmest contribution, at her shank, making this an extra-flattering option .
Recreate her look with this alike dress, pumps, batch, headband and earrings .

Lower body

  • A pencil skirt is a good shape on you as it will go in and out with your curves.
  • Bootcut and flared styles will look great on you when it comes to pants as they compliment your curves.

Top wardrobe tips for the hourglass:

Peplum tops are perfect for hourglass figures | 40plusstyle.com

  • Pencil skirts that fit well are ideal for the hourglass as they accentuate your wonderful curves.
  • Other skirts can work too but will usually look better when they end around the knee.
  • Opt for flat front boot cut trousers, preferably with stretch for a snug fit.
  • Choose shoes that accentuate your curves, such as shoes with rounded toes, peep toes or bows.

Madeline ( above ) chooses a peplum circus tent which is perfect for the hourglass along with a pencil skirt which ends at the stifle. She ’ s following the basic “ rules ” of the hourglass and looks fantastic .
Recreate her spirit with this like peplum top ( plus size option here ) pencil hedge and wicket earrings .

A spring and summer capsule wardrobe for the hourglass

If you have an hourglass figure and want to put together all of the tips in one capsule wardrobe, read on for tops, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes and accessories, which are all flattering for your calculate, a well as having a nod to this season ’ south trends .

besides take a look at how to create a capsule wardrobe.

Tops for the hourglass

Erica shows off a stylish top for the hourglass figure | 40plusstyle.com
When looking for tops, you will find that exclusive neck styles look good on you as they will show off your collar bone, and the bend of the neck will mirror your own curves .
The early manner to look out for is a v-neck. This cuts the width of your top half visually in half by drawing the eye down rather of across .
If you aren ’ thymine keen on your amphetamine arms, then search for tops which have slanted sleeves, or where the sleeve ends at a slender separate of your arm rather than the widest region .
Peplums, fitted waist styles, wrap tops and belted styles will besides look bang-up on you .
Erica ( above ) opts for a hearty neckline which can be a good supreme headquarters allied powers europe for the hourglass arsenic well as making sure she cinches her shank .
Steal her expression with this similar belted lead, pants, sandals and sunglasses .
Tops to wear for the hourglass body shape | 40plusstyle.com
ACEVOG drape cardigan – Marks & Spencer floral peplum top – Veronica Beard quilt sleeve top – Zeagoo thwart front blouse

Jackets and coats for the hourglass

Petra in a classic belted coat | 40plusstyle.com
As with the rest of your clothe, your jacket or coating should show off your shank .
boxlike styles won ’ thyroxine do you any favors as they will actually make you look larger than you are, and they will hide your cover girl waist .
The most flattering shapes for you will be those which either go in at the waist which are tailored, or which are belted at the waist .
You could besides think about the kind of retro-style bomber jackets that were popular in the 50s ( seen on the Pink Ladies in the movie Grease ! ) .
You could look for a authoritative trench style, a swing coating, a peplum jacket or a tailor blazer .
These have made a come back in recent seasons and have a ring at the waist which would besides show off your slender shank. trench coats featured heavily on the spring and summer catwalks this year .
Petra ( above ) shows off a classical belted dash which would work well for the hourglass .
Steal her look with this exchangeable belted coat, pants, pumps, bag and sunglasses .
Jackets to wear for the hourglass body shape | 40plusstyle.com
Hybrid & Company notch lapel blazer – Grace Karin notch lapel belted pea coat – Karl Lagerfeld Paris drop belted trench coat – Club Monaco trench coat

Dresses and jumpsuits for the hourglass figure

How to dress the hourglass body shape | 40plusstyle.com
As a general rule, hourglass shapes look fantastic in dresses. A envelop style in a knee-length or midi distance is a identical commodity human body for you .
A wrap dress has a flatter v-neck american samoa well as coming in at the waist and then flaring out over your hips .
Choose a style with a tie or a belt so you can draw attention to your waist. Retro styles tend to be a good choice besides. Fifties-style dresses are made to flatter the hourglass design .
Julie ( above ) looks fabulous in a yellow striped wrap dress.

Check out these wrap dress options from Maggy London, Amazon and New York & Company, and wear with these like bomber sandals, bag and earrings .

You can read more about Julie’s style in this style interview .

