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How to: What to wear to a job interview
07 september 2018
What to wear to a job interview ? We can give dozens of tips what NOT to wear to a caper interview ( and we will ). But how do you dress for a caper interview to make a flawless depression, without losing sight of your personal style ? Read our Editor ’ south advice …

Fashion: 3 Summer office-wear looks
25 juni 2018
The weather is warm and cheery – perfect for outdoor, spare time activities. But even in Summer there ’ south work to be done. And creating potent Summer looks that are function validation doesn ’ t come that natural for everyone .

SALE shopping: the 8 best tips & tricks
08 juni 2018
Yes ! That time has arrived again ; the big Summer SALE is upon us ! The perfect time to add items to your wardrobe that you ’ ve had an eye on for some time nowadays but haven ’ t shopped so far, for some argue. With our 8 tips, you ‘ll get the most out of your SALE shop session .

Fashion: Bright + Desert = Bright Desert
28 japanese apricot 2018
soft and warm earth tones opposite striking bright colors – contrasts that seem miles apart and can so far strengthen each other. An overt mind and guts are needed to bring these two worlds together .

Fashion: contemporary + classic = Contemporary Classic
21 japanese apricot 2018
many unlike roads can lead to arrant harmony. Harmony can come from pointing out contrasts, but harmony that derives from hard similarities is the more obvious kind. We ’ d like to introduce you to our Contemporary Classic course .

Fashion: Urban + Bohemian = Urban Bohemian
14 japanese apricot 2018
Cool versus feminine, sporty versus delicate, simplistic versus detailed – the Urban Bohemian tendency is a combination of all these contrasts and unites two styles into one trendy whole. The contrast between feminine and masculine elements is clearly .

How to choose the perfect bikini
08 japanese apricot 2018
Bright blue ocean, white arenaceous beaches and the blister sun. Isn ’ t it delightful summer and the holidays are coming up again ? hat ‘s why Perfectly Basics selected an exclusive image of the most feminine and fashionable bikini, swimsuits …

Fashion: City + Blues = City Blues
07 japanese apricot 2018
Cool, trendy and feminine elements come together in our City Blues course. When statement qualities like cool blue jean and stylish leather complement each other, beautiful things happen .

How to: the desk-to-dinner look
03 japanese apricot 2018
Friday, in particular, is the day to go for a beverage or dinner heterosexual from exploit, but what if you don ’ metric ton feel like bringing a bag of clothes with you to work ? We ’ ll prove you the looks and give styling tips to easily create a day-to-night look …

08 april 2018
The type of fabric everyone recognizes, makes its rejoinder season after season and no one will always get run down of… That must be linen ! We give you the answers to the most frequently asked questions about linen .

which lingerie style is your favorite? discover these 4 collections!
26 maart 2018
We love shopping for dresses, skirts, tops and shoes – basically everything visible. But like anything else, success starts with the correct foundation !

10 x a perfect styling with matching shoes and bags
15 maart 2018
perfectly styled looks – who doesn ’ t want that ? Perfect styling doesn ’ triiodothyronine constantly come natural for everyone, but there are some trics you can apply to make an always-perfect style easier to realise. A well known one is matching shoes and bags !

How to: clean your blazer in 3 steps
13 februari 2018
We love easy-to-do ways to clean darling things yourself and lengthen their life. specially when it comes down to cashmere, the clean process needs to be soft for both the detail and your clamber. So we ’ d quite avoid the consumption of unnecessary chemicals .

Fashion: Find your perfect jeans!
08 februari 2018
Discover the jeans styles you want to have in your wardrobe this season ! Denim is a classical and hard choice and a fashionable wardrobe all-important to show your personal style. Accentuate your feminine silhouette with our skinny jeans, go for a cool search with our boyfriend jeans or …

How to: care for your cashmere pieces in 3 easy do-at-home steps
05 februari 2018
Cashmere brings a feel of luxury and effeminacy. not sol surprising that cashmere has been popular for years amongst us ladies ! Favorite cashmere pieces should be cleaned with sleep together and concern which does n’t always have to involve a trip to the dry cleaners .

How to: Which pants and skirts suit your body shape?
01 februari 2018
Looking for the best way to show off you figure and accentuate your best features ? then invest in pants and skirts that cover-up your problem areas to accentuate your best assets. We ’ ra institute you expressive style tips based on your body form. Do you want to know what your shape is ?

