The 8 Best Light Wash Denim Options for Spring & Summer

When you think about idle wash jean, possibly your mind drifts toward ill-fitting, outlandishly faded high-rise jeans, a lanthanum 90s-era Seinfeld. But the best light wash denim for men of today couldn’t be farther from those retro styles. If you read casual Gent on the regular, you know how much we love to recommend and wear a pair of reduce, dark denim. It ’ s a tried-and-true necessity that makes every ridicule look great. That ’ s all there is to it . And so far, as temperatures rise, we ’ re all about trade in your dark wash denim for a pair of light blue jean ( done the correct way, of path ).

Some of our darling brands are putting unplayful clock and campaign into crafting slim-fitting, investment-level lightly wash denim that will only get better with historic period. And even the budget options are great for guys who want to keep it acuate but low-cost. Don ’ thymine think you ’ rhenium painting yourself into a corner by wearing faint wash jeans. You can wear them the lapp way you ’ five hundred wear your favorite pair of colored jean. thoroughly pairings include Oxford shirts with suede cloth chukker or light suede cloth chelseas, or a henley with white leather sneakers. Simple as that. But before we get excessively far ahead of ourselves, let ’ s spill the beans about the jean that ’ randomness worth buy and wearing all season long. For organization ’ second sake, let’s break down the options into three price categories : low-cost ( $ 50ish and under ), Mid-tier ( $ 50- $ 200 ), and Investment-worthy ( $ 200+ ) .

Affordable Light WAsh Denim

If you ’ rhenium looking for a well-priced choice you can in truth beat up this spring and summer, check out these picks .

The Obvious Choice: Levi’s 541 Athletic Taper

You don ’ t have to go with the 541 tapered model specifically ( though we do love it here at EG ). But if you ’ re looking for a more relax equip with a flimsy wick to the ankle, we ’ ve found this to be the best overall option .Barron wearing light wash 541 jeansMy light wash 541 jeans paired with a navy linen shirt and driving mocs. Check it out on Instagram. Levi's 541 Athletic Taper Jeans Levi’s 541 Athletic Taper Jeans


The Levi ‘s 541 athletic Jeans fit a larger, more athletic physique. Crafted with extra room in the seat and thighs and sits at the waist for a more comfortable feel. The sharpen peg gives you a advanced, sleek silhouette. Check Latest Price The name conventions for colors are reasonably convolute, but I ’ ve checked out the Brass Super Light and Lake Merritt light washes and seem to like these the most. Depending on your body type, you may want to explore the other options such as the Levi ’ s 531 slender candle, Levi ’ s 502, or Levi ’ s 512 .

The Solid Alternative: Amazon Essentials Straight Fit Stretch Jean

Don ’ metric ton lease this low-cost pluck chump you… it ’ s a great pair of denim ! I was pleasantly surprised by the Straight Fit jean from Amazon ’ s Men ’ mho Essentials lineage. I ’ five hundred compare the meet to the Levi ’ s 541, well my favored option I ’ ve come across thus far. There are tons of size and wash options available, indeed if you need a couple of medium wash or black wash denim besides, you can pick them up for a alike price. Don ’ t sleep on these ! Highly recommend if you ’ re looking for an low-cost option .

The Unexpected Pick: American Eagle Flex Original Jeans

If you ’ re like me, AE credibly hasn ’ t been on your radar since you were maybe… 15. But their jean choice is quite extensive, with tons of fit and size options. My favorite so far is the AE Flex Originals. There are a few colorways available, but this light wash is perfective for summer. The Flex technology built into their jean fabric is super comfortable and the jeans tend to hold their determine well .Barron wearing The AE Flex Originals. See more detail on my Instagram. personally, I find these to be a bite more on the “ reduce straight ” slope, even though they ’ rhenium classified as straight. This is why it ’ south significant to try on several different styles, particularly if it ’ s your first time wearing a finical brand. You can ’ thymine assume that all slender / straight / cheeseparing fits are identical across all brands .

Mid-Tier Light Blue Denim Choices

If you have a sting more cash to spend and are looking for a bulge in choice, construction, materials, trade name, or all four… test these .

A solid Pick: Buck Mason Ford Standard Jean

If you ’ re not even familiar with Buck Mason, we ’ d suggest you acquaint yourself, and quickly. The Ford Standard match is a courteous heterosexual stage model, and the Maverick is their mid-rise slender, tapered fit ( besides a big choice ). They besides have the Full Saddle suit, a higher-rise, relax straight leg couple. If you ’ re looking for a versatile middle flat coat, look no further than the Ford Standard. It ’ s made from a Japan-milled 14 oz. jean carrying a rebuff partake of stretch for ease. The Ford has a full fit through the hip with a gentle taper from the stifle down. It decidedly feels more like a straight leg, not an aggressively taper style .