You could besides opt for a jump suit. Choose a style which is either fitted at the shank, or which you can draw in with a knock. Opt for a v-neck .
Dresses and jumpsuit to wear for the hourglass body | 40plusstyle.com
Loveappella bind shank envelop dress – Vince Camuto floral belted attire – Karen Kane faux wrapping preen – Donna Ricco hood neck jump suit

Best jeans, pants and skirts for hourglass figures

Nikki in a pair of leather pants and white top | 40plusstyle.com
A slightly flared or bootcut manner will be the most flattering for your figure as it balances out your curves. Look out for a stretch denim with a high shank .
You can besides wear skinny jeans if you want to show off your curves. But make certain to get a extend denim for a better equip .
Nikki ( above ) opts for a match of wide pants and makes certain to show off her waist with a belt style .
Recreate her search with this similar blouse, pants, heels, seize, necklace and head wrap .
Pants, jeans and skirts for the hourglass body shape | 40plusstyle.com
Lyssé boot denim leggings – ragtime & cram skinny jeans – Vince belted sharpen pants – Kate Kasin pencil surround
A pencil annulus is the best determine for an hourglass as, even though it is straight in expressive style, it will go in and out in all the mighty places with your curves .
Choose a knee-length to show off your shapely calves. Or, you could opt for a midi-style .
But if you do go for the longer option, you are likely to look best if you choose to wear a little heel with your pencil dame, whether you opt for a pump or a bootee, because hourglasses, as a general rule, can be shorter in the leg than other body shapes .

Take a look at the most comfortable heels to wear.

Shoes for the hourglass

Lizzie in a belted jumpsuit | 40plusstyle.com
If you are an hourglass body form, you are all about beautiful curves. Look out for shoes which mirror your curves .
A round toe is likely to be most flattering for you. Think about ballet flats and pumps you can wear with jeans and pencil skirts .
You are probable to have lovely shapely ankles, so you could draw care to them with an ankle strap, but if you do have shorter legs, be mindful that a strap across your ankle can make your legs look even shorter .
Lizzi ( above ) wears a neck-tie scarf, round-toe pumps and carries a bag with curl edges .
Recreate her equip with this alike jump suit, pumps, bag and scarf joint .
Shoes for the hourglass body shape | 40plusstyle.com
Vionic wedge sandal – Tory Burch ballet flat – Trotters suede pump – Superga fink

For more style inspiration, see our article on how to wear short dresses with pants.

Accessories for the hourglass

Alice in a blazer and white jeans | 40plusstyle.com
When it comes to accessories, retro style scarves will flatter your style. But, as hourglasses do tend to be bosomy, you credibly won ’ metric ton want to add excessively much bulk to your top one-half .
As with your shoes, look out for jewelry and bag which have a polish shape. This will flatter your human body rather than working against it ( as can happen if you choose more angular shapes ) .
When you choose a bag, look out for the strap duration. If you opt for a style which sits at your broke, you will end up adding width there. alternatively, choose a bag which either ends at your slender waist to draw attention there, or a pocket which you hold so that it ends on your shapely legs .
If you do feel that a manner looks a fiddling bulky or boxy on you, you can wear a belt over the top .
Belts will be your favored accessory as they draw attention to your shank .
You can plainly pop a belt over a coating, a cardigan, a trim or a top to show off your shapely waist. Look out for stretchable styles so you have the flexibility to wear your belt over anything .
Alice ( above ) opts for a playful bag style. Her equip would work for many body types .
Check out this alike perspirer, blazer, jeans, pumps ( low-cost choice here ), bag and belt
Accessories the hourglass body shape | 40plusstyle.com
Frances Valentine leather shoulder base – Kate Spade New York leather camera bag – Ettika starburst earrings – MARC JACOBS guy eye sunglasses – RUESPARI brooch stretch belt – Sterling Forever pendant necklace – Kate Spade New York point silk twill scarf

What not to wear if you have an hourglass figure

besides, take into account the width of your belt. If you are fairly short-waisted, don ’ thyroxine choose a expressive style which is besides wide as this will reduce the space between your break and your hips .
I ’ ve looked at what you SHOULD wear to fit and flatter your lovely curves. But, how about what not to wear ?

Here are a few tips on what to stay away from.

  • Avoid too many frills on your clothes as they will add extra bulk to places where you don’t need it.
  • Avoid excess fabric for the same reason.
  • It can sometimes be best to stay away from obvious waistbands or belts. Instead, you can let your clothes accentuate your small waist.
  • Flat lace-up shoes can be unflattering to your shapely legs.
  • Be careful when choosing casual clothes as they can make  you look boxy.

9 outfits for the hourglass shape using the pieces above

Below are 9 equip ideas for you using the pieces from above .
But, there are obviously lots more ways you could mix and match all of these pieces to create dozens more outfits .

Read our ultimate guide to creating a capsule wardrobe that works best for you .

A capsule wardrobe for the hourglass body shape | 40plusstyle.com

SHOP ALL items above here:

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More hourglass inspiration for you

Below is an earlier hourglass capsule I created. You can see that all of the items may be past season but they are dateless so should distillery provide you with batch of divine guidance .
A capsule wardrobe for the hourglass body shape | 40plusstyle.com
How do you dress your hourglass shape? What are your favorite pieces and brands when it comes to how to dress the hourglass? Let us know!
Continue reading :
P.S. : Please note that the guidelines for the hourglass consistency shape above are for general guidance alone. Everyone is different and you surely don ’ t have to stick to the above guidelines on how to dress the hourglass to dress well .

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How to dress the hourglass body shape | 40plusstyle.com
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