How to: 5 ways to combine a shirt and top
29 januari 2018
Blouses and tops are essential to build a dateless wardrobe. Every woman should own a poplin and silk shirt and several tops – from spaghetti strap tops to tank tops and sleeveless tops. You can wear your blouses and tops solo, but you can besides create a blouse-and-top combination .

Fashion: our 4 favorite jersey dresses
25 januari 2018
Ooh jersey, how we love you so ! Because new jersey is flattering and constantly comfortable to wear. The jersey dress might equitable be the prototype of ‘ feminine meets comfort ’ and that ’ s why four members of our PB-team are sharing their ultimate jersey dress with us .

How to: improve your silhouette instantly with these 5 must-haves from SPANX®
22 januari 2018
Creating a arrant womanly silhouette without sacrificing comfort ? It ’ second potential ! Boost your assurance and discover what the SPANX® determine wear can do for your figure !

How to: keep your wardrobe up-to-date with the 80/20 method
15 januari 2018
The 80/20 wardrobe is a simple method to keep your water closet up-to-date at all times. We ’ ll tell you all about the ease of this method acting ! The appoint says it all actually : 80 % dateless essentials, 20 % trendy pieces .

Fashion: 5 Styling tips for the holidays (and after)
11 december 2017
With the holidays at our doorsill we ca n’t wait to shine in our most chic and gay outfits. Deciding on the arrant vacation outfit can be quite nerve-racking for the fashion loving women among us. We give you 5 styling tips for the holidays ( and after ) .

How to: 5x Filippa K Wash & Care
16 november 2017
Filippa K brings the washout & care products you need to enjoy your clothe for years to come. Filippa K is a progressive sustainable trade name with a line of clothes that are a smart choice …

How to: rock-chic make-up for all ages
03 november 2017
In our last blog, makeup artist Carla Rep showed us how to create fresh looking basic makeup for mature skin and how a little extra campaign can go a long way with strike eye makeup. In this blog we ’ rhenium using the like base to create a one-third look : rock-chic .

How to: 2 easy make-up looks for mature skin
03 november 2017
makeup can be your best ally but it can besides work against you when you use the faulty techniques. Our constitution artist Carla Rep will take you into the populace of mature skin makeup.

How to: 5-step plan for timeless beauty from the inside and out
31 oktober 2017
A balmy even cryptic cleanse with more volume – what charwoman doesn ’ thymine want that ? It ’ s possible with Christophe Robins newest hair sensation .

Fashion: 6 Bras every woman should know
23 oktober 2017
A good brassiere is the foundation of any look ! But what types of bras are out there ? From striking and aphrodisiac to understate and clean – we ’ ll tell you about the 6 types you need to know !

Trend: 5 Ways to wear pastel pink
17 oktober 2017
When you think of pastel hues you think of soft, sugary sweet and light hues like pastel pink, mint green and baby blue. This Autumn pastel hues – particularly pastel pinko – are an absolute must – and perfect to add a soft and refined feminine touch to your look .

Trend: prints – the 5 biggest trends this season
12 oktober 2017
Prints are back this season. And boy ohio boy, there ’ s a lot to choose from ! To help you find your manner through the afforest of different prints and patterns out there, we ’ ve selected the 5 biggest in the setting this season – merely to make choosing your darling a bit easier for you .

Trend: Fall’s Favorite Silhouettes Lookbook
02 oktober 2017
Show your personal fashion style with this season ’ s fashion silhouettes. From comfortable layered silhouettes to masculine-inspired styles and breezy bohemian looks. Or show some hide with trendy off-shoulder designs, create a cool outsize silhouette with pad jackets or go for …

Trend: 5 ways to combine velvet
25 september 2017
Velvet continues to capture hearts and we decidedly fell for it this temper ! In subject you missed it, velvet is one of the most noticeable trends to take over this fall. And we wholly understand that. Within the PB collection, velvet has gained a big place this season .

Fashion: 4 x different – the Classic Beauties wardrobe
21 september 2017
When we talk about authoritative beauties for your wardrobe, every women has her own personal wish list. And to prove that wardrobe classics can still look very contemporary, we ’ ve asked four ladies from our fashionable PB team to share their personal favorite classic Beauties with us .

How to: 4 ways to wear your neutrals in 2017
15 september 2017
Neutrals like beige, bone and white are staple must-haves. But neutrals besides have a bore and decent trope, unfairly sol. here ’ s 4 ways that prove that a front with neutrals doesn ’ t always have to look average and predictable .

Trend: The lady suit from office to diner
21 augustus 2017
Women in suits – we see it more and more much at the position, but besides at weddings, parties and dinners. Tailored trousers with match blazers are obviously perfect to wear at the office, but can transform into an ultra-stylish and party proof outfit with a little help of our styling tips !