Vintage, but still classic: Levi’s 501 ’93 Straight Jeans

You can constantly count on the Levi ’ second brand to have a classical, square fit model that ’ sulfur worth trying on. Their 501 fits that placard, and has done therefore for decades. While jean trends—super skinny, to super flared, to ultra wide leg—come and go, the 501 has more or less… stayed the like. The vintage-inspired 501 ’ 93 Straights ampere things up a notch, revisiting classic inheritance styles and upgrading them for the modern man ( that ’ s you ). The 501 is absolutely unexceptionable, and this update is even better. Wear these with white leather sneakers and a garment-dyed pocket tee for breezy spring and summer style .

Innovative Fabrics: Adriano Goldschmied (AG) Jeans Graduate

I love the many advanced fabrics, washes, and designs AG carries. Founded back in 2000, this brand has led the way in eco-minded and sustainable fabricate and is one of the elder statesmen of premium denim.

Adriano Goldschmied (AG) Jeans - Graduate Adriano Goldschmied (AG) Jeans – Graduate


10 oz. Stretch Denim in a tailor, sharpen equip with a slender, mid-rise shank and a loosen fit from hep to the stifle. Check Latest Price While I ’ thousand featuring the Graduate model hera ( a tapered meet ), you should start by deciding the suit that ’ s best for your body type. You have batch of options, from cheeseparing, to straight, to tapered, and everything in between. You ’ re bound to find a model or three you like, and from there, you ’ ll precisely need to decide the wash that works for you .

Investment-Worthy Options for Light Wash Denim

Know precisely what you want and why you want it ? These are a few light blue sky jeans worth your retainer .

Raleigh Denim Workshop Graham Pilot Denim

If you don ’ t want to verge excessively far off the way of stylish indigo jean, a unaccented wash option like the Pilot in Raleigh Denim ’ s Graham fit is the way to go. These are an investment-level copulate of light wash jeans you ’ ll have for years to come. Raleigh Denim Graham Pilot Denim Raleigh Denim Graham Pilot Denim


“ The Raleigh Denim Workshop is a collection of some of the best jeansmiths here in the United States who take capital pride in making some of the best jeans in the state. Every pair of their jeans are sewn on restore vintage sewing machines by their modest team of skilled sewers in their North Carolina studio apartment. ” –Huckberry Shop Raleigh Denim Shop Huckberry even better, they feature 1 % stretch for extra comfort and mobility. We ’ d wear these with a white Oxford shirt and tan suede cloth chukka any sidereal day of the week, in closely any style situation .

Todd Shelton Pro Soft Mid Denim

As we ’ ve said before, not every pair of lightly wash denim has to veer into full-on “ dad jeans ” territory. Another fine exemplar of this ? The New Jersey-made Pro Soft Mid Jeans from Todd Shelton. Todd Shelton Pro Soft Selvedge Light Wash Jean Todd Shelton Pro Soft Selvedge Light Wash Jean


These 11 oz. Pro Soft jean jeans from Okayama, Japan are broken in and incredibly soft. They ‘re sure to be your favored pair, specially in the warm months. Cut and sew, sanded and washed, in humble batches at Todd Shelton ‘s East Rutherford, NJ headquarters. Shop Todd Shelton They ’ ve taken big wish in crafting an investment-quality copulate of denim that wears well with their essential, custom-made casual shirt — there ’ s no better form and summer uniform, in our opinion .

Which pair of light wash denim is your fave?

The independent takeaway here is that light blasphemous jeans can be just as stylish, sharp, and part of a well put-together outfit as your iniquity wash denim. What matters most is the write out and equip you choose. besides, go for a pair that has a bit of drape, one that hangs more broadly on your body, alternatively of the jeans that hug your every curve. If you ’ ra cheeseparing, that might mean opting for a pair labeled “ reduce ”. If you ’ re a bigger guy, that could mean looking for a “ relax ” pair. not only will this look better, it ’ ll besides be much more comfortable and cooler when the summer months come around.

ultimately, if you cuff your jeans so there ’ randomness no interrupt, you will maintain that clean line. The one thing you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want is a bunch of overindulgence fabric pool at the ankles. Unless, of course, that ’ s the specific look you ’ re going for… but for a bright sharp casual sorta look, you ’ re going to want to cuff up. Check out the television above for more details. That ’ s it ! Got any questions ? Hit me up on Instagram DMs .

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