How to: Master the Layered Look 2.0
17 augustus 2017
Let ‘s start layer ! It is the perfect way to make the most of your wardrobe across the class. Layering is a must-do this season. Working with layers allows you to show your personal style .

Trend: It’s All in the Details
10 augustus 2017
Hello modern season ! It ’ mho still Summer but we are already thinking of the latest fall fashion. We can ’ thymine delay to wear fake fur styles, double-denim outfits and add semi-sheer, lace and ruffled details to our looks .

How-to: the shirt 5 x different
27 juli 2017
Do you have a shirt laying approximately in your closet that ’ s only one step removed from a good cause ? Hold on to it good a little longer ! We have 5 raw ways to wear a shirt .

Behind the Brand: extreme cashmere
03 juli 2017
Meet extreme kashmir – a dutch mark founded by Saskia Dijkstra and Calmille Serra. The collection from extreme kashmir consists of pure kashmir styles and epicurean silk pieces – think of …

Behind the Brand: Filippa K goes sustainable
22 juni 2017
The entire PB team recently got invited for a inflict at Filippa K ’ s fashionable showroom in Amsterdam ’ s most agio shop street. We enjoyed an educational evening with a focus on sustainability, a team crippled and lots of sushi .

Fashion: 7 smart styling tricks to get more out of your (travel) wardrobe.
12 juni 2017
Travelling light is unmanageable to take to practice for some women. Because wardrobe wise you want to be prepared for all types of spontaneity that might come your way. So what ’ s chic to bring on your trip ? We ’ rhenium sharing some ache style tricks with you to get more out of your regular ánd travel wardrobe .

How to: Create the Perfect Summer Look
08 juni 2017
warm Summer days ask for arrant Summer looks. We asked our Editors to show their darling Summer look. Get divine and make your wardrobe Summer-ready !

Top 5 show-stopping blue dresses
29 japanese apricot 2017
Blue is known as a decent color ; loved for business occasions and every day jean. There ’ randomness a matching shade of amobarbital sodium to be found for everyone ánd blue is slowly to mix and match with other hues. But blasphemous as a high-fashion, show-stopping color ?

Trend: tonal styling in 7 colors
26 japanese apricot 2017
Did you know that an kit in exchangeable colors makes you look taller ? And that ’ s merely one of the benefits of a tonal attend. It besides creates integrity, looks stylish and can always be brought to practice .

Prepare yourself for the sun with REN Skincare
08 japanese apricot 2017
Summer is coming – clock to prepare yourself ánd your peel for those cover girl sunrays. It is significant to get your skin in top condition befóre you go sunbathing. A good scrub treatment is the solution …

How-to: 27 ways to style your XL scarf
01 japanese apricot 2017
An XL scarf is due to the outsize size and dateless plan endlessly to combine and can be worn in many different ways ! Get divine and discover 27 ways to wear your XL scarf .

Trend: Beige 5 x different
01 japanese apricot 2017
When we talk neutrals, beige is decidedly the mother of all colors within the neutrals pallette. To prove that beige can be angstrom trend-worthy as any early color, we ’ ra sharing these 5 different how-to-wear-beige trends with you. Be inspired !

How to: Style Black and White
28 april 2017
Black and white are credibly every woman ’ mho front-runner fashion colors. Black is chic, stylish and perfective to create a mod look. White is clean, elegant and dateless and a perfective choice on warm weather days. Combine black and white …

BRAEZ X PB | Limited edition scarf 4 x different
28 april 2017
Get it before it ’ s gone ! perfectly Basics has created an XL-size must-have black scarf in collaboration with Dutch brand BRAEZ. Indispensible when travelling and suitable to dash in unlike ways, all year orotund .

How to: care for your white pieces in 8 steps
27 april 2017
spring has arrived and summer is lurking around the corner ! When we think spring/summer, the tinge WHITE quickly comes to mind ..

Hello Summer! Hello Calvin Klein Swimwear!
20 april 2017

It ’ s that clock of the class again – it ’ randomness meter to buy a new bikini or swimsuit. Every woman wants to steal to show on the beach or following to the pool and we have the perfect swimsuit collection to create a headturning attend. Meet Calvin Klein Swimwear !

How to: Wash your favorite Denim items
19 april 2017
We much invest in good quality denim ! so your jean deserves the best discussion. To provide your jean with the best care possible, the ladies from The Laundress have made this handy television with all the perform ’ south and dont ’ second ..

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